British Football Crush: Jake Shears Hearts Wayne Rooney

Rooney_wayneThe Scissor Sisters played a gig in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, which, according to The Independent, gave London a rosy gay glow:

“It’s hard to imagine, after all, a more extravagantly, entertainingly, even movingly gay band, a fact which has if anything helped their embrace by the British cross-section represented in the Square…While Babydaddy’s bass spurts steam into the crowd, and a grey Lord Nelson dances behind him, Shears looks in the vague direction of the Mall, and decides ‘the future King of England has a little bit of Queen in him’. As topless male fans dance in the full blast of the fountains, it’s hard not to believe him. The Sisters’ adopted hometown is gayer, in every sense, for their presence.”

Kylie_jakeKylie Minogue, the band’s new BFF, showed up to introduce them.

But frontman Jake Shears was making his presence known in Britain in other ways. In an interview with tabloid The Sun, he revealed a crush on one of England’s football stars:

“I think Wayne Rooney is totally hot — he’s so sexy. I don’t know anything about football. I know who David Beckham is but I think Wayne is really, really cute — totally my cup of tea. Those World Cup ads with the England flag where Wayne’s half naked I thought, ‘Gosh you’re so hot!’ I’d rather dance with him than his girlfriend anyway.”

Shears’ comments didn’t go unnoticed by the Manchester United team, where Wayne Rooney experienced a bit of hetero locker room ribbing according to reports by the same publication:

“Ringleader Rio Ferdinand was dishing out the most stick, singing Scissor’s hit ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ when his chum Roo arrived at the team’s Carrington training ground on Saturday morning. And when Roo walked into the dressing room he found a copy of The Sun open…with Jake’s confession. During preparations for yesterday’s big game with Arsenal other players chipped in with limp-wristed hand gestures and camp accents.

Rooney_1_1A source said: ‘Wayne knew he was in for a torrid time before he came into training. Rio and the boys were cracking up when they read about his new admirer. There was no chance Wayne was going to be let off lightly. They were all singing Scissor Sisters songs in falsetto voices and shouting ‘Chase me, chase me’ on the pitch in camp voices. Wayne took it in good spirits and said he was ‘flattered’ because his fiancée Coleen McLoughlin loves the band — which made things worse.’

Wayne retaliated after training, shouting: ‘How many of you have a gay following?’ — at which point the players all turned and pointed at Portuguese winker Cristiano Ronaldo.”

And we’ll continue to follow these two rivals as they compete for that attention…