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Julian McMahon Doesn't Sweat the Naked Scenes


If it's wet shirt week and we have to choose, give me Julian McMahon any day before Justin Timberlake. Thankfully, we don't have to choose. Here's an exclusive peek at how McMahon appears on the cover of the upcoming September 12 issue of The Advocate. Nip/Tuck has been going out of its way to rope in more gay viewers than the show already had with last week's leaked screenshots of Mario Lopez and McMahon naked in the shower. Although I have a lot on my TV plate already, given this season's preponderance of male flesh I may have to begin watching regularly.

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  1. OMFG. I just got a hot flash. I'm so going out to get The Advocate! I want to know it all about Nip/Tuck this season. Julian is certainly an improvement over teeny Justin. Team Julian all the way.

    Posted by: Xavier | Sep 6, 2006 2:54:58 PM


    What did you all think of the psych's suggestion that Christian is in love with Sean? WOW! Is he?

    Posted by: chef boradee | Sep 6, 2006 2:55:09 PM

  3. With that show, anything is possible! More like "Hang on for the wild ride" (like "Rescue Me").


    Posted by: Rad | Sep 6, 2006 3:17:20 PM

  4. Did you hear about the platic surgeon who hung himself?

    Posted by: JT | Sep 6, 2006 3:27:27 PM

  5. I've always through Julian McMahon was ridiculously attractive. I think it might be his face alone, but this cover certainly does justice to his other assets. Is he (or rumored to be) gay? If not, it's impressive that he's so willing to appeal to gay audiences with what appears to be little hesitation.

    Posted by: burnssuit | Sep 6, 2006 3:35:29 PM

  6. Hizz-ott.

    Posted by: nuflux | Sep 6, 2006 3:49:52 PM

  7. I will admit that I have started watching this season because of the gay storyline and judging from last night's season premiere... I'm Hooked!

    Posted by: Mr. GuyTVBlog | Sep 6, 2006 4:09:13 PM


    I kid you not, yesterday when I saw the Justin Timberlake cover all I could think about was Julian McMahon and the new season of Nip/Tuck and how Julian would be so much hotter in a wet t-shirt on the cover.

    ADVOCATE: you know me. I love you.

    Posted by: Rob (lrdarystar) | Sep 6, 2006 4:49:29 PM

  9. It's so unfair we have to wait until next year to watch this in the UK.

    Posted by: Leo | Sep 6, 2006 4:57:30 PM

  10. I watched the season premier last night based on all the hype. Did I miss the shower scene? The end of the tape got cut-off.

    Posted by: Anon | Sep 6, 2006 5:09:56 PM

  11. The shower see will show up in Episode 3 or 4.

    Posted by: Carter | Sep 6, 2006 5:13:06 PM

  12. Leo,
    If you are in the UK, download Emule or go to a torrent site to download new episodes.

    I live in the US, and I was able to catch up with Footballers Wives that way. I have seen all of them before BBC America has aired them.

    Believe me, you'll never have to wait another year again.

    Posted by: Marc | Sep 6, 2006 5:32:50 PM

  13. Wait, so Nip/Tuck hottie is gay? I've never watched the show but I'm totally pathetic enough to start just for that reason. (hmmm, Netflix....)

    Posted by: Red | Sep 6, 2006 5:58:23 PM

  14. I am amazed at how many people think this man is attractive. He does these nude scenes and I am assuming he is supposed to be in his 40's but he has the sagging pecs and ass as well as spare tire body of an out of shape 60 year old. He does a poor job of manscaping. His clipped chest hair is a mess, as are his riddiculous "Growing Up Gotti" plucked to death eyebrows.

    Still, he is in scenes with other truly hot nude men, so I will watch.

    Posted by: Christopher | Sep 6, 2006 6:17:12 PM

  15. Nip/Tuck has been going out of its way to rope in more gay viewers than the show already had:

    This actually started last year when Julien made the comment that "the only thing I need is my Porshe and my 10" cock" during an argument with the hotter than hot Brazilian surgeon who drugged and analy raped him last season.

    Oh, what you bois have missed. Rent the DVD and catch up already.

    Posted by: lexxicuss | Sep 6, 2006 7:51:44 PM

  16. Christopher, you're ridiculous. And the sole dissenter to this gorgeous man.

    Posted by: theo | Sep 7, 2006 1:37:08 AM

  17. Julian is 100% straight I'm afraid. In fact he used to be married to Dannii Minogue, Kylie's sister.

    Posted by: Jethro | Sep 7, 2006 4:11:07 AM


    Richard Chamberlain will guest as a rich man who has a young lover who he wants to be remade in his image. He is played by looking-21-but-actually-31 yo Thad Luckinbill who also has a nude scene with Julian where he offers humself up to the good doctor.

    Posted by: Glenn | Sep 7, 2006 8:35:56 AM

  19. The ep will be next week and here's a link to the pics:


    Posted by: Glenn | Sep 7, 2006 8:53:34 AM

  20. The Sean-Christian homoerotic thing isn't exactly new to anyone who has watched the show for the past two seasons. They're just now making it more obvious. My partner and I have been exchanging raised eyebrows about Sean and Christian long before this.

    The premiere was a lot of fun. I hope they don't back down on it.

    Posted by: mark m | Sep 7, 2006 9:00:04 AM

  21. AWWWW i'm in Australia so i'll have to wait to see this.

    But yea THAT is a real man...the teeny boppers can have Justin.

    Can you guys tell me what the 'gayest' storyline is???

    Posted by: steve | Sep 7, 2006 9:34:20 AM

  22. Steve, the storyline is that the underlying current of love and attraction that has always simmered just below the surface of Sean and Christian's relationship, will come to a head (pun intended) this season.

    Christian has a new psychiatrist played by Brooke Shields (take that Tom Cruise!) who points out to Christian that he can't seem to really connect with a woman because he is already in love with his partner, Sean.

    Viewers, of course, have suspected this about them from the beginning of the series, but now it will finally be confronted. I sure hope this revelation at least leads to experimentation between them. I have a lot of faith in Ryan Murphy - let's hope we aren't disappointed.

    Posted by: ams | Sep 7, 2006 11:13:48 AM


    As I said yesterday, you f*cks worship straight people and reduce gay people.

    Posted by: Jack | Sep 7, 2006 1:21:28 PM

  24. i am a huge [;-)easy boys i'm female] julian mcmahon nip/tuck fan and am always on the look-out for pics. thank you very much andy.

    Posted by: sookietex | Sep 7, 2006 9:42:30 PM

  25. Straight....Gay....Bi.....how can you not think this guy is HIZOTT!!!

    Posted by: krissy | Sep 7, 2006 11:58:10 PM

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