News: Suri Cruise, Arctic Monkeys, Hot Gardeners

road.jpg Homophobic bias in America’s film rating system revealed in This Film is Not Yet Rated. Director: “If you show a certain kind of straight sex and you are allowed to see a certain level of nudity, but the rating system does not allow that same level of nudity with gay sex, then what you are doing is subtly suggesting to the audience that there is something wrong with showing the same amount of gay sex that you might show in a straight sex scene.”

Cruise_suri_1road.jpg Suri Cruise debuts

road.jpg Katie Couric debuts: “The first program was certainly a work in progress. Hard news was followed by the softest of features, including a first look at the cover of Vanity Fair showing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s long-unseen baby, Suri (adorable). Perhaps worried that the segment would look too frivolous, Ms. Couric introduced it with a clip of a 1949 CBS newscast with Douglas Edwards showing a baby picture of Prince Charles, as if there were a grand tradition of baby pictures at the Tiffany network.”

road.jpg Franchising Desperate Housewives. Every country needs its own hot gardener.

road.jpg Arctic Monkeys win Britain’s Mercury Prize for their album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. Last year’s winner was Antony and the Johnsons.

road.jpg Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters says Kylie Minogue wouldn’t be too happy if the group ever worked with Madonna: “I think Kylie would have my head on a plate if I worked with Madonna. Really, I’m not interested in collaborating with her, I love Kylie too much. We had a real ball and I have a massive crush on her. She is just a really amazing, funny person and really cool. I didn’t meet her until we went in the studio, but we hit it off!”