Bidding Frenzy for Banksy Warhol Fakes of Kate Moss


Street artist and pop culture prankster Banksy is probably the only artist I can think of who could copy a Warhol and get an extravagant price for it. Sotheby’s described the bidding as “frenzied”: “Originally valued at £10,000 they eventually fetched £50,000.” And if Warhol were alive today, he’d probably approve.

If you caught the recent PBS American Masters documentary on Warhol, you might remember a clip where a reporter questioned Andy about the famous Brillo boxes. The reporter asked, “Why have you bothered to do that? Why not create something new?” Andy replied: “Because it’s easier to do.”

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  1. Jason says

    I forgot to mention: turns any photo into a Warhol for about 60 bux. Warhol probably would have approved more of the internet copies than the 500grand Strutevant.

  2. JP TREVOR says

    it’s very easy, as Mr Warhol said, to mess around with some boxes. But to create great art takes a bit more effort.(My words)

    Also easier to fake a Warhol as Mr Balfour-Oatts knows by now.
    The Warhol foundation said yes they were the genuine article, genuine what? There is so much hot air in this biz. The $12 MILLION DOLLAR STUFFED SHARK will explain the coblers behind it all.


    JP Trevor

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