Jake’s Back: More of the BFF Overload


Yes, I know some of you are suffering from ‘Jake fatigue’ and the deluge of so much celebrity man flesh together at one time, so this will be my last Gyllenhaal-related post…of the week.

Hadn’t yet seen this photo of Jake stripping out of his (gulp) spandex bodysuit, so I thought I’d share. Also, PEN15 Club has a theory about why Lance Armstrong has been spending so much time with the hotties lately. One idea they didn’t float — Lance is used to getting much more attention this time of year. Perhaps he’s suffering from attention withdrawal.


  1. Elliott says

    oh lord I hope Jake, Lance, and Matthew all buy a nice house in northwest Austin and live there so I can visit them and, yknow, see how things proceed from there

  2. Matt says

    The only time I’ve found Jake attractive is when he’s wearing the cowboy hat in Brokeback, when he’s not, eh…the photo here is pretty hot though.

  3. Regina Taylor says

    Jake Gyll’s penchant for wearing spandex is getting way too creepy for a guy who thinks for himself as straight(yeah right,and Mariah carey’s thin!).He’s already prowling for a new beard in Natalie Portman.People say that Jake’s fascinated by Natalie but are’nt gay men fascinated by bright women like NP.Now,he’s hanging out with Lance Armstrong and Mathew Mcconaughey.I could imagine what these three would do in a room:just thinking about it makes me horny.

  4. david says

    again, this is just enforcing the stereotype that gay man can’t handle the thought of any man they think is hot being straight. why not do some real reporting on the extremely closeted Lance Bass (really, you couldn’t confirm or deny he was dating Reichen?) dating someone who fancies themselves a role model for the gay community. far more interesting than your embarassing, non stop salivating over jake gyllenhall.

  5. Wrong says

    Regina Taylor, your post is exactly the problem. Just because Jake is hanging with Lance and Matthew, wearing biking gear, which is spandex, etc. you make a judgement about his sexuality? Calling Natalie Portman a beard? Whatever his sexuality, he isn’t going to sleep with you so you don’t have to make an immature joke about it.

  6. kokodee says

    Guys I believe you are missing the point.
    Lets just enjoy the sight of this beautiful creature whether we be girls, gay or straight.
    I’m sure he’s appreciative of just how diverse his fans are, I know I would

  7. JT says

    David: You have SO exaggerated Andy’s reporting on Mr. Gyllenhaal! I know, for a fact, that I can count on one hand the number of days when he hasn’t had a posting on Mr. G. “Non-stop” indeed! Sheesh!

  8. says

    There are 2 Davids, folks. Actually, there are probably many more than that, but for the purposes of this particular page, one is me (not-anti-Jake) and one who is not me (Who I won’t speak for because it’s none of my business). Thanks for your time.

  9. Tim says

    I am not tired of reading about Jake. I wouldn’t have known this website if I hadn’t searched for JG in Googles. He is still my favorite and current Superman cannot replace him!

  10. Jerome Shipanik says

    Jake, is number one and there is never enough of the pictures and stories…I can only look forward to Zodiac and that is too long a wait, as they say January for this film….so keep the pictures and stories of Jake coming, never enough of Jake……

  11. Jack says


    Lance and Matt are both from Texas. Have you given any thought to the possibility they got to know each other in Texas after both became celebrities. (I have no idea how they hooked up with Jake.)

  12. Georgi Wright says

    We all need to take a ride on a bike or go to the gym and exercise and chill. I’m reading How Not to Look Fat by Danica Lo and she suggests carrying a whip makes a person look thinner. Your pictures of JG are awesome. Thank you.

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