News: Seann William Scott, Gay Panic, Eureka Springs

road.jpg Crying foul on ‘gay panic’: “Lawmakers in California and New York are considering bills to deter the common courtroom strategy of making a victim’s sexual orientation central to a criminal defense. Both measures would require judges to remind jurors that bias toward the victim cannot influence their deliberations.”

Christ_1road.jpg Eureka Springs, Arkansas: The Bible Belt’s gay tourist mecca watched over by Christ.

road.jpg 18-year-old Jesse Newton gets 30-year prison sentence for killing 48-year-old Harold Bridges after meeting him online in a gay chatroom. Newton: “I’d like to apologize to the Bridges family. I’m sorry. I did not ever mean to kill nobody in my life.”

road.jpg Tennessee Bureau of Investigation called in to investigate cross-burning in front of gay man’s home: “A cross six to eight feet tall was burned in the front yard of the home Brandon Waters shares with his mother in the Ten Mile community.”

road.jpg Death by espresso: Don’t drink more than 112 cups in one sitting.

Scottroad.jpg Stiff for Stiffler?: “Seann William Scott turned heads when he showed up at Los Angeles gay bar Heat on the arm of David Geffen.”

road.jpg Stephen Dorff’s “big swingin’ dick” confirmed by NYT critic Stephen Holden. Of course, we’ve already seen everything but

road.jpg Rapper Bow Wow may play gay in new film: “There has been some buzz about a film in pre-production that stars Bow Wow as a big-time New York drug dealer is bisexual. Supposedly it’s a John Singleton project and the movie is tentatively entitled Boys. Reportedly, the script is (somewhat) homoerotic and involves a gay love scene.” (via queerty)

road.jpg Athletic dilution: As Gay Games in Chicago wind down, Out Games in Montreal wind up

road.jpg Remember that bouncing ball commercial for the Sony Bravia TV? Well, there’s another one in the works and it looks like this time they’re going to cover an apartment building in colored paint…