Gay Parents, LGBT Master’s Program, Lance and Reichen, and AIDS and Black America


road.jpg Newsweek talks gay parenting. Says Newsweek of children of gay parents: "If these kids have a message for the rest of the world, it seems to be this: get over it."

road.jpg First-ever LGBT masters program debuts at L.A. university.

road.jpg Reviewer: Christina’s new two-disc album is good, but could have been great.

road.jpg Lance and Reichen insist that they are very, very, VERY happy, and not on the rocks, thank you very much.

road.jpg Washington Post says Black America must confront AIDS: "The face of AIDS in the United States is primarily black. The majority of new HIV infections here are black, the majority of people who die from AIDS here are black and the people most at risk of contracting this virus in the United States are black. AIDS is now in our house. It’s now our problem, and we must come up with solutions."


  1. Wayne says

    Um, the article about kids of Gay parents seems to be from October of last year. Did I suddenly fall backwards through time? Please tell me it’s not October of 2005!

  2. MT says

    Someone was telling me this morning about how Al Sharpton ( I know) has come out and said that AIDS is a ‘civil rights issue’ since it is such a problem in the black community. Maybe he should consider that it is in fact a homophobia issue within the community itself. If anyone if oppressing the civil rights of gay black people it is other black people who put such a hateful stigma on being gay. This is a case where they have done it to themselves and it won’t be fixed until they wake up and confront their own bigoted attitudes.

  3. Rad says

    Newsweek…as reported by MSNBC… I guess they finally got around to reading print as opposed to taking the hype right from the Internet.

    Of course, now Newsweek will be touted as the next Liberal Leftwing Tabloid journal only suitable for all the crack heads who read it.

  4. James says


    Alas homophobia is not monopolized by one group. If blacks need to “wake up and confront their own bigoted attitudes” then so do whites, Asians, and Latinos. Homophobia is as American as apple pie.


  5. Ron says

    MT, while I agree that homophobia is greatly responsible for how many in the black community have responded to HIV/AIDS in the community, there was one part of your comment that, well, rankled me. Black people are NOT the only ones oppressing the civil rights of gay black people. There’s plenty of blame for that oppression to go around regardless of race. Black people are NOT the only ones who put a horrible stigma on being HIV postitive or having AIDS. There are plenty of people out there regardless of color, sex, etc. who have done that. So you say, “…this is a case where “they” did it to themseles and only “they” can solve the problem”? Hmmmm, this sounds awfully like what a lot of ultra-conservative religious types said about gay people in general when HIV first reared its ugly head. You might want to check yourself. The house is on fire! We can no longer afford to blame who set set the fire or who’s getting burned!

  6. Tropico says

    It is too bad that Xtina spent more time singing about making an old soul record than actually making one. Her love songs deliver but the self-serving odes to her independence etc. are trite and irritating.
    Luckily in the age of iTunes you can rearrange the songs and cut out the ones that don’t work which leaves you with ONE pretty good album.

  7. MT says

    Ron, I didn’t mean to belittle the civil rights struggle that has been going on for the past 50-odd years. I was only speaking in the context that Al Sharpton has decided to put this conversation in. Hearing how he has stated that this is a civil rights issue in my opinion belittles the entire civil rights issue. Historical discrimination against black people comes from an obvious outside source. When people like Sharpton liken the AIDS crisis on the black community to the civil rights struggle it makes it seem as though he is blaming outside forces for an issue that has internal origins. I was trying to point out that he is using inflammatory rhetoric to deflect blame (which, let’s face it, he is famous for in any issue he pokes his nose into) rather than acknowledging the true source of the problem and legitimately confronting it. I wasn’t trying to be racist and I’m sorry it came across that way.

  8. MT says

    BTW. I wasn’t saying that “they” did it to themselves. I’m saying everyone has to take responsibility for themselves personally and not blame other people for their actions whether they are black or white or purple. If “they” – meaning any group – can’t even admit there is a problem (i.e. the whole DL nonsense) then “they” will never solve it.

  9. Marco says

    I think the kids of gay parents message boilied down to “get over it” is simple and beautiful.

    Bill Maher has a great quote about gay marriage in the new Rolling Stone (USA) with Christina Aquer-whatever on the cover. Something to the effect that it’s submental and all based on religon being the problem. If there were no religon, there’d be no problem with homosexuality as it’s natural and no one would care.

