Courtney Love and Billy Corgan: Songs for a Cause


The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center held a fundraiser on Saturday night and Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes was billed as the headliner. So imagine the audience’s surprise when a chain-smoking Courtney Love and Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan joined Perry onstage to sing tracks from Love’s new album. Towleroad can now bring you these shots from the event.

Love talked to about the night, which raised over $150,000 for the Center: “Billy and me have never been onstage before and it was intense. His guitar parts are haunting and beautiful. It’s me, him, Linda and 2000 lesbians and the songs are dramatically different from the demos. It was fucking historic, Billy played ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ by Blind Faith and Linda played ‘Beautiful’ and ‘What’s Going On’. It was such a cool living room vibe. The songs are smashing now. I wouldn’t fuck around here, this is the best shit I’ve done since ‘Live Through This’ period. It’s hard to sell six-minute new songs and you could have heard a pin drop although apparently there was speculation about whether I was wearing underwear. Look I’ve been wearing short skirts onstage forever and and obviously I wear panties. Christ!”

Glad we cleared that up.

Pictured below with Corgan, Perry, and Love is the Center’s CEO Lorri L. Jean.



  1. Chad Hanging says

    I don’t care how much money she raises for gay causes; that bitch is a mess. She could have learned a lesson from, among other things, having taken heroin while she was pregnant but here we are all this time later and she’s still up to the same old crap. Over.

  2. Joe says

    Is it my imagine or has Courtney had a little nip/tuck on her eyes? She looks…tight.

  3. gigi says

    Courtney Love is awesome, thank you for this post. People either get her or they don’t, and I’m happy that I do.

  4. Tom says

    Well, meow, Chad and Jack! Of course she’s not as musically gifted as say Cher or Celine Dion, but I’ve always kinda dug her stuff. Despite the flogging given to America’s Sweetheart, I thought it was brilliant in spots, and Live Through This has earned her my eternal adoration, no matter how messy she gets on occasion.

  5. Joey says

    Couldn’t we find anyone better to represent us? Tom…”dug her stuff” or not, she has less value than a Glad Bag. I know I will catch shit for this, but the woman is a drugged out whore. I’d rather thank George W. Bush for his contributions to America than have her as a face of our community. What surprises me most is that she could stand up for an entire song.

    And this isn’t about being musically gifted (although you would think in over a decade, at some point she would learn what “key” is). What is important is that she is everything we are trying to live down. She is not now, never was, nor will she ever be a role model for any community.

    I personally don’t want someone speaking out for my community that every other community looks down upon. Further more, do you really think she cares about the GLBT community? She’s just trying to spark her name up. Accepting her is like thanking straight people for not beating us up. It’s settling.

  6. Wayne says

    Oh the bitterness and jealousy!! You guys should all be forced to live in a room with no windows…TOGETHER! Is Courtney a saint, hell no! Is she a good mother, probably not! But can she play the guitar and sing? Abso-fuckin-lutely she can! Have you ever heard Live Through This?? It’s one of the best discs ever, and if you’d do a little research you’d find that the public and the critics felt the same way. I’ve heard tracks off the new CD and it’s even better. You guys are so quick to judge but can you take the same treatment? Why don’t you point your ugly stick back at yourselves and see how well you rank. Courtney’s had enough tragedy in her life and doesn’t need your hateful thoughts. I mean, she killed her husband and made it look like suicide… give the bitch a break!

  7. Jarod says

    She’s a rock star. She’s obviously not fucking Celine Dion, or Cher…she’s not even in the same fucking dimension. Comparing them is ridiculous. I would put money on whoever wrote her off as a “drugged out whore” has never heard her music, as almost everyone else that believes every fucking tabloid story they read about her. Who cares if she does drugs? Cher has never had plastic surgery? That’s news to me! And I personally can’t sit through one goddamn Cher song without piercing my ear drums with whatever object I can find. And even if her career is momentarily waning, I think she could have found a more high-profile (and higher-paying) gig if she wanted publicity. She has spoken out in several Gay publications throughout the years, and she encouraged Kurt Cobain to do so too, before he blew his brains out. Many of her closest friends are gay (MICHAEL STIPE???)so the question does she care about the gay community is a rather dumb question. If you’re going to speak out that harshly against one of the last remaining (true) rock stars we have left, who by the way raised 150,000 dollars in support of this organization that assumedly represents you, it might benefit you to be familiar beyond reading the covers of tabloids as you’re in the check-out line. She’s not a role model. So what? Listen to Live Through This or Celebrity Skin, and tell me they’re not two of the best fucking guitar-albums you’ve ever heard. How many rock stars are role models? Jim Morrison? Elvis Presley? Kurt Cobain? I have a feeling they could out-drug courtney any day, IF THEY WERENT DEAD FROM DRUG/ALCOHOL RELATED COMPLICATIONS. And they’re all men. I guess if Courtney killed herself or died from a drug overdose she’d be regarded as the voice of a generation, too. But then again, she’s a woman, so maybe she’d just be a DEAD drugged-out whore.

  8. Wayne says

    You ‘da man Jarod! Very well put! The only comparison I see with Courtney is Janice Joplin, who was also called a skank/whore during her time.

    And as Jarod said, this bitch is raising money for OUR peeps! How dare you trash her for helping us out! Take a look in the mirror before you start blasting others. When’s the last time you raised $150K to help out anyone?

