News: Steve-O Pees, Bad Secretary, Cheerleader Hate Crime

road.jpg Report shows Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson awarded contracts based on political affiliation; blocked contracts to Democrats: “During the investigation, Secretary Jackson’s Chief of Staff, as well as the HUD Deputy Secretary testified that, in a senior staff meeting, Jackson had advised senior staff, to the effect, that when considering discretionary contracts, they should be considering supporters of the President.” Rep. Waxman calls for Jackson’s immediate resignation.

Steveo_1road.jpg Steve-O behaves like a Jackass, wets red carpet at premiere.

road.jpg CBS investigates sex at Equinox gym in New York.

road.jpg 30-year-old Chinese man sentenced to five years in prison for posting his nude photos to internet websites. (NSFW)

road.jpg Gay man murdered in Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

Lcrroad.jpg Cartoon show to debut on Comedy Central featuring a superhero who transforms himself from a Log Cabin Republican into a leather bear.

road.jpg Male high school cheerleader assaulted in apparent hate crime after a football game: “Following the game, the Malden cheerleading squad exited through the crowd towards the team bus, according to Pat Ruggiero, Melrose director of health, physical education and athletics. According to police reports, a 17-year-old, male cheerleader from Malden alleged that an unidentified female teen from Melrose began harassing him with homosexual slurs. When the cheerleader ignored the taunts, a male teen accompanying the female, described as a 17-year-old, white male with a lip piercing and wearing a black hat, allegedly punched the cheerleader in the face and several times in the chest.”

road.jpg Pedro Almodovar’s Volver the early favorite for New York Critics award.