Vin Diesel: “How Could You Say That?”


The very expressive Vin Diesel talks to Details this month about certain rumors that have dogged him for years:

The most persistent rumor is that he’s gay. He was once linked to his Furious costar Michelle Rodriguez, but since then he’s never been spotted with a girlfriend, never been seen sneaking out of L.A.’s Element draped with a sloppy WB starlet. A female radio-talk-show caller in New York even confronted him about his sexuality, asking point-blank if Vin played for the other team.

“I was like, ‘How could you say that? Why would you say that?’” says Diesel, the smooth space between his brown eyes wrinkling up in a neat W. “I’m not gonna put it out there on a magazine cover like some other actors. I come from the Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence. I’m not gonna do that.”

For that reason, Diesel prefers dating in Europe, where he’s not as easily recognized. He thinks celebrity-on-celebrity hookups are crazy. People going through your trash, taking your photo at Starbucks, mashing up your last names into a Bennifer-style punch line. “It’s a sucker’s bet,” he says.

Hunky Vin’s upcoming film Find Me Guilty disguises the actor in a funky hairpiece (read, acting), but no beard.



  1. HoyaBoy says

    Can we allow for the possibility that PR folks encouraged their over-exposed, under-appreciated clients to fuel the “is he? or isn’t he?” rumor in order to increase the buzz factor among those with some of the highest disposable income on the planet? In other words…who cares?

  2. jimmyboyo says

    sounds like a confirmation to me

    especialy since we all know now about marlon Brandos experience playing both teams

  3. Sam says

    He’s better hurry up and do that guest spot on Will and Grace to defuse those homo rumors.

  4. says

    I saw ‘Find Me Guilty’ about two weeks ago, and he was really good in it. A very interesting movie about mobsters. His character never rats out his buddies. Sidney Lumet said he cast him based on a short that he made, that was shown at Cannes.

  5. Michael W. says

    So he didn’t actually say “No,” then?

    I think he’s cute. Monotone, but cute!

  6. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Gay or not, I’m just amused by the fact he’s a D&Der.

    yeah, I know, totally geeky, but I love it…

  7. Mike P says

    Vin Diesel is on Letterman tonite (Wed 3/15) ..if anyone’s interested.

    Let’s all turn our “gaydar” switches on!

  8. gigi says

    The most obvious giveaway is his having “dated” Michelle Rodriguez. Who else, Portia di Rossi?

  9. Roger says

    Let’s see…perhaps connect the dots — Tom CRUISE + Vin DIESEL + ROCK Hudson gotta equal Rip Taylor!

  10. Robert In WeHo says

    On Conan O’Brien’s show last summer, Vin Diesel admitted that he loved listening to show tunes. You should have seen how his face lit up when he was talking about “West Side Story.” When he drops the macho act and lets his guard down, as he did briefly in this appearance, he turns into a big girl (sound familiar to anyone?) The man names his biceps and his penis (very un-macho names I might add). He’s been known to rent convertibles and drive though LA with the top down singing Aria’s. Is he Gay? The real question should be: Top or Bottom? And I think we can all guess the answer to that question…

  11. Chad Hanging says

    He’s waiting until about a week before the end of his career before he comes out so he’ll have something to capitalize on. That should be any minute now.

  12. Gilli says


    He’s SO hunky. He only dates in Europe? Way to go encouraging more paparazzi to get their butts over there. Michelle who?

  13. stevo says

    I’d do him

    but then again, I have a thing for bald bodybuilders with mild down syndrome

  14. Gena says

    Lmao @ the picture with the sword.

    When Fast and the Furious came out, I was so into him. So, so, so. But the more I watched him, the more I started getting this gay vibe from him. So I started crushing on Michelle Rodriguez, instead. She’s the one puzzle piece that doesn’t fit though, isn’t she? I mean, in this whole Vin Is Gay big picture, she’s the error message. Howard Stern totally tricked her into admitting she and Vin had sex. I saw that, and it looked totally legit. So hrmmmm.

    This is my favorite blog, btw. I lurk alot.

  15. patrick nyc says

    I caught him on Conan and Letterman..he told the same story about his first date..when pushed about his ‘perfect date’ though he said ‘ I like to get to know the person over dinner and wine’ not get to know her. How many of us remember doing the nongender thiing when we were in the closet.

    Either way I’m still from the school of leaving public figures alone, unless they are anti gay or scientoligists. 😉

  16. hun says

    “Hunky Vin’s upcoming film Find Me Guilty disguises the actor in a funky hairpiece (read, acting), but no beard.”

    “No beard” huh? Yoo totally crack me up, Mr Towle.

  17. god says

    I slept with him in a villa just outside of Nice in the summer of ’04. Adorable, sexy, a very good kisser.

