The News: Michael Phelps, Al Reynolds, Amazing Race…

road.jpg Chicago man charged with misdemeanor battery and a felony hate crime after punching man following an admission that he was gay.

Phelps_1road.jpg Swimmer Michael Phelps snatches world No. 1 ranking from Ian Thorpe.

road.jpg REPORT: Al Reynolds, Jr. has visited a “high-profile” divorce lawyer.

road.jpg Amazing Race 10 teams announced, including gay couple Tom and Terry from NYC: “This feisty, fun-loving couple has been together for over two years. Their playful nitpicking is constant, but it always ends in shared laughter. This energetic couple is hoping the Race will prove to them they have what it takes to stay together.” (via reality blurred)

road.jpg Pink News takes a look at Palestinian refugee rentboys in Lebanon: “Tarek comes to the Corniche once or twice a week, where he sits alone most of the night. He lives with his parents, and says they don’t know. ‘I don’t come with my friends any more; I don’t think they know. I don’t want them to know. If I see someone here I know, I move.’ His secrecy is helped by the fact that his parents don’t ask him where he goes at night, ‘They see I have money and they don’t have to give it to me.'”