1. Joey says

    Apparently Andy manscapes! If you check out the American Express ad floating around right now, which features Andy on a boat with his shirt open, it’s obvious he has an upper-body full of hair. However, he’s rather smooth in this pic. Interesting, and he’s definitely in the better shape than the recent past.

  2. Michael says

    I would love to see James Blake giving Roddick an Evian shower. I am not sure that my poor gay heart could stand that much hotness, but I’m willing to try.

  3. hoya86 says

    no mention of the USTA remaning the Ashe Stadium after Billie Jean King this week?? i think that’s much more interesting than a picture of a scrawny andy rodick.

  4. Mike says

    Saw Andy in Cincy 2 weeks ago. He is beautiful with an amazing body, not too skinny at all.

    And I hope by now that grown men know how the penis works. Jeesh.

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