Wisconsin: Lesbians Attacked Over Gay Marriage Discussion

Wisc_attackA discussion between a group of lesbians regarding the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in Wisconsin turned violent at a Wauwatosa diner on Tuesday when a man stood up, interrupted their conversation, and began punching them. The man then threw a chair and other objects including bottles of ketchup and sugar with the intent to cause bodily harm.

Said Jorryn Chamberlain, who was attacked by the man: “Should I hide in the corner and have people not notice me? Screw that. I shouldn’t have to feel that way. I should be able to be who I am without fear of being injured or worse.”

The woman’s friend, Danielle Davino, added, “This man’s physical and verbal violence was clearly based on his intolerance ignorance, and hate for homosexual and transgendered issues.”

Wauwatosa, where the George Webb restaurant is located, is just west of Milwaukee. The entire incident was caught on a security tape in the diner. Police have apparently identified the attacker and are searching for him.

Death Parts Gay Wisconsin Couple of 49 Years [tr]


  1. Anon1 says

    What a brave guy, attacking two women who are half his size! Does that state have a concealed weapons law? Why is it that the armed gays never get attacked?

    May he rot in hell.

  2. forreal says

    Sorry to say that perhaps she should NOT have gotten in his face. The beating was out of hand, but she should not have antagonized the lunatic. If you play with fire, you get burned….

  3. jimmyboyo says


    Oh, so we should all just be good house N’s and not get upity when being attacked.

    You are a GAY uncle tom

  4. Brian says

    I agree with Jimmy – we should be able to talk about anything we want, even if people disagree with us, without having to worry about being beaten in public. Anyone notice that these beating are almost always due to Republican rage? I never see liberals out there pummeling their foes.

  5. griffin1573 says

    Why should ANYONE have to keep quite and speak in whispers because it may antagonize someone else?
    From what I read this was a private conversation over heard by a third party who took objection to the views being discussed.
    In that situation,”forreal”,would you simple slink off with your tail between your legs so you would’nt antagonise a creep like that?
    I for one am glad the women stood up for themselves and their right to their opinion.
    Lucky for us that those who came before us, and fought for our right to be, did’nt think your way.
    We’d still be hiding in the backroom afraid to be.
    Violence,unfortunitly, sometimes happens…but I’m not going to be silent because someone else is to ignorrant to discuss different views like adults.

  6. forreal says

    jimmyboyo –
    I will refrain from stooping to your level.

    But to my point, If you get up from your chair and into the face of someone looking for trouble and your only way of backing up that bravado is by being a human punching bag then you should probably remain seated and limit your coversation to present company.

    If I have the balls to “step” to someone then you can be certain that I’m prepared for a brawl; if I’m not I keep my mouth shut.

    She obviously should have done the same.

  7. jimmyboyo says


    I believe martial arts training should be mandatory for all gays and lesbians and we should BASH BACK

    You can lick massers butt all you want and be a good uncle tom house N.

    I instead prefer “I am sick and tired of the crap and I am not going to take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!” chant with a good bashing back on the bashers thrown in

  8. forreal says

    Ok, I’m stooping….did you idiots WATCH THE VIDEO?!? She got out of her seat and got into the guys face!! She can say whatever the hell she wants and so can the lunatic that pummeled her. She could have continued to discuss whatever it was that she and her girlfriend were debating without GETTING UP AND INTO HIS FACE thereby ANTAGONIZING him.

    I will reiterate once again:

    If you have the balls to “step” to someone then you better be prepared for a brawl; if not keep your mouth shut.

    Don’t cry about it after you’ve been punked

  9. forreal says

    And for the record, I am a 2nd degree Black in Tae Kwon Do. Far, Far, Far from a “good uncle tom house N” or a person who would “slink off with your tail between your legs”

    A major principle of any Martial Art is not seeking out a fight….

    her posturing was of a person looking for a fight – it was obviously a bluff

    he didn’t buy it

  10. Wayne says

    Forreal, so your answer is to do nothing when you’re being attacked? Even if it is “only” verbally? Have you ever been pushed to the limit by someone antagonizing you simply because of WHO you are?

    I’m not condoning her actions, but I certainly understand them.

    Your argument that she should stay put and do nothing is shameful and ignorant.

  11. jimmyboyo says

    forreal you are getting riled


    BUT what will masser think when yous be getting uptiy. Masser provides so much for us down here on the plantation. We should be slinking around whenever masser speaks. We should be thanking the good lordy that masser be saving our souls from our heathen ways. Masser sossss be good to us.

    masser not gonna like you not knowing your place. He might slip a deer head in your mailbox (reference to recent revelatiosn that my Virginia senator Allen moved to virginia “where nig@ers know there place”…his words…. and his putting a deer head in a black family’s mail box)

  12. Anon1 says


    From my perspective, it may not be wise to get in someone’s face who is much bigger than you. Can’t argue with that, unless you’re OK with getting beaten. But having a very intense argument with someone is not illegal. At the point where someone decides to make physical contact, then that’s a criminal matter.

    Just because she did something that you consider unwise, does not mean that she deserves the beating, which is implied by your posting. People have very intense arguments all the time, without any physical contact coming of it. Don’t forget who the perpetrator is here – it’s the big bully. She may have done something that is unwise to some, but he is the criminal. She deserves justice, and I hope she gets it.

  13. Cory says

    FORREAL needs to buy a clue from Vanna. Honnie, really, I mean, I don’t know WHERE to begin with your faulty logic. FOR REAL…

  14. forreal says

    Wayne, in response to your question-

    Daily, but if I am not in a position to assert myself then I move on.

