Wisconsin: Lesbians Attacked Over Gay Marriage Discussion

Wisc_attackA discussion between a group of lesbians regarding the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in Wisconsin turned violent at a Wauwatosa diner on Tuesday when a man stood up, interrupted their conversation, and began punching them. The man then threw a chair and other objects including bottles of ketchup and sugar with the intent to cause bodily harm.

Said Jorryn Chamberlain, who was attacked by the man: “Should I hide in the corner and have people not notice me? Screw that. I shouldn’t have to feel that way. I should be able to be who I am without fear of being injured or worse.”

The woman’s friend, Danielle Davino, added, “This man’s physical and verbal violence was clearly based on his intolerance ignorance, and hate for homosexual and transgendered issues.”

Wauwatosa, where the George Webb restaurant is located, is just west of Milwaukee. The entire incident was caught on a security tape in the diner. Police have apparently identified the attacker and are searching for him.

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