News: Saunas, Indian Prince, John Mark Karr

road.jpg Delusional John Mark Karr: “I’m not gay, damn it. I am attracted to female children.”

Sauna_1road.jpg The sauna is the national symbol of Finland, according to a new poll of Finns: “A popular pastime, tradition and method of relaxation and socialising, the sauna was chosen as the national symbol by one in five Finns, far ahead of other national icons. There are some two million private and public saunas in Finland, a country of just 5.2 million inhabitants.”

road.jpg Does Elton John have another good song in him?

road.jpg Amnesty International condemns Uganda’s treatment of gays.

road.jpg Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of India, who was recently disowned by his family after coming out, has announced he will adopt a child.