1. 24play says

    I bet if we used “alternative interrogation methods” (which I’m not at liberty to discuss) on the bush, it would quickly confess its involvement in some diabolical plot involving Liquid Paper, Arctic Blast Gatorade, 4 Pakistanis who weren’t actually in Afghanistan when the bush says they were and a number of commercial airliners.

  2. says

    The unanswered questions created by the lunacy of the Bush administration policies sets the stage for a series of ads like this. Pressing this administration for truthful answers, which the Democrats will do when regaining control of Congress, will again paralyze Washington from taking action on critical issues. However, accountability is critical in order for this country to move forward. Marking the pages of history to demonstrate that the people will not tolerate this type of deception from the Executive Branch will have its costs, but this action must be taken.

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