News: Seann William Scott, Gay Panic, Eureka Springs

road.jpg Crying foul on ‘gay panic’: “Lawmakers in California and New York are considering bills to deter the common courtroom strategy of making a victim’s sexual orientation central to a criminal defense. Both measures would require judges to remind jurors that bias toward the victim cannot influence their deliberations.”

Christ_1road.jpg Eureka Springs, Arkansas: The Bible Belt’s gay tourist mecca watched over by Christ.

road.jpg 18-year-old Jesse Newton gets 30-year prison sentence for killing 48-year-old Harold Bridges after meeting him online in a gay chatroom. Newton: “I’d like to apologize to the Bridges family. I’m sorry. I did not ever mean to kill nobody in my life.”

road.jpg Tennessee Bureau of Investigation called in to investigate cross-burning in front of gay man’s home: “A cross six to eight feet tall was burned in the front yard of the home Brandon Waters shares with his mother in the Ten Mile community.”

road.jpg Death by espresso: Don’t drink more than 112 cups in one sitting.

Scottroad.jpg Stiff for Stiffler?: “Seann William Scott turned heads when he showed up at Los Angeles gay bar Heat on the arm of David Geffen.”

road.jpg Stephen Dorff’s “big swingin’ dick” confirmed by NYT critic Stephen Holden. Of course, we’ve already seen everything but

road.jpg Rapper Bow Wow may play gay in new film: “There has been some buzz about a film in pre-production that stars Bow Wow as a big-time New York drug dealer is bisexual. Supposedly it’s a John Singleton project and the movie is tentatively entitled Boys. Reportedly, the script is (somewhat) homoerotic and involves a gay love scene.” (via queerty)

road.jpg Athletic dilution: As Gay Games in Chicago wind down, Out Games in Montreal wind up

road.jpg Remember that bouncing ball commercial for the Sony Bravia TV? Well, there’s another one in the works and it looks like this time they’re going to cover an apartment building in colored paint…


  1. Michael says

    OK. This Eureka Springs business. I get confused over these kinds of things frankly. Clearly, the gay tourists aren’t wanted or welcomed by the town – so why do we continue to go spend our money there? It seems we should just go if that’s the way they feel and spend our money elsewhere. On the other hand, I have a defiant streak that says “Screw ’em”; not to let anyone dictate where I can and cannot go.

    On the other hand (yes, that’s three hands) this place is in Arkansas, right? I mean, really.

  2. JL says

    I’ve been to Eureka Springs several times and have never felt unwelcomed–quite the opposite, actually. There are several gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses, and if I’m in one that isn’t, I’ve never felt uncomfortable at all. It’s an unusual little place, and well worth the visit.

  3. Scott A says

    I think it’s bullshit for Lil Bow Wow to play a gay role just to get street credit, or whatever it is these days, then again, I’m a hypocrit cause I do find it okay that the Brokeback Boys did it and that Hilary Swank continues to do it regularly. Seann Williams Scott is hot, heh. David Geffen though…hmmm…gay for pay? Is it even true though, didn’t the blog reference indicate that the couple were seen at a bar called “Heat” which doesn’t even exist in the location cited??

  4. mikey d says

    I agree with Scott A. If the rumor is even remotely true it’s because he is being well compensated for his I’ve seen him in Soho last fall and he had the usual model chick around his arm. I guess that doesn’t prove anything :/

  5. Zeke says

    I’ve never quite bought the effectiveness of judge ordered directives to juries like, “Ignore that last statement” and “you must determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt”. Judges give these directives to people who aren’t even smart enough to get out of jury duty (and yes, I know that some intelligent people serve on juries due to a sense of civic duty, I was once one of them). Do you really expect a jurist to erase an inflammatory statement from his memory, and not consider it in forming his verdict, just because the judge ordered him to? That would be like a judge ordering jurors NOT to think about carrots.

