Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee Swap a Little Spit

NlaaIf you’ll recall, rocker Dave Navarro recently told dot newsmagazine, “I’ve come to realize through my experimentation over the years that I’m not gay, nor am I bisexual. But at least I know that in the sense that I’ve never been aroused by a man, but I’ve been in situations where I could potentially be aroused. Since it didn’t work, I know I’m not gay. So I was open to it working, let’s just say that.”

And at the recent Rock Star premiere party, he demonstrated that he’s still open to potentially arousing situations, although the potential of this particular situation seems a bit iffy.


  1. patrick nyc says

    Dave Navarro is so hot. That and the package Tommy Lee is packing would make for one hot video.

  2. says

    They’re so posey in the picture–a TRUE rock star moment would have been for them to just go at it, full throttle, with the kiss–now THAT woulda been hot.

    Andy, are you watching Rock Star? How awesome is Dilana? She blows me away.

  3. ric says

    is it me or does that just sound like a way too long winded, convoluted diatribe to basically say he doesn’t want to suck dick? Hey Dave, I don’t know that anyone REALLY cares about it that much, but next time it might just be easier to say no and move on.

  4. Mac says

    Both of them have such a strong girl vibe within them. Not the attract kind, the giving off kind.

  5. mikey d says

    I just read that Dave and Carmen are getting seperated. Maybe he should give the gay route another go.

  6. Will says

    WOW VERY hot. Hope that Sex Vid comes out soon. It’d be very hot to see Tommy the wonder Horse top Navarro. A guy can dream can’t he.

  7. Devyn says

    Very hot visual…even hotter when the colorful tattoos and four pierced rockhard nipples are part of the play…Dave-bottom, Tommy-top…hmm.