Freak Nature: Busch Stadium Thunderstorm

You’ve perhaps heard about the crazy weather that’s been going on around St. Louis, Missouri? Check out this video (via Deadspin) that someone shot at Busch Stadium as a thunderstorm rolled through Thursday night, and watch for the dude getting nailed by the trashcan. And could that be a cow flying by in a twister I hear at the end?

In related news, “Chairman Tom Davis (R-VA) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) announced today that that they will launch a bipartisan inquiry into allegations that White House officials, including former adviser Philip Cooney, edited climate reports to play down the potential threat of global warming.” And coverage of headlines from this week’s heat wave.


  1. CJD says

    Sweet Jesus, can we say “The Day After Tomorrow”??? I’m ordering my new D & G Canoe with matching oars today and looking into real estate in Santa Fe as it might be beach front pretty soon. I’ll be sure to keep Bush’s cabinet in mind when the shit officially hits the fan…

  2. AJ says

    The storm is being called the worst storm to ever hit Saint Louis. We still have several businesses and homes without power. Unbelievably only 1 person has expired due to the heat.

    What is really “Day after Tomorrow” about it is the fact that the building supply stores are running out of generators. I drove around for nearly 30 minutes to find a gas station that had both power and gasoline.

    It is exceedingly creepy because despite the heat, people are not walking around their neighborhoods. Some areas seem like ghost towns because people have abandoned their home until the power is restored.

  3. says

    … Still more than 400,000 without power this morning in St. Louis. If this had happened to New York or Chicago, more people would be paying attention.

    Missouri is a “fly-over” state for the national media — a place to fly over between New York and LA. The exact same news is more important if it happens elsewhere.

    Yours is one of the best blogs out there, and I’m including blogs both with and without homosexual tendencies.

    Thanks for including this video!


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