1. jimmyboyo says

    I guess the writers and producers have finaly realized that Lost is starting to SUCK

    You only bring in new talent like babies, kids, hotties, and or animals to an already existing cast to try to boost the ratings

    he is a hotty, but just a sure sign that lost is on the way OUT

  2. theo says

    He’s an “awesome actor who makes really interesting choices?” Like playing “surferboy/manbitch to Demi Moore” in Charlie’s Angels 2? The way he delivered his dialogue was INTENSE. Oh, wait… he didn’t have any dialogue. Plus, his face is stuck giving us the angry sneer. Not hot.

  3. pbnyc59 says

    He was great in both Love Actually and the Chanel ads with Nicole Kidman. He’s a hottie, and he looks nothing like that dick head Cruise. He looks like a man, not a self hating closet case.

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