St. Maarten Gay Bash Trial Awaits Ryan Smith

Ryan_smith_1The trial underway for four men accused of attempted murder and manslaughter in the gay bashing of Dick Jefferson, Ryan Smith, and their companions, has been postponed in order for Smith to be able to testify.

Smith, who suffered a crushed skull and some brain damage which left him unable to speak properly, will be able to travel to the island to testify when his financial situation allows it. Chief prosecutor Taco Stein has promised help from the island of St. Maarten: “The government of St. Maarten has…stated its willingness to assist. After all, this case was not good promotion for the island.” Ya think?

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  1. says

    I’ve met Ryan a couple times recently. What a nice guy. I didn’t know him before the incident, but he seemed pretty together. Let’s all hope the best comes out of this: these people are punished for what they did, a lesson to others considering the same is learned, and Ryan experiences as full of a recovery as he possibly can!

  2. Cory says

    I’ll fly him down personally. I can not fu*&ing believe he has permanent brain damage (thankfully it wasn’t worse). I don’t know if it’s personal increased awareness or if hate crimes towards homosexuals are on the rise, either way we need to band together as a community. It made me sick when people on this blog, gay people, disparaged and accused victims such as Kevin Aviance for what he went through in NYC recently. Some “community” we’re turning out to be…

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