Meet the New Boy George

Sam_1Not that Culture Club is even interesting or relevant to the music scene anymore, but this is Sam, the lead singer brought in to replace Boy George, who last we heard was being referred to the New York City Sanitation Department.

“Last night [Sam] was given a showcase gig in London to demonstrate his talents, sing a few old Culture Club songs – and, judging by the pictures, show off his torso (not to mention his taste in leather accessories).”

Click to enlarge.

I’ve got a feeling that somewhere, in his orange jumpsuit, Boy George is laughing his ass off and clapping gleefully…


  1. Jonathon says

    I’m waiting to actually hear the new singer before I pan the resurrected Culture Club. For me, CC was always about Boy George. He wrote the songs, he sang the songs, he was the face of Culture Club.

    BTW, to anyone wanting to know more about the relationship between Boy George and Jon Moss I heartily recommend George’s autobiography, ‘Take It Like A Man’. It was published right around the time that his ‘Cheapness and Beauty’ solo album was released. An excellent read for the diehard Boy George fan!

  2. stevo says

    It’s a well known rule of fashion that leprechauns should never wear leather harnesses.

  3. Brian says

    OMG girl I thought it was Uma Thurman too… I was thinking, “What the hell is Uma Thurman doing in that getup, and when did she get abs?”

  4. JOE 2 says

    This hand-me-down faded carbon copy of a cultural statement that was relevant a quarter of a century ago makes about as much sense as George Bush’s entire existence. (The HAT? Jesus. Clue phone for Culture Club!)

  5. Aimee says

    What’s the problem? He’s no more ridiculous than George. He seems like a good replacement to me.
    Why would anyone want to know about the relationsip between George and Jon Moss. That’s their personal business. Don’t you have any relationships of your own to worry about.