Stephen Gately and Andy Cowles: Boys Band Together


Singer Stephen Gately, formerly of Boyzone, is the latest Brit celeb to tie the knot in a civil partnership. His “wedding” to “internet entrepreneur” Andy Cowles took place at the Goring Hotel, adjacent to Buckingham Palace. Gately’s music career has since fizzled, and he’s switched to acting: “He is currently working as an actor and is due to play the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury next month.”

Towleroad wishes Gately and his new groom the best of luck.

“No Matter What” — Boyzone
Boyzone - Notting Hill - No Matter What


  1. Raymond says

    Yes, the British accepted an 85% otherwise-named legal coupling. This old ploy is what gave US blacks the Plessy decision and Jim Crow and Separate but Equal lie, and yes, 103 years after Emancipation, to legally marry out of his/her race.

    The majority always give play this canard about five minutes before minorities would win their full and equal rights under law but do not have the testicular fortitude to wait it out…like Vermont and Connecticut instead of Massachusetts.

  2. john phelan says

    yes he’s irish so you should change your posting to accurately reflect that. he’s not a “british celeb.” signed,
    annoyed magazine fact-checker

  3. says

    just another peeved Irish guy annoyed by the fact that yet another Irish person is mistaken for being British. .. I know the difference is negligible to most Americans, but it really grates after a while to have Irish success stories adopted by Britain.

    Congrats to Stephen though :)

  4. bonn says

    he is my idol. i wish my country philippines will accept gay couples equally so that like stephen we will be opened to the public not to hide in our closets. kudos to stephen and his partner. i am proud of you

  5. Britain4eva says

    To all the sad idiots making comments about Gately not being British: get a life! Yes, he is indeed Irish but where did he live? Where did he marry? Britain adopted him as his own, accepting fully his Irish-ness. There is no plot to make him British. He is Irish and we still love him for it. For the stupid (so-called Irish) Americans out there … FUCK OFF!!!

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