Rodrigo Santoro: Brazil’s “Tom Cruise” Joins Lost


As if the next season of Lost alone wasn't enough to look forward to, word now comes that Brazilian superstar Rodrigo Santoro will join the cast. Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway better watch their backs...

Writer Damon Lindelof tells TV Guide not to necessarily expect to see him as the show's 'new hunk' however:

"On [Lost], what you see is never what you get. We also think he is an incredibly talented actor. He's a guy who's perfect for Lost because he's a face that the American audience is not familiar with, but he's been in the business long enough, you know, [that he's also] an awesome actor that makes some really interesting choices. And he's certainly not interested in being the hunk on the show, nor are we interested in writing that for him. Although I think when people start to see him and surmise what role he's going to play on the show, that's the place they're going to go to. 'More eye candy for Lost!'"

However, it doesn't appear he's made it to the States quite yet. And as far as the Tom Cruise comparisons go, let's hope that's Tom Cruise without the crazy.

And a little more of that eye candy follows, after the jump...


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