Roofies and Runways: The Return of Blond, Bitchy Divas

Catfights return to the screen in the upcoming Fashion House as bitchy divas-of-a-certain-age Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek slug it out among bare-chested male models.

Neil de la Flor talks to the show’s writer Richard Andreoli on gay writers today, same-sex marriage, appearing with his boyfriend on HGTV, the younger generation’s approach to sex, and his new prime time soap, which sounds like a mindless romp back to potboiler programs like Dallas and Dynasty but sans Joan Collins:

“Dearest Joan will not make a cameo, though much of our inspiration came from women like her, Heather Locklear, and other soap opera sisters whose over-the-top antics entertained us years ago. On the plus side, pretty much everyone in the show is a gorgeous model and they are constantly taking off their clothes. For example, I box twice a week so I added in some boxing work outs for the male lead in the show because a hot, sweaty, shirtless man in shorts who’s punching a big hanging bag makes for good TV. Oh, and there’s a certain Alfred Hitchcock leading lady who plays a pivotal role as well, but you won’t see her interacting with Bo or Morgan.”