  18. Jonathon says

    I’ve been crushing on Vin since I first saw him in “Pitch Black”. I even loved his “Chronicles of Riddick”.

    I, too, sort of detected a gay vibe from him, in that muscledaddy way. I’d love to spend an evening wrapped in his arms, just listening to him talk in that gruff voice. WOOF!!

  19. Renee' says

    Who really cares who Vin is doing? Is everyone really that bored with their own lives?

  20. Guy says

    You seem to have the time to stop and deliver a message…are you that bored with your life?

  21. Oscar says

    Who cares if he is gay?. He is gorgeous. To be sure somebody should ask his twin brother in Brooklyn. But, who cares if he’s gay, he’s gorgeous one way or another.

  22. BiSAc says

    You know, I think the problem is that people tend to focuse on the wrong issues. I can’t say that I get a gay vibe from this guy, but then again I’m not gay. I would like to believe that in a perfect world it wouldn’t really matter if he’s gay, or hetero. I can truly understand him not wanting the public in his business and the paparazzi constantly publishing is life. Why does it make him gay if he chooses not to date public? Who knows, I could be completely off base with the whole thing. I just think the man doesn’t want his private life (whether it be dating, sexual orientation, or family) in the spot light. Does that make him gay? Does it make him gay because the public hasn’t seen him with a woman? Does it even matter???

  23. Raymond says

    Bisac – you make my point and answer your own question about the meaninglessness of psychosexual orientation of actors, celebrities, or your neighbour.

    The succinct and pithy answer is “no, it doesn’t matter, and is no more important to both his or my life or whether or not the actor is skilled at his craft or not.

    The reality is that it is often about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and that motivates producers to cast straights in gay roles, and never to cast outed gays in straight romantic roles.

    Also, then BISAC, imagine if the US taxpayer had to provide same-sex families with THEIR share of the tax base? Imagine if straights did not receive tax benefits that should rightfully be given to widow/ers of same-sex couples and their children?

    Imagine, if you were gay, in a same-sex coupling and raising children. Imagine if you knew it would take thousands of dollars to protect both of you MINIMALLY and SUBJECT TO NOK CHALLENGE? Imagine if you knew that your neighbour would receive his straight married with children share of benefits and DENY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY their fair share? Getting hot and angry at the blatant injustice, eh?

    I am a Canadian and we have stopped this homophobic nonsense. (Harper can do nothing in his “90-day wonder minority government”).

    The truly civilised nations of the world have moved away from Catholic theocracy. The Enlightenment has hit the Old Countries and the New World has adopted the latter.

    The US is not, IMHO, a just nation where minorities are concerned. Look at the facts where First Peoples or African-descended persons are concerned as well. Tolerance is a malevolent emotion. It implies that justice is subjective and subject to capricious and arbitrary judgements.

  24. Eggs on Toast says

    I had no idea the rest of the world was wondering about this guy; I thought I was the only one. I hate it when guys make the extra effort to be macho. Vin tries too hard. And so what if he slept with a woman? That doesn’t mean a thing.

  25. Chad Hanging says

    Whatever happened to John Leguizamo being gay? I thought he was on a coming out track until a saw him butch it up on Leno a few years back. Is he confirmed straight?

  26. Chad Hanging says

    What would be the signifiance of Vin Diesel coming out as gay now as opposed to when he regains popularity and potentially gains respect as an actor much later on down the road?

  27. Tracey with a T says

    I’m currently dating “Mark” Vin Diesel. He
    was over at my house in Newport Coast last
    weekend and we were having sex all night long. So there he’s not GAY after all.

  28. stephanie says

    i havent heard much about vin diesel and i dont think hes gay……..ive seen him kiss women and stuff i really dont know so….yah

  29. Jadiannah says

    What he’s saying people is that he’s not going to put his relationships with women out in the public forum or media for everyone to hash-n- trash like every other celeb. Look people: hear him, his words are soooooooo clear. “HIS PERSONAL LIFE IS NONE OF ANYONES BUSINESS!” He can’t get any plainer than that. Stop trying to read into something that’s not there. If you can’t understand what I just said let me put it into words you will understand “shut up and mind your own business”. Leave the man alone.

  30. skit76 says

    bravo Jadiannah!

    Well said….the guy is hot, who cares if he`s gay or not…who gives a sh*!

