1. bendskier says

    there is something huge lurking under that towel, and it needs some attention it looks like

  2. Jim (The Canuck One) says

    Shame on Cosmo – making that poor homeless wino pose naked for a bottle of Ripple and some stale danish. For SHAME!

  3. scott says

    Nice. Why all the hate? Personally, I have no idea what he’s done as an actor, but as someone standing there nude…hot.

  4. Scott A says

    What is up with all the lewd comments? Sometimes I read the most depraved and unsexy things in this section. I mean it really doesn’t get me hot to hear someone’s ab indentions be referred to as “cum gutters”. I mean while your at it, why not call the otherside a “brownie bakery”, is that hot too? Maybe it’s a cleanliness issue more so… Have some style, leave something to the imagination.

  5. puppy says

    Hot guy who starred in shitty movies. Last good film was Blade and that was like 10 years ago. He looks like a gay hobo.