Honeymoon Over for Lance and Reichen?

Lance_is_gayPage Six is already predicting the end of the Bass/Lehmkuhl coupling, accusing Reichen of using the high-profile relationship as publicity fodder for his upcoming memoir, Here’s What We’ll Say: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force. Page Six source: “Reichen forced Lance to come out just at the same time he has a book coming out so he could ride the publicity wave. He is a big gay activist and very controlling. He wants Lance to give up his straight friends and do whatever he tells him to.”

According to an interview Reichen gave to The Insider, however, there’s no unhappiness to report: “I’m happy it’s shocking people . . . I couldn’t be more proud of Lance. It’s definitely a sense of relief. There are a lot more smiles. We are so happy about it.”

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  1. chris says

    yeah the “big gay activist” line makes me think this was the “story/work” of a traditional NY-Post/Faux news employee. It’s a pretty blatant use of code words.

  2. SickofitnSF says

    Dainty June/Reichen is such a dumbbell he doesn’t know left from right. His mother AKA “moma Rose” however can describe in detail every Lance Bass penetration and its value in dollars and publicity for the new book. She also trolls web logs and chat sites to see who talking about her baby.

  3. says

    ….surely this relationship was over long before it even began. Sheesh, it was only back in September when Reichen was having his photo taken with Louis Corragio and their committment rings, for cryin’ out loud!

    I guess Reichen falls in love fast. Or maybe he’s lesbian?

  4. says

    After Lance publicly came out, both he and Reichen asked for a little privacy (which is justified).

    Strangely enough, Reichen is now all over the place (check out ET, AC, etc.) hawking his book.

    Does privacy mean different things to different people?

  5. Me says

    I have the sense that Reichein is bad news.

    Gay columnist Jon Hartmere wrote up a first hand account of his “date” with Reichen for the Woburn Advocate newspaper. The link to the newspaper column no longer works, but Hartmere’s slightly longer and cattier version, wherein Reichen is protected by the pseudonym “Sven,” appears on Hartmere’s personal site, http://www.singlechickentheory.com It can be found under “columns” and is titled “Reality Check (03/02/05). Here’s a direct link to the column. Well worth reading! It’s hilarious. What an ego that Reichen has:


  6. Lexxicuss says

    Sorry, but i was in P-town and that was no publicity stunt.
    At least not one that Lance wasn’t a part of.

    1. If it’s true, Lance. Welcome to the Jungle.
    2. If it’s all a ploy of Reichen’s, miss Bass had better develop a thick skin. and quickly.

  7. Cory says

    Reichen is to gays what Paris Hilton is to straights. If what I witnessed in PTown is any indication of their relationship, then it is far from “stable” as Mr. Bass describes it…

    Any one want to place bets? I’m giving it a month…

    As a side note, any one else tired of these hoochies representin’? Reichen, Boy George, George Michael, et al. I realize they do not speak for all homosexuals, but as they are in the public spot light it doesn’t paint us in a good light for those who don’t know any better…

  8. JOE 2 says

    I acknowledge that this is now third-hand info, but here goes: My partner attended a gay fund-raising event in L.A. a while back. At the end of the evening, standing in line with 15 other people waiting for the parking valets to retrieve their cars, he watched as Reichen barged past everyone to the front of the line. Shoving his receipt at the befuddled, overworked, non-English-speaking Mexican kid, he loudly announced, “Mercedes. S-CLASS!!” Eeew.

  9. Michael L says

    Miss Bass had better develop a thick skin very quickly: because he’s going to be sucked in (actually he’s probably going to be forced to do the sucking), chewed up and spat out faster than Reichen could have his “stick-out, Alfred E. Neumann, elephant ears” artificially (like all the rest of him) pinned back – see his Air Force Academy Year Book for verification.

  10. Kj says

    Lance is a grownup and allowed to make a relationship misstep or two like just like the rest of us. Speaking for myself, I didn’t get to experience adolescent-level relationship “training” until I was out at mid-life. From that perspective, Lance has an early start.

