Nick Lachey: “I’m Not Gay”

Lachey_1Nick Lachey was “shocked”, according to reports, when a “cheeky” fan suggested he give up on women and try dating men.

Said Lachey: “I was asked if I’d ever consider playing for the other team, which was a ‘Ooh, I’m not expecting that one.’ I answered it, ‘While I respect the other team and recognise that there is another team and they too play ball, I am not interested in playing for the other team.'”

Sure, but will you practice with them? Throw a few passes?

All I can say is that if you know the answer, explaining which team you play for shouldn’t be as complex a ritual as attending the NFL draft.

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  1. Pierre says

    Rumor has it that Nick is being courted as the ‘celebrity’ to appear at Seattle Gay Pride… Maybe he’s gonna try out for the team or somethin’…:)

  2. Wayne says

    I don’t know why he needs to defend himself against The Gays… I mean, take a look at that pic… it screams BREEDER so why would he worry??

    And for those of you who are sarcasm-challenged, never mind 😉

  3. Robert In WeHo says

    Nick, his brother Drew and Jeff Timmons used to work out at my gym on Santa Monica in West Hollywood all the time (pre-Jessica). There was a lot more cruising going on with those three than working out, trust.

  4. jacknasty says

    Eh, he said he respects and acknowledges the other team…boy knows where his bread is buttered.

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    When the Newlyweds was still in, at TWoP there always was a ‘vibe and chorus for Nick to dump Jess…and her creepy-dad…and “go gay”.

  6. Hephaestion says

    Yep, he’s straight. Anyone who would use a sports metaphor to describe being gay is definitely straight.

    I’d still love to see Lachey in bed with his former 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons.

  7. resurrect says

    tee-hee Dave! very funny – reading towleroad and the community here really does make me proud to have such fun gay bros and sistas!

  8. says

    I’m sorry. But do any of us even want him on the team? Then again I also don’t buy the Jessica Simpson as sex symbol either. They’re just really unattractive to me.

  9. hoohaa says

    “Yep, he’s straight. Anyone who would use a sports metaphor to describe being gay is definitely straight.”

    And gays don’t like sports? Are you high?