Bigot Drunk Faces Hate Crime Charge for Iowa City Assault

S13_1Police arrested 20-year-old Michael D. Murphy for public intoxication and assault outside Iowa City nightclub Studio 13 early Friday morning:

“Officers learned Murphy had made multiple unprovoked and derogatory comments about a man’s sexual orientation while the man and his friends were standing in the alley next to Studio 13. Murphy left the alley and continued south on Linn Street before he walked back to the man and struck him in the side of the head with a closed fist.”

Murphy faces hate crime charges, although it’s not clear if those will mean a stiffer sentence than the one he would receive for assault in violation of individual rights, which the Iowa City Press Citizen reports is “an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine upon conviction.”


  1. Michael says

    Ahh, Studio 13… I used to go there while I was in school at the University of Iowa. It was usually a pretty good time, but since the entrance to the club is in an alley that connects to a main drag of college bars, there were always drunk homophobic straight guys walking down it. I’m surprised there haven’t been more incidents like this one.

  2. Thinking Voter says

    I wonder what would have happened if the homophobe was black?

    Iowa City has got a big wave of immigration from Chicago. They closed down a mess of their worst housing projects.

    I bet you’ve noticed the “tags” popping up on the walls around town. Probably seen a few of them swaggering around town.

    You’ve also heard the news stories about all those random assaults. Notice how the ever sensitive Daily Iowan didn’t give any descriptions.

    When we had the “groper” incidents awhile back, the Daily Iowan published the police drawing. But that was easy. It was a white male commiting crimes against women.

    But in the recent assualts they were serious injuries. If you recall, the groper never put anyone in the hospital. He just pulled their pants down and ran away.

    I wonder if it will be a “hate crime” when a group of disadvantaged youth seriously beat a upper middle class white gay college student.

    It’s already happened to several white college students,, but they weren’t gay.

    It’s only a matter of time before it happens, kids. Iowa City is changing.

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