  10. Cory says

    I’m sorry, but in a time of major socio-political and environmental dilemma’s, I could not care less about Reichen and Lance, or Jessica Simpson or (insert under talented, over exposed, over paid celebrity here). It’s played out…

    Another note, after reading the comments on Josh and Josh’s work, I found it fitting that those who mistook Andy Towle’s recent postings as that of Josh and Josh because they found it trite or not “Towleroad material” were called out on it. Goes to show just how petty and ignorant people may be. Josh and Josh did an excellent job, and any time Andy needs a replacement to fill his shoes they will do nicely =). See, isn’t it nice in a time of negativity and mud-slinging to pay someone a compliment? Such a refreshing change…

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Al Sharpton has spent the last year or two chastising black clergy and black conservatives about their stupid homophobia. And there ought to be white liberal leaders taking on the religious fundamentalists and anti-gay conservatives in the white community. As far as Sharpton calling AIDS a “civil rights issue”, maybe he’s using that as a wake up call to black Americans to get involved and understand the toll the disease is taking on our community–stop seeing it as a disease that only effects gays.
    Also, the “DL” thing is simply a black version of being in the closet (remember Jim McGreevy?). It’s just become a sub culture, one of less importance now than it was a year ago.

    Sharpton has spent too much time in support of gay people’s civil rights to be criticized by gay people. Because of it he’s lost the support of many conservative black ministers and their congregations. I think this has more to do with his far leftist politics.

  12. Anon says

    There was no Biblical basis for racial discrimination, and yet that was very severe, so you can’t blame religion for everything. It’s really opportunism disguised as religion. (A fox in sheep’s clothing.)

  13. Tom K. says

    We hate people who are different from us because we’re territorial apes, but religion definitely kicks this into overdrive. Chimps wage war on their neighbors and attack on sight chimps from other groups if they catch them alone and vulnerable. The challenge for humans is to use our inellect to overcome this primitive, knee-jerk programming. Conscious minds working together to overcome our baser instincts can perhaps keep the human species from destroying itself.

  14. Giovanni says

    “There was no Biblical basis for racial discrimination”:

    “Cursed be Canaan; a slave of slaves shall he be to his brothers.” “Blessed by the LORD my God be Shem; and let Canaan be his slave”

  15. Gilli says

    Yeah, A WakeUp Call…

    The 16th annual HIV/AIDS conference is taking place here in Toronto. It’s a reminder to me that the Black Coalition Against AIDS here is constantly looking for more help.

    I mean, the syndrome is growing yet so, I too should be making more of a point of it on my own Black community blogspot. Gee, thanks conference…

    This will be a change from my usual ongoing argument against the term “black-on-black violence” versus just plain “violence”. Is this a good thing?


  16. Anon says

    Canaan et al:

    Ah, yes, but there are counterexamples, so the opportunism comes from the selective citing of various passages. I guess one could argue that the Bible is one incredibly sloppy work of philosophy that is bound to confuse and mislead, facilitate opportunism and nativism while still not being the source of such things. Assertions such as “religion is the source of today’s ills” is overreach. Better to say simply that agrarian religions are anachronistic for post-industrial societies. They need to be massively updated and transcribed to modern life to retain currency and value. Who though, is up that task?

  17. Tom says

    While taking the necessary steps to become an adoptive parent over the past 2 years, I’ve spent a lot of time with gay/lesbian parents and their children. And what has struck me as most remarkable is just how unremarkable it all is from the children’s point of view.
    While the far right insists that children are “entitled” to a mother and a father, the children of gay and lesbian parents (like ALL children) simply need to know that they are loved and will always be loved by their parents. And the gender(s)of those parents has never been an issue for any child that I’ve spoken with.
    I think my foster son (soon to be my legal son) made it obvious it was a non-issue when he asked me: “When are you going to get married? I want to have 2 Dads like my friend Sam does.”

  18. Rand says

    The Newsweek article was not October 2005 – I think it was October 2004. It speaks about the Vice-Presidential debates ahead of the 2004 election.

    I was dismayed.

  19. Sean R says

    Well done Antioch! I welcome the Antioch initiative on the LGBT Masters degree. My only concern is the need to study culture more (and I say that as a sociologist). But bravo, there’s one in the eye to the neo-cons!

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