1. Scott A says

    When I was a kid, I was at my best friend’s house and we decided to hook up the SNES to his parent’s big screen TV in their bedroom to play Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and about 15 minutes later his dad, who was a tan muscled construction worker, comes out of the bathroom (stark naked) while toweling face, he must have been taking a shower. Anyways, it was the first time I’d seen an adult size before, I wasn’t attracted (I was like 8) but just surprised as hell at the size & hair. The photos above remind me of that. Another time, I was riding my bike home and I saw this gorgeous brunette take her top off from her open bedroom window, that was the first time I’d seen tits in real life. Okay, I promise no more growing up stories anymore.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks for sharing Scott A. The coming out of the shower scene and your memories bring back memories for me too. I think it’s interesting how many of us remember being sexually aroused by the sight of a naked grown man when we were only seven or eight years old. Nobody seems to want to admit to it, or they claim they didn’t have any sexual feelings that early. I did.

  3. Jim says

    And, of course, some psychologists theorize that size-queenism grows out of the prepuberty boy being imprinted by seeing an adult penis that is so much bigger than his is at the time.

  4. Anon says

    Yeah, but what’s the context of this scene? The Nip/Tuck shower scene ended up being a bit of a dud owing to the asexual conversation between the two actors. These promos are a tease to the gayz or something.

  5. jockbr says

    they screwed up the feed up here in Canada and we got this episode last week instead of the season opener.

    This scene doesn’t show anything more than this, but… it’s worth it.

  6. Scott A says

    @Derrick From Philly

    Well, really, if I was sportin a big ole boner I didn’t know about it. I mean sure it was exciting and scary all at the same time but if I follow your logic then I’d get stiffys everytime I went to Six Flags too. Also, you worded your reply in such a way to make it look like I was intentionally denying sexual feelings at age 8. But I ask you, what reason would have to lie and say I didn’t? I mean think about it, I’m posting on a predominantly gay blog so there would be no reason for me not to go the whole mile if I really did, eh? I don’t remember having wood, but if you did, and remember it, and denied it then good for you. And what’s the size-queenie syndrome? Is it some theory that says gay people are gay because they saw snatch or cock as children?

  7. Kevin says

    I’m guessing that the size-queenie theory is basically one that says that homos who are very into big cocks saw an adult’s cock as a child. I couldn’t give a shit about big cocks (well, kinda!) but never saw an adult’s as a child…

    As for sexual attraction as a child, I didn’t get a boner til I was 13/14 (despite having what would have been a very sexual experience a few months previous). However, I’ve since realised that the boys in my class that I idolised when I was younger than that were all the good looking ones. Take what you will from that.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Scott A: No, there is no logic to my comment about remembering childhood sexual experience. I just know that those memories are very vivid for me, but some of my friends claim they never had such feelings so early. And I really was grateful for you sharing that childhood memory–it makes people say, “oh, yeah, I remember something similar to that happening to me.” Also, sharing personal memories sometimes helps people to see the diversity of our Gay world and our experiences.
    You know, I’ve reread my comment. How the hell did you think I was “reading” you? I wasn’t even “reading” those who say they never felt sexual feelings at age seven or younger. If they didn’t, they didn’t. T’aint no big thaing.

  9. Brian N says

    Is Scott A so dense that light bends around him? Derrick, your comments perfectly mimic a conversation I had with some friends recently. I remember the first time I saw an adult’s package and will never forget the shock and thrill that I felt. Still today, when I see a man undress I briefly expect to see a massive wang but always have to remind myself I’m not 12 anymore and that I too have grown.

  10. Cory says

    Love the comments… and love Eric Dane. *sigh*

    CLINT: While I agree most American television (“Everybody Loves Raymond”, “My Name Is Earl”) is “middle America” trite and lame, “Grey’s Anatomy” is far from typical American fare. In fact, the show is a hit in Australia, UK, Canada… need I go on? =)

    SCOTT A: While I can understand people misinterpretting the conations of emails and online messages, with all due respect I have to say “WTF?” You need a time-out. Seriously…

  11. mark m says

    Yeah ditto on the beard… isn’t it nice to see facial hair on television again?

    And for the record, my first gay moment was being 13 and watching a sweaty muscled 15 year old take off his shirt on the soccer field…

    It was like the clouds parted.

  12. Ian Chesko` says

    Dane. It took you long enough. You the Man now.

    Remember San Diego and Shaunie and Shauntell.

    Wish we had those pics. mental images are better for us anyway.
    Super stoked for you bra, Ian

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