Windsor Castle: Guards Gone Wild


Two of the Queen’s guards have been caught on tape performing a strip tease while getting ready for work in Windsor Castle. As we know, the Queen loves to be surrounded by men, especially military types.

“The pair were preparing to put on camouflage gear to go out on night patrol to protect the royal grounds. But then a laughing pal in the guardroom put blaring music on a ghetto blaster and they went into a Full Monty-style routine. One of the men from the 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards donned his bearskin and grey overcoat — then he and his mate both peeled off. They spent 45 seconds prancing round the room baring all, with one swishing a towel between his legs. ‘They were flapping their manhoods all over the place. If an officer had walked in there would have been hell and I don’t know what the Queen will make of it.'”

UK Tab The Sun has also obtained a video (NSFW).

If there’s any place for government surveillance of its citizens, this is it.

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