Daniel Craig: Gays on Board with New Bond


Daniel_craig_shirtless_1The choice of Daniel Craig has inspired much criticism from die-hard Bond fans, but the actor has said he’ll take the sexually adventurous 007 to new places in the upcoming Casino Royale if need be. Last month he told the UK’s Daily Mirror, “In today’s world we expect female actresses to go naked so why not men? I have told bosses I’m prepared to do a full frontal scene. I’m not shy and Bond wouldn’t be shy about it either.”

Perhaps his willingness to go full frontal is what has inspired gay men to flock to the next 007.

Said Craig recently: “I was out recently and all these gay guys were over me like a rash, but they never ask about the Bond plot.”

A rash? That’s not a very pleasant comparison, but maybe that’s why he’s fingering his thunderballs.


  1. mac says

    Even if it wasnt a brittish saying, it’d still be a correct metaphor…i can imagine all the guys pretending like they know a damn thing about 007 when the last bond movie they saw was die another day only because the Old Mother Hubbard of Pop had a cameo in it

  2. Roger says

    I remember reading somewhere that the original James Bond, as written by Ian Fleming, was supposed to be blond! Sean Connery, et al, while extremely pleasant to look at, weren’t the exact depictions of James Bond that Daniel Craig will be. (nor as hunky!)

  3. Raymond says

    Male frontal nudity has always been a hardcore pornographic only reality in the USA. Anyone who has travelled the world over know that is not the case elsewhere in the world, not even on broadcast television.

  4. says

    >>”I was out recently and all these gay guys were over me like a rash, but they never ask about the Bond plot.”

    He must have been in a VERY dark bar, or in a group of Blind Gay men. This guy is UGLY! Clock stopping, lightning snagging, fell clear out of the ugly tree, UGLY. I can’t imagine him as James Bond. And I certainly can’t imagine he has a problem with too many humans finding him attractive. I don’t think he could get laid in a monkey whorehouse if he had a sack of bananas under each arm. UGLY!

  5. says

    “I remember reading somewhere that the original James Bond, as written by Ian Fleming, was supposed to be blond!”

    Dunno where you read it, but it’s completely wrong – Bond has always had dark hair from Casino Royale (the first Bond novel) onward, including all the comic book incarnations and visual depictions. Daniel Craig is the first blonde image of Bond…

    …and as a gay man that could out-Bond trivia anyone under the table, I don’t give a toss if he has blonde hair…I just hope the scripts improve. Poor Brosnan was never given a chance and unfortunately was ousted after making what is arguably the WORST Bond film ever, with the possible exception of Moonraker or The Man With The Golden Gun. Sadly, though, it made the most money…which boggles my mind.

  6. says

    Sean Connery and Roger Moore weren`t that dark… Bond always goes wrong when the ideas get stupid – Moonraker, the invisible car. Hopefully, Craig will be an edgier more stripped down Bond for a post-Cold War, age of international terrorism sort of world. No one complained when Felix went black or M became a woman.

  7. Britt says

    The worst part about Die Another Day was Halle Berry lol. Madonna was pretty bad, but she left after a couple minutes. Halle Berry continues to be a bad actress to me. There’s an occasional time where she’s almost believable and gets praise, so peole begin to think she’s good.

  8. furgroomer says

    I think all the personal attacks against Craig are really unfortunate. It’s one thing to say an actor does not look like your conception of a character, it’s another to make that comment a vicious attack on that person’s look. Opinions, it’s been said, are like arseholes – everyone’s got one. But, just like arseholes, not everyone’s opinion needs to be rubbed in your face.

    That said, I’m honestly disappointed by the choice of Craig as Bond. (In my world view, Bond is a brunette and, more importantly, has a hairy chest.) Craig exudes too much working-class bloke and not enough world-class sophistication for how I see the role. I think the same is true of Clive Owen, who might be seen as the brunette Craig. They both have a bit of the pugilist about them – a look that is definitely sexy and I certainly would not kick either man out of my bed.

    Given a vote, I would have much preferred to continue with Pierce Brosnan for a while. And if it was necessary to find a younger actor (because, of cource, men over 50 cannot be sexy, athletic or adventurous) then I would have opted for Hugh Jackman.