    MY Argument/s was/were:

    “Sorry to say that perhaps she should NOT have gotten in his face. The beating was out of hand, but she should not have antagonized the lunatic. If you play with fire, you get burned….”


    “If you have the balls to “step” to someone then you better be prepared for a brawl; if not keep your mouth shut.

    Don’t cry about it after you’ve been punked”

    If she had taken that advice we wouldn’t be having this discussion

  15. Anon1 says

    Well, I think she WAS prepared for the brawl. She got roughed up, but so what? Now the law is on her side. I suppose that reporting him to the police means she’s complaining unnecessarily? Should she just shut up now? Kicking someone’s ass is not the only way to be prepared. You can be prepared to take the risk of being beaten, and then fight like hell after it happens.

    I think she was prepared for the brawl. Kudos to her. She deserves our support now.

  16. Cory says

    Sweetie, honnie chil’ , really. Really…. really…

    The counter argument, which surprisingly is hard to argue with, should ALL supressed people just sit back, be quiet and “take it”. The fact is, African-Americans stood up for themselves and refused to “be quiet for fear of retribution”, as did women, the religiously persecuted, ad nausem. As a gay man, I am horrifically astounded that you would support people, regardless of why they are supressed, remaining quiet and not being proud to be free in a country that is based on such principles. It is THEIR RIGHT TO SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING PHYSICALLY HARMED. It is a very BASIC AND LOGICAL THEORY. With all due respect, you’re speaking like a third grade bully in a play ground. We do not live in play grounds, we live in a WORLD IN WHICH FREEDOM AND RIGHTS PREVAIL. As someone who was attacked in college, I know all too well what it feels like and while I regret that it happened, I DO NOT regret my actions. The attackers are wrong. Simple…

  17. Wayne says

    Forreal, I still believe your argument is incorrect. Obviously tone and emotion don’t come through these posts, but when I read your thoughts here it appears that you believe she deserved the beating. He antagonized her, but because she defended herself, even by standing her ground, she deserved to be beaten? I respectfully disagree with you.

  18. griffin1573 says

    Who do you think “got in who’s face first”.

    Obviously bully…
    She may have taken a physical beating but at least she did’nt sit back and a take verbal assault.

    She showed more “balls” for that then,by your own comments, you would have.

    A bully needs to be dealt with immediatly and directly during and after the assault.


  19. Anon1 says

    Griffin1573, yeah, I think you’re right. I can’t say I would ever sit and take it, and I’m a little guy, although I’m somewhat trained in self-defense.

    I’d risk the beating. But I wouldn’t want to be thought of as a whiner just because I called the police afterwards.

  20. Bryant says

    Who can tell who did what to whom from looking at that convoluted piece of videotape as presented in the TV news story? That’s messed up.

  21. Leland says

    “punked”? “punked”? Quelle ghetto chic. I’ll forgive your trite word choice if you’ll forgive what some would consider a cliche [though no less accurate]: however else you put it, you are still simply blaming the victim. And for that—a world in which such Neanderthals still roam—YOU, forreal, are partially to blame.

  22. bud says

    Sorry to say that perhaps she should NOT have gotten in his face. The beating was out of hand, but she should not have antagonized the lunatic. If you play with fire, you get burned….

    Posted by: forreal | Sep 28, 2006 12:13:24 PM

    Yo Forreal!!

    Get to the back of the bus!

  23. Loushka says

    I would have been with Forreal until my global outlook shifted after the Theo VanGogh murder, the Danish cartoons and most recently the cancelled Mozart opera. I would have been more than content to slink away quietly rather than rile up an obviously hateful thug. But in this world where increasingly violent and successful suppression of debate is everywhere, how can any of us think that there is nothing more at stake than just saving our own skins? I really applaud that woman for standing up to that bully.

  24. Bill says

    I am happy to report from the United Kingdom that I’m a happily married Gay man enjoying the most basic civil rights in England. Get rid of George Bush America!

  25. gsingjane says

    I used to work at George Webb, that’s one of the only 24/7 places in Milwaukee and quite the place for fights. We used to have motorcycle gangs come in just itching for somebody to say something about Harleys so they could get pounded. The food is hideous and the only reason people ever usually go is because it’s 3 a.m. and they’re loaded and there’s noplace else to get something to eat, or if they’re looking for somebody to smack. I swore off alcohol forever after working way too many third shifts there.

    I myself wouldn’t start in on something controversial at George Webb’s, the way the place is set up no conversation is ever going to be private. It’s just a lunch counter with hard surfaces everywhere and no privacy. But I guess these ladies did what they felt like they had to do.

    Former George Webb waitress and cook, Jane

  26. jorryn says

    as the person featured in this story, i know this is a little late, but oh well. thanks to all my supporters. and for all that disagree this is exactly why things like this need to be reported.
    first off the reporters didn’t tell the full story. he was initially at the other end of the restaurant and after he heard that we were queer he relocated and started to verbally harrass me and my partner. before i stood up to him he threatened me saying ” if you don’t shut the f-up i’m going to kick your ass”. and that is why i stood up and said “f-ing hit me.” and he did. lol i served in the USMC for 4 and half years doing service in iraq during the war in 2003. i literally fought for MY freedoms, and i’ll be damned if someone thinks they can threaten me and quietly sit there and take it. and one more thing it didn’t turn verbally violent till i came out as transgendered.

    hopefully someone will get to see this and fill in a few blanks. thanks for great coverage and calling me a girl after specifically requesting male pronouns media. your best.