Crowd Cheers Public Gay Sex in Russia


I may have to rethink my views on intolerance in Russia, though without a lot of details it’s hard to know if the crowd assembled here was merely shocked into submission.

While a crowd watched enthusiastically and recorded the event on film, two drunk men in the streets of Ekaterinburg, Russia, danced, undressed, kissed, and finally performed oral sex on one another, MosNews reports.

“People who gathered around the couple reacted quite positively, took photographs, applauded and recorded them on video. Nobody bothered to call the police or protest.”

Law enforcement seemed upset they hadn’t been there to witness it: “Such actions are classified as an administrative offence and are definitely punishable. Naturally, had we received an alarm, our officers would have immediately put an end to the incident.”

Perhaps Provincetown has found its sister city.

Gay Couple Has Public Sex, Crowd Applauds [mosnews]
(thanks hayden and ekaterina)

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  1. Scott says

    This is something to be proud of? Two guys who are so pathetic they can’t keep it in their pants until they get back to their room?

  2. GBM says

    You don’t have to hold your hand over your heart, Scott. The more amazing part of the story is that, the a crowd encicled them, no one bashed their teeth into the curb, pelted them with rocks, or even hurled nasty insults. People even clapped and apparently no onw reported it to the police. While perhaps you would have been the first to tap 9-1-1 into your cell phone, some like me find it refreshing that such a display did not warrant the fury of the nanny-police, and was treated more like a special performace by the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.

  3. Scott says

    Oh, so now it’s my fault for having a bit of decency such that I don’t want to have random sex shoved in my face. “Nanny-police”, indeed. I simply prefer to choose when and where I would have such experiences, and not be subjected to them against my will.

    The Naked Cowboy wears briefs.

  4. HRH says

    The question is: Where is the video of this? Inquiring minds want to see the Russians giving head, and how big their packages are.

  5. Pickle says

    I am all for cheering affection between two men in the middle of the street but take the pickle smoking to the sheets.

    That is why god make bedrooms and bath houses.

  6. Richard says

    If you want any hope of ever getting a decent job, it’s best that you avoid getting pics of your gay sex splashed all over the internet.

  7. hoya86 says

    i don’t think anyone “wants” to randomly and frequently come upon public sex acts (gay or straight) i think the very interesting part is where this happened and the crowd reaction.

    no need for this to be a matter of international debate or hair pulling.

  8. Leland says

    This being Russia, if it were Moscow, I would have suspected its homophobic city government and police put them up to it to use as propoganda. BTW: The large sign on the building they’re in front of—visible in the other pictures—translates as “Meat Store.”

  9. kipp says

    I have Leland’s same concern that this might be a staged event for anti-gay propaganda. It seems mighty strange that such an odd video would suddenly appear in a region where so much vitriolic anti-gay sentiment has so recently been in the news… If it is legit, it’s at least encouraging (though tacky).

  10. pbnyc59 says

    I lived in Provincetown and saw much more in the two years living and twenty years visiting there. That was nothing compared to the twenty five years living in Manhattan. While I agree there is a time and place for everything I find it strange that people, like the FCC, bitch about sex while they do not hold the same level of outrage at the violence in this world, like the daily death count from Iraq and Afghanistan.

  11. mark m says

    So Scott, would you be AS offended if these two guys were fist fighting in public? While I’m not a fan of public displays of affection in general, I always find it ironic that violence is considered the lesser of two evils when it comes to sex. Explain this sensibility please.

  12. Jack says

    SCOTT would have no problem if it was Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp or any other straight person. The same goes for PICKLE and HOYA86.

  13. Rock says

    Okay, so maybe a steady diet of public sex could get tiresome, but once in awhile, it’s sweet to see two people engage in a public display of affection and lust. Better still, it’s great to see a crowd cheer them on. Maybe the correct analogy isn’t so much P-town as it is pre-Katrina New Orleans.

  14. Dan Cobb says

    Look, this wasn’t gratuitous sex. These were two obviously drunk guys who were horney as all get out… and they were likely oblivious to the world around them. The human touch and contact got them aroused… and something very odd but genuinely spontaneous happened. The sponteneity and the sincerety of these two participants MUST have made an impact on the crowd considering that no one (and there appeared to be a lot of observers) called the police or called from them to call it off. I’d be willing to bet that if Scott were there, he would have been caught up in the moment and just puzzled and also marveled at what was happening –not just the guys getting romantic, but the very laid back response of the crowd. I’m sure the location, the time of day, the atmosphere and weather, the time of year… and the way these guys approached each other made the entire episode something more akin to an intriguing dance rather than prurient sex on the street. As their “dance” developed, I’m sure no one, not even the two men, knew exactly where it was going… which probably made it all the more intriguing to the “audience”. It clearly was NOT a couple of hard-core exhibitionists getting their rocks off…
    it appears to me to have been a VERY private moment acted out unwittingly (due to inebriation) in a VERY public place. What an odd and intriguing juxtaposition.
    I think Scott suffers from an incapacity to key into such transcendent moments… fortunately each member of the “audience” was able to do so. Scott sounds like a pedantic and rather perfunctory sort. They really are the killjoys, aren’t they though!?

    Dan in Baltimore

  15. Jaroslaw says

    So much for the internet being a permanent record and ruining your life. Try to find anything on this topic. I ran across it by accident on another blog. You can’t find any photos, youtube, nothing. Two men having public sex in Russia would seem to be so huge there would be tons of references – 2006 wasn’t that long ago, but all the links are dead.

  16. Jaroslaw says

    of course, if it was ME and something career killing or embarassing got on the internet, THAT would be accessible forever!