Oklahoma Elects its First Openly Gay Legislator

McaffreyJust a week after Alabama elected its first openly gay official, Oklahoma has followed suit, electing Democrat Al McAffrey to the House District 88 seat in Oklahoma City.

McAffrey received 51% of the vote to win a three-candidate primary race. No Republican candidate is challenging.

Said McAffrey: “I ran as a Democratic candidate in District 88, and I happen to be gay. Health care, senior care, education, those are the things that really matter to the people. The people in Oklahoma want the government out of their social lives, and let’s take care of things that matter to Oklahomans. Yes, we’re a conservative state and we have conservative issues, but as a father and a grandfather, I have some conservative issues as well. I’ve talked to several Democratic members, and I believe I can have a working relationship with every one of them. I believe they are very open about working with me.”

He may have meant to say Republican in that last sentence (or was misquoted) but in any case, good news from the heartland. Congratulations.

OKC District Elects State’s First Gay Legislator [tulsa world]


  1. Eddie says

    Thanks so much, Andy, for the post on McAffrey’s win. Especially following Inhofe’s embarrassing recent blathering. Contrary to what many outsiders read and hear, many good things are happening here in OKC. Another Democrat candidate very supportive of gay issues and rights also won handily against two other very good candidates for a state Senate seat, and Dems were out in strong numbers yesterday.

    My nice same sex, mixed race family with two adopted five year old boys is doing quite well here in a Bible Belt state. In spite of bad news this morning from Washington, and certainly more that will follow, there’s much to be happy about. Hope, honesty and focus will carry us through!

    Keep up the great work, Andy.

  2. Brian says

    Holy crap… I’m shocked. When I left Oklahoma in 1992 I never thought I’d live to see the day when something like this would happen. Good for them.

  3. Hugh says

    Thanks for posting about my friend and neighbor Al McAffrey. Whether he’s gay, bi or straight he’s well suited to work and reprensent our local politics. Keep an eye on him Andy, he’ll be doing great things for our area that will show others outside of OK what a great place this is. Thank you,

  4. Scott J says

    I too, am an Oklahoma ex-pat. I moved away in 1987 partly because of the fundamentalism, racism, and gay-bashing that went on in Okc. Thank God things are turning around!

  5. Zeke says

    So in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a lesbian elected to the Alabama legislature, a lesbian elected to the legislature in Kansas, a gay man elected to the legislature in Oklahoma and a gay man running a very competitive race for school board member in Idaho. What is RED state America coming to?

    CONGRATS AL! You’re an inspiration. As a gay veteran and a proud member of the Great Choctow Nation myself, you are a hero to me on so many levels.

  6. Kelly says

    I know Al McAffrey and he’s a good man and will be a good representative for us in Oklahoma. I’m very proud.