road.jpg 31%: How low can it go?

road.jpg Josh & Josh's NYC apartment hunting hell: "This is the scene: The apartment we are being shown is supposed to rent for $1600 a month. It is one large room with a pocked concrete floor, a tiny bathroom, a fridge in the middle of the livingroom, rotting cabinetry, and a sink that looks like a biology experiment. The one window in the room is open and there are no screens. A cloud of houseflies meanders around the apartment. It smells vaguely of cow dung..."

Harry_wills_1road.jpg Harry and Wills jet in to make splash at almost royal wedding.

road.jpg Mary Cheney on Primetime Live: "From my perspective, Heather and I are already married. We are just waiting for state and constitutional law to catch up with us."

road.jpg Head of Iran's Physical Education Organisation says no to metrosexual footballers: "I will ban athletes with an effeminate look. It is really disgraceful for Iran that young people step onto fields wearing make-up. When a man enters the field with dyed hair and groomed eyebrows he is disrespecting society. Even though they get away with it now, they will be disqualified in [the] future". That's right, hang 'em all, even if they look gay.

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  1. Concluded the head of Iran's Phys Ed Organization "Blue hair dye is SO last year!"

    Posted by: Rad | May 8, 2006 4:47:34 PM

  2. When will the world have enough of these nutjobs? It's bad enough that we have Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, etc. running around breathing free air, but in Iran the same sort of people are actually running the country.

    If Iran wants to remain in the Middle Ages, then fine. Let them. But the rest of the world will go right along and leave them far behind.

    Besides, isn't "effeminate" in the eye of the beholder? Certain practices in Muslim societies (such as men holding hands or leaning close into another man's face so that he can feel your breath on him while you are talking, etc.) seem pretty effeminate to Westerners.

    Regardless, what matters more: how an athlete performs in competition or how he dresses and grooms himself? I'd much rather ogle a metrosexual Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo than a sanctimonius self-important non-metrosexual any day!

    Posted by: Jonathon | May 8, 2006 4:56:41 PM

  3. Ummm... screw you, Mary Cheney. Perhaps you are wealthy enough that the myriad benefits provided to married couples but denied to same-sex couples doesn't really matter to you and your partner, but for the majority of same-sex couples out there it isn't just an inconvenience - it is an assault on our humanity and our personhood. Sure, most couples that I know feel married in their own hearts and minds, but in the eyes of the law they are nothing more than roommates. I know that you love your father, but can't you see just how horrible that he has been for the gay and lesbian community? Can't you see that your helping to bring about a second-helping of Dubya has been nothing less than disasterous for gays and lesbians?

    If your father is so much in support of people being able to enter into whatever relationship that they want, then why is he tacitly supporting an amendment to the Constitution to permanently deny same-sex couples their human and civil rights? Why can't you persuade him to help moderate the hate-filled voices that dominate his party and bring about fairness for all Americans? Was the tax-break worth it? Was the noteriety worth it?

    Good for you that you have a partner and are in a stable relationship. I envy you that because I have neither. However, I do one day hope to meet someone who wants to share my life (and his with me). I want to get married, Mary, and right now the biggest obstacle to securing that right is sitting in the White House and in Congress, and your efforts helped make it happen.

    Posted by: Jonathon | May 8, 2006 5:05:52 PM

  4. Poor, confused Mary Cheney. Waiting for "state and constitutional law to catch up" while her father and the administration she shills for do whatever possible to make sure it never happens.
    It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for her. Almost, but not quite. Even if gay marriage is ever passed into law, I would be in favor of denying it to this mean-spirited, awful woman.

    Posted by: Tom | May 8, 2006 5:08:53 PM

  5. Mary Cheney drives me crazy. I'll ask Rosie to take her down with Naomi Campbell.

    Posted by: Queer Beacon | May 8, 2006 5:11:18 PM

  6. Mary Cheney is totally full of shit. Just like her daddy and her good friend, the idiot Bush.

    She is angry because the gay community has been hard on her. Maybe if she wasn't such a chicken shit about expressing her views to frick & frack in the White House more homos would support her.

    Posted by: manchild | May 8, 2006 5:14:59 PM

  7. OMG living in NY is so expensive OMG LOLOLOLOL!11!!!!!1111!!!!!!


    Posted by: nuflux | May 8, 2006 5:39:42 PM

  8. I never thought I'd ever have something in common the Head of Iran's Physical Education Organisation. We're both totally over the metrosexual look.

    Posted by: Ridwah | May 8, 2006 5:51:30 PM

  9. 31% and falling.... Pardon my Eeyore moment, but once the Conservative Bigot Machine kicks in and reminds everyone they will most certainly go to hell if they allow gay marriage, stem cell research and abortion (after all, these are the TRULY important issues, right?), I'm willing to bet a lot of sheep will return to the Republican fold for the midterm and '08 elections.

    A message to my country: Please, please, PLEASE prove me wrong!

    Posted by: zinc alloy | May 8, 2006 6:07:40 PM

  10. Harry has become the hot one...

    Posted by: Jason | May 8, 2006 6:38:12 PM

  11. The only thing that really surprised me by Little Mary's interview was how many questions she refused to answer. Besides trying to blow some hot air back in the long-limp "Compassionate Conservatives" balloon, her main reason for being there was to pimp her book, but, in effect, she discouraged buyers, as what she said, or, shall we say, claimed, would barely fill a magazine article. I still want the bitch to suffer the trauma and terms of second-class citizenship that lesbians and gay men not insulated by money and power face every day.