  11. Leland says

    Lance is not the first link in Reichen’s chain of fools, though he might be the last of any consequence given how high profile his latest “very stable relationship” is. A year from now Reichen may be reduced to selling his old calendars, remaindered book, and collection of used wedding rings at swap meets. But another aspect of L’Affaire de Lance, as well as recent behaviors of that other boy George are incisively analyzed in this column from AfterElton.com:

    “George Michael and Lance Bass: A Tale of Two Role Models”
    by Brent Hartinger, July 31, 2006

    It was not a good week for gay role models.
    On one hand, singer George Michael was caught with his pants down–again!–photographed after just having had anonymous sex in a London Park at 3 A.M.
    Michael, who is apparently determined to be our community’s Whitney Houston, was unapologetic. Upon being busted, he justified what he’d done by indignantly saying, “Are you gay? No? Then f*** off! This is my culture!”
    And later, when it was suggested that he might not be the best role model, he disagreed, saying, “I should be able to be what I am to young gay people–which is a man who has managed to succeed in the industry for 25 years.”
    Of course, if “industry success” is the standard, Mel Gibson is a great role model too–despite last week’s DUI, not to mention the paranoid anti-Semitism that he shouted while being arrested.
    I say maybe that’s setting the bar for being a role model a little low, don’t you think?
    On the other hand, in other news this week, former boyband star Lance Bass, in his much-discussed coming out in People Magazine, told the world that yes, he is gay, but that he isn’t comfortable being a role model.
    “The gay community is going to hop on my back because I’m not going to lead the parades and be this crazy activist,” he said. “I don’t want to be a poster child.”
    For the record, Lance, those “crazy” activists? They are, quite literally, the reason why society has changed to the point where, after being photographed in a gay bar with your boyfriend, you still even have a career. They’re also the reason you were able to go into that bar in the first place and not get arrested for violating laws like that one that existed in New York in the 1960s that made it illegal for two gay men to be together in a public place.
    But the point is, in the screwy pop culture world of 2006, you’ve got anonymous sex addict George Michael, who insists he is a gay role model. And you’ve got Lance Bass, by all accounts a nice guy who happens to be in a stable relationship, who refuses to be a gay role model.
    Somehow this just figures, doesn’t it?
    You might even say that it sums almost everything that’s wrong with the gay community: not enough people who are willing to take a “crazy” stand on, you know, basic human rights. And a few people who, uh, would be doing us all a favor if they stayed inside more and played Boggle with their friends.
    I actually know something about being a gay role model. Back in 1990, I helped found one of the nation’s first support groups for GLBTQ youth. We went from zero to a hundred and fifty members in a matter of months.
    And almost every single one of those a hundred and fifty young people saw me as a role model.
    Why wouldn’t they? There were no other roles models in the world back then, except maybe Richard Simmons and the latest celebrity dying of AIDS. So when these kids looked ahead at their futures as adults, either way they saw something pretty scary.
    But when they looked at me, a reasonably happy guy in a happy long-term relationship, they could finally see themselves, and their own futures.
    At first it made me uncomfortable, the idea of little old me as a role model. But then I realized how vitally important it was to these kids, and I remembered how I wished there’d been some kind of role model in my life as a teenager.
    Meanwhile, being one of the leaders of this youth group, I was often called upon to be an emissary to the straight world on the whole issue of GLBTQ youth rights. This was harder, because a lot of those straight people were pretty hostile. But I cared a lot about the issue, so I was willing to do what I had to do.
    Those are really the only requirements for being a gay role model: be a visible, reasonably responsible figure in the lives of young GLBTQ kids, and in the face of disapproving heterosexual adults.
    So with that in mind, I have some advice for both George Michael and Lance Bass.
    George, sorry, you don’t have what it takes to be a role model. Sure, your private life is your own, and the paparazzi are worthless scum.
    But you’re rich and famous, with every possible luxury and advantage. Is it really asking too much that you keep your pants on when you’re out in public?
    That said, what really disqualifies you from being a role model isn’t so much your promiscuity as your defense of it, equating promiscuity with gay “culture.” Not only can I not imagine anything further from the truth, it just confirms one of the worst stereotypes about us. And, let’s face it, talk like that is just disastrous P.R. for our movement — sort of like if Rosa Park had been caught smoking crack.
    And Lance? I’m tired of gay celebrities who say they don’t want to be the “gay poster child.” Who’s asking you to be?
    Being a role model doesn’t mean being perfect. It simply means being aware of the incredible power and potential of your celebrity.
    You’re rich and famous, Lance. Would it kill you to do a benefit or two for GLSEN? Would it destroy you to acknowledge your young GLBTQ fans by–gasp!–marching in a gay pride parade? By coming out in such a graceful and dignified way (and not by, say, being caught jerking off in front of an undercover cop in a public restroom) you’re already a role model of sorts whether you admit it or not. That’s really all being a role means anyway.
    Well, that and keeping your pants on when you’re out in public.”

