Tunick Watch: Naked on the Coast of Spain

Spencer Tunick was up to his old tricks over the weekend in the gorgeous Basque resort town of San Sebastian, Spain, where hundreds of volunteers disrobed for his lens. Here on Zurriola Beach they look like a group of sea lions sunning themselves…

This Spanish journalist got carried away, literally…


Tunick_spain_4_1It’s not a coincidence that Tunick produced these shots just weeks before the San Sebastian International Contemporary Photography and Video-Art Fair which begins here the first week of May. A little local attention never hurt anyone.

Spanish papers noted that many more men than women came forward to strip for the photographer.

Tunick took his subjects inside the Kursaal Auditorium for another shot (click to enlarge). Yikes. Not the kind of Saturday afternoon activity for bashful claustrophobes.

Spencer Tunick Celebrates Skin in Caracas [tr]
Moons for the Misbegotten [tr]
A River of Flesh [tr]


  1. JT says

    The people on the rocks is stunning. I guess I’m going to reconsider my assertion from March 20 about Caracas that I don’t appreciate this art. I’m actually moved by these photos.

  2. says

    Well, the photos are interesting. I just wonder how likely it is that you could find that many people who are all about the exact same skin tone. I remember seeing some nature show about some remote tribe in New Guinea and, they were not uniform in skin tone. The Basque Region of Spain IS famous for being remote and for there not having, historically, been a lot of invading forces from other parts of Europe and Africa.

    The pictures are interesting but, I think the bodies may have been touched-up a bit to make most of the people appear more uniform in skin tone.

  3. Donald says

    I agree with JT these interest me more than the last set. Reporter guy pretty hot can you imagine an american reporter doing that. Well having said that there are a few I would like to see do that but none that I think really would.
    Fun though

  4. Rich says

    The one onside the auditorium reminded me of shots of Auschwitz after World War Two. Horrible :(

  5. Remi says

    Don’t like his “art”. Never liked it. Can’t come up with a good reason why… except that from the beginning it seemed TO ME that Tunick was going for the sure attention grabber and not so much for an expression of a vision. Obviously some ppl find his work “moving”, and that is great. It is great that people can have different opinions about the same subject… or photographs.

  6. Charles says

    I don’t know if he cares that much about skin tone-I was given a card asking me to be in one of his shoots in New York-I was just walking down the street, this guy looked at me up and down and gave me a card with the time and date asking me to volunteer-and I’m a fairly medium to dark skinned black guy. It was flattering, but I have serious body image issues, so there was no way in hell I was doing that.

  7. Chad Hanging says

    That spanish guy is hot because he’s not fat, old and obviously ugly. Good for him. I wonder what his penis is like.

  8. Rad says

    And the Spanish journalist is being carried away by… hoards of naked men (not a female arm in sight).

    I would have a grin on my face until next year, too!

    I am not much into nudes as art any more. Bought the “Bob and Rod” book. Have a couple Maplethorpe books. I would love to get a copy of the Annie Liebowitz 1986 Olympic photos (Greg Louganis in a loin cloth! Yum!). Otherwise, I can take it or leave it.

  9. says

    Hello guys,
    Me again. The straight guy from Cleveland, who’s posed in three USA installations(one in Lyon France), including one subset of Milford called “Woodpile” which was the last 30 or so men left at the end of the day after a long installation. We were all skin tones, straight & gay stacked like cordwood or on the ground in front of the wood. I have this posted on my geocities site btw.
    Spencer takes the folks for the large installations “as is” All ages, unless restricted-and in San Sebastian there were about 8 children- all skin tones- though fewer black people take part in any shoot I’ve, not because Spencer excludes them. At least one black woman was at San Sebastian. Spencer does select by skin tone for some smaller groups, or to put people with obvious tan lines in the back, etc.He was quite happy with skin tone variations in Venezuela. He also selects by sex, like Woodpile, or the women of Brugge in Boats, or the men of Brugge covered in white chocolate(some of our members were in that one)
    Remember the photos you are looking at are only press photos, unless you have some of Spencer’s own images to look at you are not seeing his art. Also even if you see his images on line,say in our group http://www.spencertunickforum.org, you still don’t see them full size. The Cleveland photo was about 4×6 feet, the Baltic wall sized mural even larger. Even the smallest are usually 2×3 feet. he also still does a lot of singles.Come to our site and see.

  10. dirtyoldslutfromsouthjersey says

    art my ass! that shits just gross! I hope the ocean swallows them all!