Brad Pitt’s Blue Wet Dream


Vanity Fair is publishing its first-ever “art issue” in December and offers a tease in the form of a Robert Wilson video portrait of Brad Pitt. The portrait, wherever it exists, is life-size and high-definition and features Pitt standing next to a blue brick wall in boxers getting rained on. When the rain stops, Pitt lifes a squirt gun and fires it.

Yep, it definitely falls into the category of avant-garde.

Personally, I think it’d be more interesting to see Pitt perform his trademark deep-impact wedgie and duck waddle.

Bp2 Bp3

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  1. JT says

    1. I would have expected his boxers to be a bit more “clingy”
    2. Robert Wilson’s voice is creepy as shit.
    3. The implicit violence to a former lover is creepier than shit.
    4. Mr. Pitt pisses me off. He’s only five years younger than I. Life’s not fair!

  2. says

    I would think that Robert Wilson was taking the money and laughing very very very hard somewhere at having pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes, but I doubt he has that much of a sense of humor.

    Poor Brad. I wonder if his personal trainer gets a percentage of his earnings?

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