British Navy Boots Sailor for Sex with Recruit

MrgayukSam Connell, a sailor serving as a trainer on the HMS Raleigh, was reportedly dismissed from the Navy “at just an hour’s notice” after it was discovered he had sex in the ship’s gym with a recruit.

Connell is a finalist in the 2006 Mr. Gay UK competition.

“This is the first time a male trainer has been accused of romping with a male recruit. Sam, who enlisted in the Navy when he was 16, only admitted he was gay recently when he won the Mr Regional Gay in Plymouth. At the end of this month he will compete against 24 other men for the Mr Gay UK title, which carries a £5,000 prize. An insider at HMS Raleigh said: ‘He is obviously very attractive to men of the same sexual persuasion.'”

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  1. Bryce says

    I’m presuming he was in the UK Navy? It seems as though he was dismissed for having sex in the ship’s gym and not for actually being gay, so I don’t see this as any big issue. I would think that a straight guy or girl would be dismissed for the same reason.

  2. JT says

    Actually, I think it’s more because he had sex with a recruit. That’s an abuse of power. A senior rank should never consort with an inferior rank.

  3. Jack says

    They are jealous because he had sex on the ship and many of them can’t because they’re straight. It was just sex they didn’t sink the ship or anything.

    Anyway he’s firm and adorable I don’t know how someone can resist.

  4. noah says

    Actually, Connell is the bad guy here. If you read the article, you would learn that he broke the rules:

    “Top brass ordered him off HMS Raleigh in Plymouth at just an hour’s notice. There are strict “no-touching” rules, banning fraternisation between trainers, senior ratings and recruits at the base.”

    The article goes on that the UK Navy has been embroiled in similar heterosexual scandals. The rules are in place to protect new recruits of all orientations and gender from abusive senior staff. Connell disregarded the rules. Come on, wouldn’t a heterosexual manager in any major corporation get disciplined for shagging a new employee in the conference room? It’s the same thing.

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    In the only discussion I’ve EVER had with my dad about being gay and “discretion”; he passed-along what was the old rule “informally” in military about such; “…an officer does not play with his privates in public”, and that it applied in business world too. While Connells’a cutie, he broke this rule.

  6. Brian says

    I agree he should be dismissed. That was unprofessional behavior. But damn… I can sure understand how a guy would be tempted.

  7. Becks07 says

    Ummm…I know different strokes for different folks, but this guy looks like a hobbit.

    Microcephaly, anyone???

  8. SAM CONNELL says

    Well being the sailor in question i would like to give you my view and tell you what really happened!!!!

    Yes i did have sex with a recruit! NO i had never instructed him! Yes it was on the Naval base. No it was not in working time! And I have NOT BEEN DISMISSED!!!!!

    Ok ok i know what i did was wrong and was breaking the rules …..but

    1. It was consensual
    2. It has been done a million times in the RN and it has never made the newspapers before. It only made a ‘story’ because of the sexuality factor.

    This case is not an unusal case its just got a twist bnecause its a first for the Navy as they have only just let us ‘gays’ into the Navy!!!

    Michael thanks for your comments! for some of you others join the forces and open your eyes up to what happens in what is a normal job!!!!!!