    But Bond has had many faces and bodies. He’s been Brit, Irish, Aussie, Welsh and Scots. He’s even been American and – gasp – female – if you count the first two CASINO ROYALE outings. He’s been hairy twice and smooth thrice. But so far he’s never been blond, shown his cock or – most egregiously – had a “Bond Boy” to offset all those Bond Babes!! One can always hope!

  9. Oscar says

    I think he is hot and I’m waiting for Casino Royale. He is supposed to be hung also. Hope the film give us some good shots of Craig in good positions.

  10. EVO says

    id like to became in the gay who makes bond feel confuse about hes sexuality…i imagine myself as an androgin antagonic performer…trying to kill on a bed with some sexy hits on his body……….daniel craig´s body…meow

  11. Scott A says

    Evo, you sound just like one of my dear asian friends, and it’s the verb conjugations that makes me think that, either that or you are a very gifted 3 year old. I think you mean to say: you’d like to be the one who makes Bond feel confused about his sexuality by being an androgynous outgoing performer… something like that, eh?

  12. me says

    male frontal scene? dude wants gay scenes???
    bond is not a faggot… all this fag shit on tv and in the movies needs to stop, us straights don’t need to see that garbage…they should have went with clive owen, not some faghugger

  13. reyes says

    Why is it that straight guys are so afraid of us gay guys? Is it because we so much better looking, know how to treat a woman right and have so much more confidence? Or ar you just jealous? All you anti-gay straight motherfuckers shut your big cowardly jappers and go breed some more gorgeous gay people, ok!

    Daniel Craig… you’re awesome. You had a dream wanting to the next James Bond and you got it! Congrats. You deserve it and you were perfect for the role.

    peace to all!

  14. walter says

    I’m not gay, but I agree. The world is becoming more open to this, and having a bisexual bond, having frontal nudity scenes would be cool. It’d haul in ratings with girls, and gay guys, and would still have original james bond movie fans coming in(if they’re real hardcore fans like me). What’s wrong with seeing 2 guys together anyway?

  15. Mark Jakielski says

    Damn, Daniel Craig is a fine looking BOND and an actor too. I would love to see him full frontal nude. I lust for his body and voice and can only imagine his strong chisled body and his arms around me holding me down to the level of his hips and encouraging me to service his large member AND BELEIVE ME I WOULD DO IT!! No gag reflex here and I want him deep inside me babies!!

  16. ANDREW says

    I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever! He’s totaly hot (more than all the other Bonds) and a great actor as well. And Casino Royale is so much, much, much better than the 4 Brosnan films.
    I would just love to see him holding, kissing and screwing another man. Need I say I would love to be that man? LOL.

  17. ISRAEL says

    What the hell is wrong with these people? First of all what the fuck are all these gay bastards doing here? I cant believe this bullshit. I didnt know the world was so fucked up. You were born with a freaking dick to insert into a vagina, not into the place where shit comes out from in a woman or man, especially even less inside a man’s asshole. James Bond is a WOMANIZER, he LOVES to fuck women. He is not gay, he will never be gay, and if he is the franchise will fail. NO TRUE James Bond fan will watch such bullshit. Daniel Craig had my respect, but once I saw this crap about making Bond gay, he has lost it completely, and Pierce Brosnan is the real James Bond to me again.

  18. Bon Bon 217 says

    to Israel,
    Pierce Brosnan is a whimpy slimey bond.
    Daniel Craig is the epitomy of homoerotisism in this movie-and as sexy as hell.

    Why shouldn’t gay men find him attractive? He’s stunning.

    I think you have tendencies towards the narrow minded bigot.
    I am a straight happily married woman with two children – and I find Daniel Craig delicious and surprisingly, I think some women are attractive too.

    Open your mind, we are all different. Thank goodness.

  19. Patrick says

    Gays are awsome being one myself and you predjudice zenophobes can go fuck themselves. Daniel is so hot I would kill to see him naked. AND if bond went gay I would watch his movies all the freakin time.

    Patricia and andrew need to shut their fucking face uncle fuckers and find a girl.

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