    I still luv ya vin xxxx0000

  31. chanel says

    i think ur hella sexy and if i wasnt young i would marry u hahaha… seriuosly

  32. Louxxx says

    Who cares if Vin Diesel’s gay, he is 100% hot, plus he n Michelle Rodriguez went out bout 7 year ago afta fast n furious, n can i say i fink shes totally hot 2, shes the only woman i actually feel attracted to, there both n id go wiv either 1 of em x-x-x

  33. Louxxx says

    sorry bout tht was ment 2 write THERE BOTH REALLY HOT. id luv 2 get wiv michelle rodriguez or vin diesel! x-x-x

  34. Megan johnson says

    well i dont care what nobody says vin is not gay and i know cause i just do so deal with it

  35. sophie says

    jesus why is everybody so interested if vin is gay or not . he’s still the sexiest man on earth .anyway sumone being gay should’nt change the way u tink or feel about them anyway .personally i dont think he is but what does it matter to us if he is its not like were going to get him … no such luck in this world is there…anyway love ya loads vin forever xxx

  36. sophie says

    jesus why is everybody so interested if vin is gay or not . he’s still the sexiest man on earth .anyway sumone being gay should’nt change the way u tink or feel about them anyway .personally i dont think he is but what does it matter to us if he is its not like were going to get him … no such luck in this world is there…anyway love ya loads vin forever xxx

  37. Crystal says

    obviously anyone posting comments care. He is the shit. I could care less about the petty stuff. He, as many others who have gay fans, would not want to offend them or anyone, he does not find it relavant.

  38. Crystal says

    obviously anyone posting comments care. He is the shit. I could care less about the petty stuff. He, as many others who have gay fans, would not want to offend them or anyone, he does not find it relavant.

  39. Diesel_Ken21 says

    I think it is perfectly fine that Vin Diesel, likes to keep his relationships under raps. I wouldn’t want people all in my business and following me around everyday, dragging my name in the mud. So leave the man alone. When he wants use to know something, he’ll tell us.

  40. kenny says

    you shouldn’ hang all over him like that. he’s clearly stating that its none of our buisness and that he just won’t talk to you if your being mean like that.And its his private life would you like it if the press were butting into your private life and anyway he wouldn’t mingle with us commoners hes too buisy for that.

  41. Dana says

    I dont care if hes straight,bisexual,or gay…..hes the hottest man IN hollywood…and the most normal. He doesnt flash his business all over,and i think thats very decent of him. I still am madly in love with him. I already tell whoever im with,”If he showed up at my door, I’d leave you,Sorry!” So yeah. Love ya Vinnie baby!XoXoX

  42. phaenyx says

    Vin Diesel is so hot … (“how hot is he?”) … if he were gay, I’d get a sex change just to have a shot at getting his attention.

  43. Michael says

    See i never thought he was gay and i agree with him about not putting his business out there and plus i look up to him from where he comes from to the place he it at now and things he do i am not gay and don’t belive he is ethier so do you vin and forget what people say!

  44. says

    Vin is d HOTTEST #1 male in d whole world! It doesnt matter if VIN D is straight, square or triangle! Let’s re-visit our dctionaries 2 check PRIVATE!! I ADORE VIN n SUPORT Him al d way! I’l neva criticize him! He’s ma twin, i was born on 18 July ’83. Nuttin wrong wit dreamin, hugin’ him or 2 C him personally wud B a dream come true! Vin, ya shud come 2 SA man! Even if it’s jst 2 meet yo twins Nelson Mandela n myself!! Wil always LUV YA VIN!!!;-) Lady T, South Africa

  45. jerrie says

    I was always told you don’t believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see having said that I find vin facinating in many ways I would be happy just to sit and have a couple cups of cofee with him.

  46. ELEGGUA says

    gay or not gay he is richer then everybody on this page and always will be and do you all know why?


    he has no time for this,he has a life i cant say that for the rest of you becouse you are all acting like children,becouse your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy

    talking SH** so i suggest you people find somthing else to do with your spare time and leave this man alone.

    * go shopping
    * spend time with your kids
    * GET A JOB

    you run your mouth to much what movie star wants a gossiping women not me if i were so tired of reading these things (is he gay) *******GET****A*******LIFE********


    if the man is gay or not every night when he gets in the bed he will be rich and you will be poor because he is being a real man and gets on the net every day i guess to look at his bank figures AND HOW HE CAN MAKE MORE MONEY
    and not on a website gossiping with a bunch of women like most gay men do so i ask you fellas.




  47. Dave says


  48. Dave(2) says

    Puhleez. Every time this guy opens his mouth I see Prada bags falling out of it.

    Next time asks if I’m gay, single, or attached, I’m going to say – “I date in Europe”.

  49. alex says

    well i don’t see prada bags falling out of his mouth plus it really isn’t any of our business whether he’s gay, straight, or bi
    it’s his life not ours so we should leave him alone.

  50. PHIL says

    Who cares if he’s gay or not and who is any one to take any body out of the closet!? Remember how you felt and yes maybe later in life it was the best thing for you but that is his decision.

  51. Nextstar says

    HE’s not gay I mean leave him alone seriously get over and besides either way he’s hot but actor’s have enough stress the don’t need gossip on whether or not their gay

    so BACK OFF

  52. OLIVIA says


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