    And, speaking of wealthy lezzies, the nausea I expected from her interview actually came while reading the Washington Post Op Ed piece about it by Elizabeth Birch [remember her?--the one who castrated HRC while turning it into a money machine] and her privileged partner Hilary Rosen. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/07/AR2006050700998.html

    I never realized analingus was so popular among lesbians, but it's a royal rim job the two give the princess for Coors, the worst elements of the GOP, and the American Taliban. [And who knew Andrew Sullivan was "bi"—sticking his tongue in, too, by praising their drivel?]

    "We applaud Mary Cheney's leap onto the national stage. The timing of the book's release is a welcome boon to the effort to defeat (for the second time) the White House-endorsed Federal Marriage Amendment, .... Mary is leading the Cheney family to bring new understanding to dinner-table discussions across the land."

    Excuse fucking me! Did they hear a different Mary Cheney than I did? Surely, they can't be saying it's okay for her to continue to be nothing more than a "Good Negress." [please, oh please, note the quotation marks!]. Imagine where people of color in America would be if Martin Luther King has said, "I'm just waiting for George Wallace and Bull Connor to catch up with history." Or Mandella, "I'm just waiting for our Apartheid overseers to catch up with history." Ad infinitum.

    "Cheney's personal story is not much different from those of many of the men and women we know: lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people." Sure, Liz, all of those countless LGBTs whose parents are millionaires.

    "Mary's presence on the national stage -- the daughter of the vice president of the United States discussing issues related to our lives -- is most welcome and has the potential to be a transforming moment for all Americans." Bullshit, you morons. That "moment" was first in 2000, and clearer still in 2004 when not only did she not publicly disagree with Bush'es gay bashing for votes, but WORKED FOR THE BASTARD. And she's still willingly playing the "two steps behind," "too bad about her," daughter. Stupid Americans, if anything, may admire her nefarious parents more for bearing the burden they feel Nature has given them, but not their "damaged" daughter or others like her. Have we forgotten how much mileage they got out of attacking Kerry and Edwards for talking about her—which ABC spent much of her interview replaying? Vice Lady was shown saying it had convinced her that Kerry was not a "good man." Hey, Bitch, he didn't say your daughter was a serial killer—he only mentioned her being gay which DICK first brought up himself earlier in the campaign. Yet, it was repeatedly played as if Kerry were exploiting a child with Downs Syndrome or whatever.

    But, again, the larger ignominy here is the totally unjustifed lauding by two of the most powerful women in the LGBT movement of another woman who has done nothing but pay lip service to equality for others, while their less privileged, less powerful sisters and brothers continue to get beaten up in the halls of the nation's schools, when they aren't simply kicked out; gay parents have to fight for custody of their children, gays and lesbians are still drummed out of the military, and rights we have gained at federal, state, and local level are rolled back by the Bushies and their supporters in place after place.

    Posted by: Leland | May 8, 2006 6:48:50 PM

  12. My guess is that Cheney allowed Bush to chase after issues like the FMA as long as he got to pursue his own agenda, i.e. the oil agenda--Iraq, etc. I don't think Cheney has ever considered the FMA even remotely viable. That might explain the Cheney family's apparent nonreaction to Bush's crusade against same-sex marriage. I mean it's all fairly obvious. Cheney and his pals don't give a rat's ass about Bush's juvenile moral crusade. Most of the real players on the right are ruthless businessmen, not numbskull Bible-thumpers; they use the God-talk to woo votes--they don't believe any of that crap.

    Posted by: Tom | May 8, 2006 8:19:27 PM

  13. andy....rating link doesn't function for rating level. bad page.

    Posted by: ricardo | May 8, 2006 9:53:20 PM

  14. Poor Mary. I didn't find anything she almost answered to be truthful at all. You can't spin your own reality while claiming to be on the side of integrity. Sad soul. And too bad about that face. Dayum!

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | May 8, 2006 10:51:02 PM

  15. P.S. 31%

    And Bush once called Carter a complete failure. LOL

    When Carter left office he became a great man. When Bush leaves office, he will have no such luck.

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | May 8, 2006 10:53:00 PM

  16. USA Today link is broken...

    Posted by: Thor | May 9, 2006 12:17:22 AM

  17. Question:

    Who is going to buy Mary Cheney's book? Oh, uh, yeah. Gay repub's...


    Bashing the hispanic national anthem can't have helped this past week...

    Both Harry & Wills look exceptional.


    Posted by: Gilli | May 9, 2006 12:55:50 AM

  18. Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow...I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

    Posted by: Wayne | May 9, 2006 8:30:00 AM

  19. Benedyke Arnold should keep her mouth and her meat curtains shut.

    Posted by: Jeff | May 9, 2006 9:31:43 AM

  20. Re: Josh and Josh

    Yep that's a NYC Apt. Rent hikes?

    Why not.

    Posted by: digger | May 9, 2006 12:49:17 PM

  21. That is why I FLED NYC. Great place, it will always be home, but it is not worth the headache of slaving away at a job to pay for $2000/mo rent on avg. to what? have no time to enjoy the city because I'm working too hard to say "I'm a New Yorker". NEXT.

    Posted by: Cory | May 10, 2006 6:21:05 PM

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