Oklahoma Elects its First Openly Gay Legislator

McaffreyJust a week after Alabama elected its first openly gay official, Oklahoma has followed suit, electing Democrat Al McAffrey to the House District 88 seat in Oklahoma City.

McAffrey received 51% of the vote to win a three-candidate primary race. No Republican candidate is challenging.

Said McAffrey: “I ran as a Democratic candidate in District 88, and I happen to be gay. Health care, senior care, education, those are the things that really matter to the people. The people in Oklahoma want the government out of their social lives, and let’s take care of things that matter to Oklahomans. Yes, we’re a conservative state and we have conservative issues, but as a father and a grandfather, I have some conservative issues as well. I’ve talked to several Democratic members, and I believe I can have a working relationship with every one of them. I believe they are very open about working with me.”

He may have meant to say Republican in that last sentence (or was misquoted) but in any case, good news from the heartland. Congratulations.

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