    I once served on a jury here in Tampa, back when I actually felt a sense of civic duty. It was a nightmare and made me seriously doubt the fairness and effectiveness of our legal system. The jurors that I served with went through the same selection process that I did. They answered questions about their personal opinions and their ability to be objective in considering evidence. I was stunned at what I heard after the FIRST recess of the trial. Jurors, having only heard the opening statements of the prosecution were already talking about how the guy was guilty as sin and deserved to be put UNDER the jail. They didn’t seem to be even slightly concerned that they were in complete violation of their sworn duty. I would constantly have to remind fellow jurors to stop bringing up statements in deliberations that we ordered by the judge NOT to consider. Some of the other jurists would get really irate with me for doing this. I swear I felt like Edith Bunker when she had jury duty. I was called a bleeding heart liberal because I dared to adhere to the rules that I had sworn before God and the court to follow. My case ended in a mistrial due to these violations and I was heckled by people for abusing the system and wasting the court’s time. I even got a sense that the judge was unhappy with the fact that I had followed the directives that HE swore me to. I can only wonder what might have happened had I not been there to raise the lone voice of dissent. I especially wonder how this affects justice in places like Texas and my home state of Mississippi.

    I feel guilty that I now avoid serving on juries like the plague, but the experience was hell and I’m just not up for any more of that kind of abuse in the name of civic duty. It seems to me that judges hold a lot of responsibility for setting the mood, tone and judicial propriety of his/her courtroom. That should include being unhappy with and reprimanding jurors who don’t follow his rules instead of being unhappy with and reprimanding those who do.

    I have no doubt that a judge ordered directive to a jury to not consider bias against the victim in their deliberations will be about as effective as telling the jurors not to think about carrots.

  6. Zeke says

    Wow, a man in Hollywood was seen with a beautiful woman on his arm. That’s a sure fire sign that he’s 100% straight. I can’t think of a single time in history that that wasn’t the case.

    Why all this speculation? Why is the only possibility when a young, attractive, masculine man is seen with an older wealthy gay man…”He’s is gay for pay”? I expect this kind of response from straight people that want to believe that all good looking, masculine men are straight (especially the famous ones), but I’m always amazed when I hear it from fellow queers. It just seems a bit homophobic.

    What about the possibility that: the younger guy is straight and they are just friends?; the younger guy is gay/bi and they are just friends?; the young guy is gay/bi and a gold digger?; the young guy is gay and really loves the older guy?

    There are many possibilities besides gay for pay.

    I personally don’t care why they were together, assuming the story is even true. But if I was to care about it, I don’t think my first assumption would be the most negative.

  7. patrick nyc says

    People have had it out for Geffen for a long time. I wonder who is pissed off at Scott. He seems to be very laid back, doesn’t party, is an avid runner. My friends in Hollywood say that you’d be shocked to hear how many married people are queer, so I take everything I hear from the press with a grain of salt.

  8. Derrick from PHilly says

    Zeke: Thanks for sharing your jury duty experience with us. I knew that juries are sometimes biased, some not trust worthy, and some prejudicial(often racially), but I never read a first-hand account before. Sometimes we have to be reminded of how “stuff” really goes down.

  9. dnash says

    I’m gonna call BS on the Seann William Scott story also, because he’s not even in LA right now, he’s in Chicago filming a movie.

    Which doesn’t mean I won’t be keeping my eye out for him at Sidetrack tonight…

  10. Zeke says


    I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that the race of the defendant in the case I described was a factor in the juror’s reactions. The more I spoke with them the more evident it became that they had strong racial biases. Being from Mississippi I know a racist when I hear one; even when they think they are hiding it. It’s like when someone tells you that they don’t have anything against “homosexuals” but they keep using terms like “homosexual lifestyle”, “special rights”, “family values” and “some of my BEST friends…”. You can smell a phobe from a mile away.

  11. Marcolo says

    I saw Sean W. Scott at a restuarant here in Chicago on the final day of the World Cup. He was having dinner with an attractive woman. I don’t know if they were a couple, but it seemed like it. He’s very hot in person.

  12. Tom says

    Regarding the LA bar, my first thought was that they’d mistakenly identitied Here–a bar that DOES exist–by the name Heat. Are we sure some other club doesn’t have a night called Heat?

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