Alabama Elects its First Openly Gay Official

ToddPatricia Todd today became the first openly gay elected official in that state’s history, winning the House District 54 runoff race in Birmingham by a narrow margin. This is a very positive step toward alleviating homophobia in a state that sits squarely in the center of the Bible Belt. Said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund: The road to equality in Alabama is a mile shorter today. Gays and lesbians in Alabama will now have what all Americans deserve — a voice and a vote. Alabama knows well what a single voice can accomplish. We applaud Patricia’s courage in stepping up to be heard.”


  1. says

    I don’t know if i’m more surprised that a lesbian was elected, or that a white woman was elected in such a heavily black district.

    Either way, Patricia Todd is an outstanding choice. She has always worked hard for the Gay community, and for her neighbors. I’m happy to see her years of dedication and hard work rewarded with this important political win.

  2. JS says

    It’s not over nor is it final. Gaynell (the black female opponent) refuses to concede and they still have the military and other ballots to count. This election will end in a racial battle and I am sorry to say, Patricia Todd doesn’t stand a chance. I know, I live in Birmingham. Nothing against black people in general, but a black politican in Bham simply can not lose an election. They throw fits, scream racism and will not let it die until they have won the position, whether they really won it legally by vote, or not.

    Mark my word…in about three weeks you will see Todd being made to step down.

    A sad state of affairs.

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