  9. Shorty says

    Thanks for the Courtney Love update. Smeared lipstick addict whore or not, Courtney is raw and doesn’t sugarcoat any aspect of her life (especially her music) and it’s why she can hold onto her fans. I’d rather listen to this sleazy rockstar ANYDAY over any studio creation Jessica/Ashlee Simpson, Pussycat Dolls, Nickelback crap in radio rotation overload. America’s Sweetheart is one of the best albums from the past few years (Sunset Strip, Hold Onto Me, Almost Golden) and I can’t wait to hear the new stuff. What does Courtney have to do to impress the haters? Collaborate with the Scissor Sisters and splash her beats across every gay club in the country?
    Thank god she doesn’t steep that low.

  10. Tom says

    Jarod, read my post again, especially the part about Celine and Cher. This time turn your sarcasm detector to the “On” position. But to your point, yes, Courtney is not a nun, and I’m with you wholeheartedly when you ask why the performers we admire need to be. A lot of the best actors and musicians are messes; it kind of goes with the territory. People fall all over themselves to praise Robert Downey Jr., and he’s arguably just as big of a relapsing mess as Ms. Love.

    And Joey, why does a performer who appears at an event at the Village have to “represent us”? Lots of different people perform there without signing deals to become spokespersons for the gay community. And personally I have no desire to present a whitewashed “we’re just like you” image to the masses. They’ll bash a drugged out whore (and lord knows there are a few of us that fit that description) just as readily as they’ll bash a kool-aid drinking, pastel-sweater-and-khakis-wearing gay Republican. When the fists are flying there will be no discussions of the relative merits of Courtney Love and Betty DeGeneres as straight allies of the gay community. Or look at Bill Cosby. Has Bill Cosby made white racists suddenly love all black people, making them think ‘they’re just like you and me’? No, white racists dig Bill Cosby and still hate 99.99999% of the same people they hated before.

  11. Jarod says

    All right, Tom, my detector is on now. I thought you were seriously comparing those artists. I’m relieved that you were joking, because I agree with almost everything else you’ve said.

    And Shorty–right on. America’s Sweetheart may have been a mess, but frankly, it has more good songs on it than it should, considering the massive shit-pile around her at the time. And what it lacked in focus, it more than made up for in Snarl. It IS the best rock record in years, but you have to take into consideration that Avril Lavigne and Nickelback are her competition. As far as I’m concerned, making a rock record better than what those two can muster doesn’t take any creative energy whatsoever. Making an honest-to-god rock record that SELLS better than those two, however…well nothing short of Hijacking MTV and firebombing Clear Channel would pull that off.

  12. Tom says

    America’s Sweetheart is a beautiful mess. “Almost Golden,” “Mono,” “But Julian…,” and “Uncool” are all fantastic songs.

  13. Daniel says

    America’s Sweetheart was a total drug album (listen to the lyrics of “Sunset Strip” and “All the Drugs”). I couldn’t be she released it while she was in the midst of her half-dozen drug-related court cases.

    I think one of CL’s best songs (and one of the best songs period) is “Boys on the Radio” from the Celebrity Skin CD. When I first heard it, I thought, this song has classic written all over it. But oddly, it was never released as a single.

  14. Randy says

    Snore all you fags…the real news here is that Billy Corgan is back and the Pumpkins are putting a new album out this summer. CAN.NOT.WAIT

  15. Matthew BH says

    Daniel – Boys on the Radio was supposed to be the 4th single from Celebrity Skin, but then Geffen decided to cancel any future promotion for that record and we all know what happened next (lawsuits, break-up of the band, drugs etc). It’s a shame, it really is an amazingly well-crafted and well-executed song.

  16. Jodi says

    Id fucking be a mess if my husband topped himself aswell … god be a bit more sensitive..Maybe some of you lot should listen to her reading kurt cobains suicide note it really is moving. so stop slating her! and cut her some slack

  17. Courtney Lynn says

    Courtney Love did not take heroine while she was pregnant, take it from someone who actually knows a lot about her and is one of her biggest fans. There are not many supporters for gays and lesbians in this fucked up community, so why can’t some of you be happy that she is supporting them? She has cleaned up and has been sober for a year and 5 months and her husband did kill himself. Life has been really rough for her and before you go criticizing her atleast know her true history. It’s just not fair to judge people. I’m not here to start any shit but I just wanted to voice my opinion and give Courtney the defense and respect she deserves. She really is a talented musician and lyricist. Look past the image..

  18. EireKev says

    As someone who thought Live Through This was a great album I’m interested in hearing Courtney’s next. More interested in the new Smashing Pumpkins tho!

    Anyway just for anyone who’s interested, some footage from the benefit is out on YouTube now:…related&search=

  19. courtney moss says

    u fucking suck!!!!!!! i hate to have the same name as u so u need to put the frickin drugs down and stop trying to act cool and smoke a ciggarrette! bitch

  20. courtney moss says

    u fucking suck!!!!!!! i hate to have the same name as u so u need to put the frickin drugs down and stop trying to act cool and smoke a ciggarrette! bitch

  21. says

    Courtney isn’t perfect. But her music is AMAZING.

    I have alot of respect for her.

    From Pretty on the Inside, Live Through This, Celebrity Skin, America’s Sweetheart.

    All of those albums are EXCELLENT and very well put together.

    Give credit where it’s needed and stop being so judgmental.

    Oh, and I LOVE Billy C. his music is also amazing and he is GORGEOUS.