1. Rad says

    What IS that tattoo on his bicep? Is that a (rather large) limp penis?

    He’s going for that “Street Trash” look, and succeeding. What a shame that is what money wants to aspire to. What’s next, diamond implants on the teeth?

  2. says

    Oh, please. These queens that badmouth Beckham would be the first to stand in line to have his babies if he offered. Unless, of course, they were chickenhawks and he was just plain too old for them…

    I, on the otherhand, would give my right nut just to have dinner with the guy sometime.

    Yes. He *is* that fine!

  3. brad says

    so wrong, lubridan. he turns my stomach, and i’m not exactly sure why except to say it probably has something to do with the combination of his desparation for attention and his terrifying skeletor wife. their posing and plastified 2006 concept of what’s beautiful is as off-putting as it is laughable. there are many other real men in this world that it’s pretty clear this clown is about as sexy as zoolander.

  4. Rey says

    I agree, Brad.

    While I can appreciate the zeroish bodyfat thing and the fact that he seems to follow his own style, he does nothing for me. Bodies look weird to me when they’re bald.

  5. Michael says

    While I can’t say that I would have Becks’ babies, I would definitely keep him barefoot and pregnant. I don’t get the vitriolic response to him. He is a hottie soccer player with a milk mustache. How about taking that energy and focusing it on something important like advocating for marriage rights or safer schools for gay kids?

  6. John T says

    He definitely looks better with his shirt on, whether it’s his uniform or something high fashion from Roberto Cavalli or whoever. I like how the tattoos make him look kind of trashy, though.

  7. brad says

    hugh jackman is about as close to male perfection as it gets – self-effacing, ripped, and gay friendly. if he were gay, that’d be perfect. gerard butler, too.

    tom cruise, “becks”, and even mateo & co are crazies, sissies, or oafs.

  8. psmike says

    LOL…c’mon has been pointed out to me..this is a site for AT to work out his obsessions. He does the work, we comment on the trivial. I do love the irony of the never ending ogling of Becks, Mateo, Jakey, the boys of DNA, and of course, str8 boy du jour, balanced by the drumbeating for gay marriage. Andy is the 50’s era Hugh Hefner for the 00’s gays….nudie-lite pix and some decent journalism all wrapped up with a pretty bow. (They always praised ‘women’s lib’ as a means to show more tits.) Playboy was a pretty good magazine and Towleroad is a pretty good site. No point in treating it as anything else.

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