1. joeyjoey73 says

    Is it me or does this just seem like one big cluster-f*ck publicity stunt for the Discovery Channel?

    So sad about Lance’s fall from the public graces. I held him in such high regard after reading his book about his fight against cancer. It was an extremely inspirational story that showed what determination and believing in oneself can accomplish. However, the divorce, the Sheryl Crow relationship, and the constant referencing of his name in doping scandals hasn’t done him any favors.

    I still think his story of survival and perseverence needs to be lauded.

  2. bubba says

    Look, as long as my little Jakey is happy, I don’t care who’s bike he’s riding. Lance may not be my first choice, but I won’t judge them and for Jake’s sake, I will find room in my heart for Lance.

  3. Tagg says

    Interesting discovery, this herd of gay Lance Armstrong haters, and I wonder what it is based on other than his getting more attention than most of us do. I saw the interview with Sheryl Crow in which she stated flatly that her cancer was discovered AFTER they separated, and she clearly still thinks he’s a very good guy. Drugs? He’s repeatedly, and recently, been proven “clean.” Perhaps he’s on record for being genuinely homophobic, and I’m simply unaware of it. After all, it can arise even in the most surprising places, e.g., Bette Midler’s retarded remarks about gay marriage. Given that she owes her entire career to gays, is there any nongay person on the planet who more deserves being bitch slapped into the balcony with her own mermaid costume than she? While Lance’s ESPY Awards “like it in the rear” “joke” about Jake was uncalled for, in the absence of evidence of anything else remotely homophobic, I think it exhibits more “ignorance” than anything else, just as many of Jake’s own remarks have. Finally, given that he’s had the courage to admit to being an athiest in these theocratic times (“If there was a god I’d still have two nuts.”), I’d say actual homo hatred (again versus homo “ignorance”) is rather unlikely, given that religion is the source of 99% of our problems.

  4. JD says

    Jake seems relaxed and it looks like he doesn’t have anything to hide when he is with Lance. This is probably a platonic friendship. A man like Lance would never publicly display his lover (a man) if he’s ever had one!

  5. Jerome Shipanik says

    I found the Lance quote at the ESPY award show just locker talk between jocks….it was not the place to make the joke, but Jake is also a funny joker. I am sure there would be no such joke about Heath Ledger, or he would punch Armstong’s silly face….but all I can say, Jake is still number one and I hope all this with Lance is for an up coming movie…..Jake on a horse or bike is still nice on the eyes…

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