A Not So Intimate Beckham Encounter


No white Speedos here. A pair of Posh and Becks lookalikes were inflicted upon London yesterday as the celebrity couple’s new his-n-hers fragrances — Intimately Beckham — went on sale.

Of course, sending out a shabby twin with too much meat on her bones was the ultimate Brand Beckham marketing ploy: poor and chubby dopplegangers make the real deal look so much more desirable.

Pb1_1 Pb2_1

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  1. says

    HE looks a lot like Becks…but she, well, not even close…the hair is off, the clothes are off…everything, especially her weight is off….

  2. J.P. says

    Snap out of it! The original cheesy, Brit Trailer Trashers are bad enough. Spare us the Velveeta look-not-alikes. Seriously. Please.