Tom Cruise’s Lawyer Furious, All Over Again

These characters have been around for a while, but this is the first time a chapter excerpt from porn producer Paul Barresi’s tell-all book has been published on the Hollywood Interrupted website, and Bert Fields ain’t happy about it. And I’m sure that the lawyers for Andrea Bocelli, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Antonio Banderas, and Jason Priestley ain’t too happy either. Bring some soap. This is the kind of “alleged” material you may feel dirty after reading…


  1. gabe says

    The Tom Cruise episode I can believe if I tried hard enough but Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks?) taking it up the arse? Hmmmmm, there is a catch here somewhere.

  2. Kevin says

    Huh? What’s so unbelievable about Garth Brooks taking it up the ass? I mean, he does have one, right?

  3. j-vass says

    I agree with Gabe – something’s fishy about it. Aside from the generally unbelievable content, there are other odd things. For instance, Andrea Bocelli’s last name (which should only have one C) is misspelled every single time it is used. If Barresi is such a big fan of Bocelli, why does he not know the proper spelling of his name?

  4. Leland says

    And they all ended up [!] by taking turns fucking Anderson Cooper while John Travolta sat on his face and Marcia Cross served homemade muffins.

  5. pbnyc59 says

    Once again my old roomate’s quote comes back to haunt me, “did you fuck him?” No but another from my first roomie does. If you knew how man fags were married and living in Hollywood you’d be shocked.

  6. dc-20008 says

    I don’t doubt it all for a minute.

    There are too many names named for someone to make this up and risk being sued into oblivion, and for what?

  7. Anon says

    Porn producers are always so honest. Is anyone going to track Red down? Shouldn’t have Barresi taped the interview of Red by Pellicano? Isn’t he admiting to extortion or blackmail? He claims that even rumors can bring a career down yet they grill Red for hours, which tells me that mere allegations are not enough to run a story on. The most interesting thing is that he rats out the NE reporter for basically commiting professional misconduct. It would be so easy for someone with a story to go to a junior reporter at the NE and spill the beans, someone who couldn’t really double-cross him so easily. How dumb do you have to be? I take it he wants to make a movie from his book too…

  8. me says

    Well this can’t be true because the new Vanity Fair has 22 pages of photos of Tommy Cruise lovey dovey with his wifey and new baby.

  9. ric says

    ugh! this is so tired. Whether or not any of this is true is irrelevant. This town loves dirt. Paraphrasing the quote, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, if enough people talk about it somehow it becomes a legitimate story. Anyone recall the stupid story about Richard Gere and the gerbal? I mean come on! That was fucking lame and somehow it would not die and some “swore it to be true”. BULLSHIT! This is Hollywood, everyone loves a good STORY.

  10. Jack says

    That would be something if the biggest country star in music history is gay.

    Andrea Bocelli can’t see so things might happen that he’s unaware of like a c*ck up his ass.

    Antonio Banderas went from hunk to slob so I’m thinking that he’s not gay.

  11. Rick says

    Have to agree with RIC. Aren’t we supposed to be a little more enlightened these days about who does what to whom? Married men having sex with other men has existed since the year one. All this rumor and conjecture is just so much bilge calcualted to give the perpetrators their own 15 seconds of dubious noteriety and, no doubt, a few slimey dollars. The gay community is supposed to tolerant of every lifestyle. And doesn’t that mean tolerance of people who choose to live their lives ANY WAY THEY WANT? Let’s all just grow up.

  12. Kevin says

    Rick, I agree. I do not give a fuck what 99% of celebrities do in their private lives. It’s entirely their business. However, Tom Cruise has sucessfully sued or threatened to sue many people over these rumours. If he had shrugged them off like other celebrities I don’t think people would care so much.

    In addition, you gotta admit that IF Tom Cruise is gay the lengths that he seems willing to go to to cover it up are fascinating.

  13. ray says

    Isn’t Paul Baressi the same guy who had the dirt on Michael Jackson too–and that came out to be true as well..? Funny how all the prudes and the hypcrites have a hard time believing that the closeted actors and singers won’t be exposed in the end–Come on, even Rock Hudson and Cary Grant couldn’t keep people from talking–and that was way back before the Internet and back when publicists truly controlled the media’s and the public’s perception of things. If you really buy Tom Cruise and Mattew MacCaughnehy and Anderson Cooper’s bullshit posturing as straight guys, you really need to get your head examined. Come on, when are you going to wake up and stay enough bullshit to the media whores?

  14. J.C. says

    Agreed that it doesn’t really matter if an actor is gay or straight.

    And even though a closeted actor might pretend to be straight by bringing his mother to premieres and all the usual stuff they do, that’s incredibly annoying and bothersome, but they’re only hurting themselves (this could be argued).

    But when you publicly drag someone’s name through the mud and humiliate them on a worldwide scale, as Cruise did to “erotic wrestler” Kyle Bradford, when you strenuously work to destroy someone’s reputation and hinder their ability to make a living, then you damned well better not be hiding anything yourself.

    Kyle Bradford may have been lying through his teeth; that’s not the point. The point is that Cruise goes apesh*t ballistic when gay rumors surface, and he authorized his people to absolutely destroy Kyle Bradford to make an example of him so others wouldn’t be tempted to spin a similar story.

    Why not let it go? Why not laugh it off? Why not ignore it? Make a few quiet calls, promise the editors of these magazines some special access if they’ll stay away from these stories. There are other ways to handle it. But dragging some dumb kid’s name through the mud just to make a point of him? Then you damned well better be lily-white.

  15. dc-20008 says

    I agree with those saying it is all, in a global sense, irrelvant.

    However I also agree that if TC is going to try and ruin a guy’s life by suing him for big money, then TC has nothing to hide behind. Who the f*ck is he to threaten and then turn out to be just a f*cking liar.

    I predict a Michael Jackson melt-down coming.

  16. Rich says

    okay, if kevins post is really of big red, then I dont believe the whole thing. No matter what a wack job Cruise is, Im sure he has good taste in men.