News: Saunas, Indian Prince, John Mark Karr

road.jpg Delusional John Mark Karr: “I’m not gay, damn it. I am attracted to female children.”

Sauna_1road.jpg The sauna is the national symbol of Finland, according to a new poll of Finns: “A popular pastime, tradition and method of relaxation and socialising, the sauna was chosen as the national symbol by one in five Finns, far ahead of other national icons. There are some two million private and public saunas in Finland, a country of just 5.2 million inhabitants.”

road.jpg Does Elton John have another good song in him?

road.jpg Amnesty International condemns Uganda’s treatment of gays.

road.jpg Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of India, who was recently disowned by his family after coming out, has announced he will adopt a child.


  1. Lead says

    Amen to that David – isn’t the US media (Towleroad included) embarrassed enough about this entire debacle of proven guilty prior to a swap of DNA test comparison scenario to just let it drop off the face of the planet and concern ourselves with something more important? How about US supplied scatter bombs issued by Israel to all of southern Lebanon resulting in the killing and maiming of other children?

  2. ho4mo says

    No, Elton John does not have another good song in him. And even if he did I wouldn’t listen. I am so friggin sick of his off the collar remarks about so many other celebrities. He really believes the whole world cares what he thinks about Madonna, or Geroge Michael or whoever.

    Elton, just go away and leave us in peace!

  3. says

    I’ve said it before – Manvendra Gohil Singh is exactly the sort of person we should be looking towards if we need a hero. To be identified as gay in India, when you’re already high profile and when you’re privileged enough to perhaps choose not to rock the boat… what can you say except ‘kudos’?

    If I ever met him, I’d shake him by the hand and let him buy me a condo. The guy’s a dude.

  4. Zeke says

    JMK reminds me of people in the 80’s who, after receiving an AIDS diagnosis, would go into a full media blitz mode to assure everyone that they were IV drug addicts who had sex with thousands of prostitutes but they WERE NOT GAY.

    And we wonder why gay kids commit suicide or seek “conversion therapy”?

    I agree that Singh is a hero; a man with everything to lose, in a very homophobic environment, who was unwilling to trade his pride, honor and dignity for wealth, power prestige or social or familial acceptance. I’ll take this man as a gay hero over a forcibly outed celebrity or politician any day.

    Namaste Mr. Singh.

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