Toby Jones and Daniel Craig’s Infamous Kiss

Infamous_1_1In the latest Truman Capote biopic, Infamous, Brit actor Toby Jones shares a kiss with Daniel Craig, who plays killer Perry Smith. In Venice for the annual film festival, Jones commented on the lip-lock:

“I had never dreamed I would kiss James Bond. It’s not something I would ever aspire to. Now that I’ve done it, I hope I’m the first of many. It was slightly abrasive, but ultimately rewarding. And neither of us are gay. We filmed the prison scene right at the end and I was aware it was going to be a pressurised situation, this very intense scene filmed in such an intimate space. I thought it was going to be the really gruelling part of the movie. But it was fantastic to work with Daniel because as an English actor there’s a kind of humour that goes with those scenes. You take it seriously but you also find a way to deal with it.”

According to the article’s author the kiss has “dealt a blow to [Craig’s] James Bond image.” When will the media stop insinuating that gay kisses are career killers and start treating them for what they are — part of a script.

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  1. psmike says

    When will the [gay blog]media stop insinuating that gay kisses [mean str8 actors are secretly gay] and start treating them for what they are — part of a script.

  2. Zeke says

    About the same time that actors no longer feel the need to explain that playing a gay person doesn’t mean they’re gay anymore than playing a caveman means they’re a Neanderthal. And not until the media comes to a point where they no longer feel the need to ask such stupid questions.

  3. Gary says

    The coverage does not insinuate that they are gay, it is just implies that it is still unusual to find straight men that are okay with the concept of men kissing other men.

  4. Anon says

    I don’t think kissing HL has hurt Jake G’s career or vice versa. We’ll see what he has to say if he wins some awards.

  5. Zeke says

    Did they ask Craig what it felt like to play a brutal killer? Did they ask him if was concerned that the public would start to think that he actually IS a brutal killer? Will he be type cast as a murderer? Will he ever be believable playing a character that isn’t a brutal murderer?

    Did they ask Jones what it felt like to play an eccentric writer? Is he concerned that the public may start to believe that he actually IS an eccentric writer?

    Why do these dumb asses in the media never ask these questions?

  6. David says

    “When will the media stop insinuating that gay kisses are career killers and start treating them for what they are — part of a script.”

    Probably about the same time when straight actors stop asserting their own heterosexuality in interviews.

  7. Red says

    It’s become a ‘chicken or the egg’ situation. Would straight actors feel the need to assert/state their heterosexuality if there wasn’t a media that either directly or indirectly began questioning it once they played a gay character?

    Or, if straight actors didn’t assert/state their sexuality after playing a gay character would the media care to question their sexuality in the first place?

    Whatever the case, maybe over time when playing a gay character becomes a non-issue, we’ll see the back of this dilemma.

  8. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    In this time and era, you don’t think James Bond wouldn’t makeout with a hot stud if the mission’s success called for it?

    For that matter, why shouldn’t a 21-st-century super-agent like James Bond NOT be onmisexual??

  9. alex says

    I just saw the film in Telluride this weekend. Even though I really didn’t want to see another Capote bio-pic, this one had an interesting pespective. It lacked the subtlety of PSH’s version however Toby was excellent and Daniel Craig’s performance stood out. The other supporting cast made this film what it is. As for the gay kiss, it was totally unnecessary in my book and the film would have been better without it… It’s worth a quick watch on DVD