Brian Kinchen: Caressing the Football is “Kinda Gay”

Via Deadspin comes this snippet of chatter from the Iowa-NIU football game on Saturday. Former NFL player Brian Kinchen calls it like he sees it and ends up inspiring an awkward silence when describing a ball-handling technique that could only come, well, from experience.

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  1. lsumd says

    Don’t know if this is real or not, but I lifted it from the comments section in YouTube…. interesting. Lots of comments on YouTube deal with how this is “ok” behavior b/c people “talk like that all the time.” I find this frustrating. Discrimination is discrimination, even if it’s subtle and veiled in humor…

    robbieriot04 (32 minutes ago)
    Haha, when I watched this I was totally shocked becuase the other announcer (Clay Matvick) is my sisters long time boyfriend. He told me he just gave Kinchen this incredibly evil eye and threw his hands up in the air signifying “what the fuck are you thinking” hence the 5 seconds of dead air time there. The best part though is left out because before they went to commercial, Kinchen says “Oh god, that was stupid” on a live mic as they exit.

  2. says

    Unfortunately, I think the “This video is no longer available” message is going to become very common on YouTube in the coming months.

    And with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report videos no longer available, thanks to the crack Viacom legal team, this is GOOD news for all the Bush-likers out there. All 37 percent of them.

  3. Jonathon says

    YouTube is doing itself in by removing such videos. Wish I had seen this one before it got pulled.

    Soon all that will be left are poor, grainy videos of stupid high school boys flexing their arms. Foley would like it, but hardly seems with Google’s investment.

  4. stan dup says

    Seems like people are reading into the comment way too far. Expressing dislike by using the word “gay” is just a stupid late 90s phase. It doesn’t mean he’s anti-homosexual and we don’t know enough about to say he’s completely immature.

    Google has to take down the many copyright violating videos on YouTube. YouTube will be left inundated with videos of random whores from Idaho doing nothing interesting.

    And can people stop dick ridin’ Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, not to mention EVERY show that airs on Comedy Central?

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