  12. Will says

    Couldn’t we just give lance a bit of slack and Reichen too as a matter of fact. Reich was out. Lance came out. Instead of bashing them we should be supporting them and not negatively exploiting them. I love Towleroad and all but a story about this using Page Six as a source and all. Thats kinda below what I expect here. lance came out, abiet with a little nudge btu c’mon lets give the kid some respect.


  13. says

    Reichen, an activist. Damn man, he should try comedy. That’s funny stuff.

    I think it’s absurd to speculate on celebrity couples and their “relationships.” However, I DO think Lance could do better than this vapid bag of rocks.

  14. Mike says

    I did find it quite strange that the first thing I saw in the media concerning the Lance Bass coming out news was REICHEN on ET talking about it.

    I wouldn’t put it past Reichen to use Lance’s coming out as a publicity opportunity. I just wish the douchebag would go away already. Lance can do SO much better (I’m single! Call me!)

  15. Anon says

    You know, I haven’t found this People magazine anywhere yet. Didn’t it come out already? It’s like they still have last week’s on the shelf.

  16. jack says

    Don’t believe anything Page Six says. It’s from Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper The New York Post, which is a notoriously homophobic publication. Specifically, anything to do with out-and-proud gay men is surrounded with negative spin. Interestingly, The New York Post doesn’t apply the same standards to gay and bisexual women, often using words like “ravishing” to describe bisexual women. It’s selective homophobia, not just homophobia.

  17. Reggie says

    I am a little sad to see so many Towleroaders trashing Reichen. I don’t know the man, but would hope that someone would say, all this venom and animosity is at best unseemly and just not called for. We decry hate mongers when they call us names for being gay. Then we turn around and tear each other apart. C’mon Guys, how about some class. If you accuse Reichen of being crass, and opportunistic, in short without class, how about we show some class ourselves, and just wish both Lance, and Reichen the best? … one voice in the darkness.

  18. Cory says

    Hey Jack, I find it so sad that some gay men know News Corp. owns Myspace and continue using it, knowing that advertising dollars from usage goes directly into Rupert Murdoch’s pockets funding causes such as the “Defense of Marriage Act”. It angers me to no end. I cancelled my profile the moment I found out…

  19. J.P. says

    Thanks for the positive thinking, Reggie, but the difference is that the hate mongers are wrong about us. Despite his identifying three lovers in the last three years–not counting the woman he toyed with between Chip (#1) and Charley (#2), (the Louis referenced above was #3), and countless tricks–there’s always a chance Reichen could turn over a new leaf. But given those numbers, it’s more likely that it will be a fig leaf and Lance’s family jewels won’t be the ones underneath it. There’s an old song that goes “When I’m not near the one I love, I love the one I’m near.” It appears Reichen sings it to the tune of “The Wedding March.”

  20. says

    He has a history, ever since TAR. Rumors abounded that contrary to editing, the nice one was Chip and that the diva was Reichen. I was sad when they broke up but I realized soon after that Chip was better off. It’s funny that while Reichen was (and still is) mediawhoring, Chip is reportedly using whatever is left of his 15 minutes to push for gay issues (in Florida) and the education of lyme disease (which he was diagnosed with before/after winning TAR, I think)

  21. says

    yo lance my dude glad you finally fucking admitted it – still i know you aint want to but trust it will be for the best – that dude forced you and now it leaking out that me and my brother was involved too – i was hiding it before cause you wanted us to but since everybody finding out now im not

    my people you can read about the real shit that started all of this – peep the link





    CBT (Cock Brothers Team)

  22. Jezzie says

    “unless he is a lesbian”
    reaaaally funny.


    seriously, I second what Leland said.

    The lezzies aren’t being rep’d well either. F**king L-Word and this, it is not my idea of gay representaion. Its just people, being people, badly. Hundreds of thousands of gay individuals, on whatever level they are on, are out there living quiet lives, and these yahoos are on TV proclaiming to be gay icons. Shut. up.
    Shut. up!
    You are not helping, ‘k?

    Well, neither is the mullet, but I take no reponsibility for what a sistah gets up to with her do.
    Luv ya, Boys!

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