Free New Mexican Selling Prints of Gay Basher

Segura_1Just in case you were looking for a companion piece for those Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson portraits you’ve got on the wall…

I’m sure that the Free New Mexican intended sales of prints from photos on their website to focus on less sensitive subjects, but you would think an editor would give it a once-over.

Here’s an update to the New Mexico gay bashing case I posted about two weeks ago.

The alleged “probable cause” for the gay bashing, according to documents filed in court, was that the victim “might have been assaulted because a man at the party believed the gay man had touched his butt.”

Of course. It’s the victim’s fault that he was beaten senseless.

“The juvenile male arrested in the case said he, York and Segura tied the gay man’s hands, placed a torn black T-shirt over his head, walked him into a deserted field, pushed him onto a downed fence and beat him, the statement says. The juvenile, the statement says, said he egged on York by calling the gay man joto, a derogatory Spanish word meaning gay.”

The victim in the case suffered a concussion, facial bruising and lacerations, and bleeding on the brain after a torture that lasted until the sun came up. One of the attackers, 21-year-old William York, has said that they wanted to “scare..him straight” and “get him to stop acting the way he was.”

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Posted August 16, 2006 at 10:03am ETC by Andy Towle
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