News: Whitney Houston, Too Much Madonna, Bruno and Borat

road.jpg 73% of New York City’s domestic partnership registrations are heterosexual couples.

Whitneyroad.jpg Welcome back Whitney Houston!

road.jpg L.A. Times: Studies on whether or not the children of same-sex parents develop differently than those of opposite sex parents are inconclusive, but researchers say the field may still be too young to produce real answers.

road.jpg Universal pays $42.5 million for Bruno, the Sacha Baron Cohen follow-up to Borat, before the latter has even opened: “With Bruno, Baron Cohen is calling upon another of his comic alter egos, Bruno, a gay fashionista from Austria who fancies himself as ‘the voice of Austrian youth TV’ and who sashayed from New York Fashion Week to Miami nightclubs in his previous appearance on HBO’s Da Ali G Show, on which Baron Cohen also first introduced Borat to American audiences.”

road.jpg Is “spending on the arts” a new campaign-speak euphemism for being gay?

road.jpg UK mom served with noise abatement order for blasting Madonna tunes.

road.jpg George Stephanopoulos talks Rush Limbaugh and stem cell research with Michael J. Fox: “You know, it’s amazing to — I can’t stress enough. I don’t want to react personally to these attacks. It’s pointless. It’s silly. It’s like getting in a fight with a bully. What’s the point? You’re not going to change his mind. You’re just probably going to get a nosebleed. So, you know, why bother? But make no mistake, it hurts. And it hurt when — it hurt — it hurt to see the president use the one veto of his administration to strike down this legislation.”


  1. moness says

    Whitney looks like she’s had some work done on her face to get rid of the whack crack look. Let’s hope she’s gotten the work done on the inside also, so she will stay clean and have a big comeback.

  2. CaliNexus says

    Moness: So what. Get some work done on your dark aura.

    Whitney Girl… WORK IT, DIVA! Ignore the haters.

  3. RB says

    Whitney looks better, but can she still sing? What a waste of incredible talent!Crack is really wack!!!

  4. mark m says

    I agree, RB. I want Whitney back as much as anyone, but her transformation has to be more than skin deep. The new album will be telling.

  5. says

    Yes I agree with her. She is right by saying there would be too much Borat. I think the marketing compagn of Borat is too obsessive and not concentrated to the people who like him. Why, oh why should we all suffer to be exposed to Borat`s presense.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  6. says

    The other day, I came across some old school Whitney footage on and nearly suffered a gay death. I remember being a wee gay boy grooving along to “How Will I Know.” God, those were the days, huh?

    Now we’ve got….Jessica Simpson.