Ne-Yo Won’t Announce He’s Gay

NeyoAt least not in the upcoming issue of Essence magazine.

The R&B singer’s publicist just issued a statement intended to squelch rumors that Ne-Yo, aka Shaffer Chimere Smith, was about to pull a Lance Bass. The statement came after emails began circulating on the internet featuring quotes from the purported Barbra Stradoff-penned article.

Said a Def Jam rep: “There’s isn’t a staff member by that name at Essence, nor is Ne-Yo going to be featured in the October issue of the magazine.”


  1. Shirley says

    I’m surprised at you Andy — did you actually read the original alleged press release? It was laden with so many grammatical errors & spelling mistakes, it was clearly a fake dreamed up by your typical uneducated negro.
    Not to mention the fact that just a few days earlier, dirty pix of Ne-Yo getting blown by one of his female backup dancers (that he took HIMSELF!) showed up online.
    Ne-Yo is an ape.

  2. mikey d says


    While Ne-Yo might indeed be a person worth your scorn I think it is insensitive and offensive to call a negro an ape. I don’t care if you’re black, white, puerto rican or haitain, it makes you sound like a bigoted SLIMEBALL.


  3. HotParis says

    How about this… Shirley from the very first comment is apparently a Female Species of Ape!!! And how dare she refer to someone as that? I say she is herself, the exact same thing that she is calling Ne-Yo!! And apparently a lower species thereof! LOL. Stupid ass female.

  4. Mike says

    HOTPARIS, I was cheering you on until you refered to her as a “stupid ass female”.
    Why sink to her level, don’t equate all the intelligence of all females with the stupidity and ingorance of one individual.

  5. says

    lol. I think Shirley is having a bit of fun with you guys. Don’t take the bait so easily.

    Let’s face it, being gay in the hip hop world is still an instant career-killer. If you lose your hyper-masculine cred you’re dead in the water. Combine that with the undenianble fact that the industry is riddled with ‘mo’s, and you have a PR nightmare lurking around every corner. I just saw a Ne-yo video recently and my gaydar went into overdrive almost immediately. Sucks for him, especially if he isn’t really gay. Why? Try typing Ne-yo into Google News and you’ll see why. Apparently he’s been very busy “laughing off” gay rumors recently. I doubt if there is any actual laughing involved though. None of this is likely to change, unfortunately, until the hip-hop community stops glorifying misogynistic violence and gangsterism. I’m not holding my breath…

  6. Charles says

    In the previous post by “AATOM” he says that “..the industry is riddles with ‘mo’s…” What is a “‘mo”? I figured you were trying to make a reference to black men on the DownLow (DL) but I guess not.
    Someone please fill me in!

    BTW, Kanye West tried to quell prejudices of those in the HipHop community towards Gays but apparently it hasn’t helped Ne-yo.

    What kind of name is Ne-Yo? Does it stand for something or does he have some Asian heredity?

  7. Tyrus says

    i think ne-yo isnt gay…i think he’s one of tha best…and in his videos he makes out with gurls…so why do u think he would be gay!!u think after he does get done makin out with them he’ll be like eww…no ne-yo is tha stuff..

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