Gay Games Kick Off in Chicago

Mayor Daley addresses the crowd.

Greg Louganis was on hand to present the Tom Waddell award for outstanding service in athletics. Tom Waddell founded the Gay Games. He died of AIDS in 1987.


One man participated in the naked 100-yard dash.


  1. Boomer says

    I was at the opening ceremonies of the Games and hafta say I agree with the too many speeches comments. What started out as a joyus celebration ended up looking like some sort of Soviet Sports Festival from 1978. All politics and posturing with the obligatory interpretive dance of course. Can you say singing to the chior?

  2. Britt says

    I was so glad to be a part of the opening ceremonies, but I feel the same way about the choir comment. We at the games are not the ones who need a speech about how to be proud. It’s a shame some of the depressing and political speeches drove fans from Soldier Field before the ending, which was great!

  3. boomer says

    I know what you mean. My partner turned to me at 11:30 (the 3.5 hour point in the program) and just said, “You ready?” I looked at the program and saw it was going to be at least another hour before the fireworks (I LOVE FIREWORKS) and told him…”let’s go!”

  4. JP says

    The MILLIONS of dollars spent on playing these games (and games, not serious competition, is what they are given they are “open to everyone regardless of actual athletic ability”) could be put to far better use in fighting AIDS and the Right Wing.

  5. Tagg says

    Pish Posh. The REALLY important news event out of Chicago was that Oprah felt the need to once again proclaim that she’s not gay. Now the world can sleep peacefully again.

  6. Francis Burdett says

    But was it better than the opening Montreal ceremony?

    And as I have not been following these games, are there any differences in the composition of the athletes between the two sets of games. (for instance more American than international)

    (and which will be the larger event, btw)

  7. Mike says

    There was a live stream on nbc5 out of Chicago and some parts were very emotional and beautiful. Some of the speakers needed not to speak making the ceremony too long but it was enjoyable.

  8. Bart says

    I watched the live stream from my home in Indiana and was so proud for Chicago, (lived there from 78-88)actually brought a tear during the glow sticks/rainbow flag..
    But disappointed this grand gala event turned into a political / social ills rant with some totally inappropriate commentary that spoiled this rare opportunity for Chicago to shine. But was still proud of Chicago.

  9. Jack says

    “With muscular athletes in abundance we get a pear-shaped streaker at the Gay Games? There’s something so not right about that.”

    Does anyone see how size bigoted this comment is??? Wow, let’s keep those stereotypes going about how gay men only want to look at and to be with younger, muscular athletic types.

    I think this man was pretty damn brave and cool for streaking….

  10. Tagg says

    Bart’s comment “…actually brought a tear during the glow sticks/rainbow flag” reminds me of the Bette Davis character line, “I adore cheap sentiment.” yet he’s opposed to the political content. HOW the hell do you think people today got the right to such public displays, moving or trivial, if not from the political battles that others waged and wage for them–little of which was accomplished in Chicago, BTW. Do you live on an ostrich farm in Indiana?

  11. says

    Hm. I’d be the streaker dude. My best friend forwarded me this and we had a few cackles about the pear-shaped comment from DJ Mark Marquis. Ouch!

    I’d normally ignore this but Mark, I found a picture of you on Google Images. you uh don’t look like a muscular athlete either, so whats your point? There’s nothing wrong with being gay and gray nor with being someone whose only shot at getting near a muscular athlete is probably about two bills. But it is a little disheartening to see that you never outgrew the snotty hotty exclusionary mentality.

    No, I’m not an athlete. Just a loose cannon and a prankster who doesn’t fear a whole lot.

    I did it for fun and I did it to contribute to the entertainment. I had a blast, I got arrested, and yes I’d totally do it all over again. I got a lot of cheers not because of how I look, but simply because of what I did. And I’ve gotta say that was pretty damn fun and the memory is priceless.


  12. Kale says

    Well “Pear Boy”, I was in the band. We came at our own expense and worked very hard with little more than 2 days to do it. I think you’re a pathetic jack-ass.

  13. says

    The streaker is not in shape? He’s pear-shaped guy? Guys, guys … you are pathetic!

    He’s cute and scrawny. I’d do him anyday. People like Mark Marquis is the reason why we could not attain our rights outright because we are so busy attacking each other’s appearances!


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