News: Lance’s Other Guy, Hackers, Tony Bennett Kiss…

road.jpg Like vultures, Westboro Baptist Church shows up at funeral for Montana Senator Max Baucus’ nephew, slain in Iraq.

Jesse_1road.jpg The pre-Reichen days: Lance Bass’ closet companion Jesse.

road.jpg Man who killed his classmate in 1985 for revealing he is gay is released from prison after serving 20 years: “Rosenkrantz of Calabasas was 18 when he was sentenced to a 17-year-to-life term for second-degree murder in the June 28, 1985, shooting death of his boyhood friend Steven Redman. The 17-year-old boy was shot 10 times after revealing Rosenkrantz was gay following their graduation from Calabasas High School.”

road.jpg Fighting the dog that moos: Focus on the Family just spent half a million dollars on new group to battle two anti-gay ballot measures in Colorado.

road.jpg Paramount Pictures demands Tom Cruise take pay cut before greenlighting any more films: “Cruise fans fears that, unless the hardworking actor learns some humility, an illustrious career which has matured from the cocky boy of Risky Business and Top Gun to more naunced performances in The Last Samurai and Collateral may burn out. ‘Right now,’ said an insider close to the negotiations, ‘he is simply too expensive to employ.’

road.jpg Hacker proves crackability, clonability of RFID (radio frequency identification technology) tags planned for use in new passports: I spend most of my time making the RFID industry’s life miserable,” the doctorate student told AFP. “I am not anti-RFID. It has the potential to make people’s lives easier, but it needs to be used responsibly. The industry and government needs to not be scared of us,” Rieback said. “They need to talk with us and to work with us. Hopefully, together we can come up with some kind of reasonable compromise.”

Jake_boneroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal gives a dog a bone.

road.jpg Smoking rate higher in gay community: stress, targeted ads, club and bar scene cited. Researcher: “If you said you smoke because of job stress, well, for an LGBT person, stresses can include ‘Do I come out at the office?’ and ‘Am I going to get fired if they find out I’m gay?’ There’s sort of an added layer for LGBT people.”

road.jpg Tony Bennett on receiving a surprise kiss from Elton John at a recent benefit concert: “I told the audience it was the first time I’d been kissed by a man. I liked it!”

road.jpg UK gay rights group Stonewall announces first annual awards to honor positive contributions to gay community from individuals and organizations. Awards will be handed out in London on November 2nd.