News: Pope Hate, Ben Affleck, Touchscreen iPod?

road.jpg BOOK: Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly enraged in his early years as a bodybuilder when he discovered that footage of his competitions had been used in gay porn films.

Mitchellroad.jpg John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus screens at Toronto International Film Festival with Mitchell performing. Film finds international distribution: “People are ready for change. There is a thirst for something different. What pissed me off was that it was … generically identified of as porn. We are not trying to do anything salacious here. That is just the language which we speak. Porn is really to arouse. This film explores the other areas of sex.”

road.jpg George Bush a fan of pin-up Matt Lauer..

road.jpg Gay Miami man David Bromstad wins HGTV Design Star competition.

Ipodphotoroad.jpg Cameraphone photo raises possibility that video touchscreen iPod is on the menu for Apple’s big event tomorrow.

road.jpg Canadian Bishops were scolded by Pope Benedict XVI when they made a visit to the Vatican on Friday. The Pope lashed out at Canada’s stance on gay marriage and abortion: “In the name of ‘tolerance’ your country has had to endure the folly of the redefinition of spouse, and in the name of ‘freedom of choice’ it is confronted with the daily destruction of unborn children. When the Creator’s divine plan is ignored the truth of human nature is lost.”

road.jpg Venice Film Festival winners: Jia Zhang-Ke’s Still Life, Helen Mirren as The Queen, Ben Affleck for Hollywoodland


  1. Mark says

    Re: Shortbus, too true:

    Lee said there were initial reservations at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. about her being in the film.

    “Once they were re-educated, they allowed me to do this movie,” she said at a press conference.

    “I don’t know if I would have been able to do this if I was working at CNN.”

  2. Jack says

    Congrats to David Bromstad on a well-deserved win!

    George Bush probably thought of that joke for days.

    The pope needs a c*ck up the ass, big time!

    The lady that wrote about Arnold is clearly still in love with him. He’s very self-centered but not smart.

  3. Leland says

    So does “Shortbus” have a scene in it with guys having sex to the tune of the American national anthem or not? If it does, JC Mitchell needs not just bitch slapped but kneed in the balls for mixing sexual exhibitionism and the hottest “patriotic” buttons. The same people who go nuts about such provocative for its own sake crap are the same people working 24-7 against us. Freedom of expression is NOT the issue. Try freely expressing to some mugger with a gun in your face that you think he’s full of shit. Reminds me of the great South Park episode in which the NAMBLAesque guy keeps wrapping his pederasty in platitudes to which the SP kids keep replying, “Yeah, but, dude, you’re a child molestor. Yeah, but, dude, you’re a child molestor.” If it doesn’t have such a scene, nevermind.

  4. LiamOg says

    DesignStar finale was on last night, Sunday. You can watch his reaction by going to

    What’s so wrong about having sex to the US national anthem? You certainly can’t sing along to it.

  5. Brandon says

    You know, I was going to say something regarding Shortbus and JC mitchell’s comment : “We are not trying to do anything salacious here. That is just the language which we speak. Porn is really to arouse. This film explores the other areas of sex.” and how it was setting off my bullshit detectors, but then I read Leland’s comment and now i see that a movie like this really is needed.

  6. says

    Where does the phrase “needs a c*ck up the ass” even come from? It is crude, not funny, and uncannily similar to the “if only they tried it with someone of the opposite sex” schtick that some homophobes have.

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