Hillary Clinton on Bush White House: “They Put Nixon to Shame”

Hillary Clinton addressed a gathering Wednesday night organized by the Greater Voices Coalition of New York, a consortium of LGBT Democratic organizations, according to Gay City News.

HillaryIn her first statements following Wednesday’s New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples must be afforded the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples, Clinton said that her position on LGBT issues “has certainly evolved” and added that were New York Gubernatorial hopeful Eliot Spitzer to introduce same-sex marriage legislation in the state as he has promised, she would support it:

“My position is consistent. I support states making the decision. I think that Chuck Schumer would say the same thing. And if anyone ever tried to use our words in any way, we’ll review that. Because I think that it should be in the political process and people make a decision and if our governor and our Legislature support marriage in New York, I’m not going to be against that… So I feel very comfortable with being able to refute anybody who tries to pit us or pit me against Eliot. I am not going to speak out against, I’m not going to oppose anything that the governor and the Legislature do.”

Clinton also acknowledged the more difficult battle the term “gay marriage” would have in the court of public opinion: “If you go the next step and say, ‘But I want what is called marriage,’ you’re going to have a problem.”

Clinton’s decision to restrain from speaking out on the Senate floor this year about a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was strategic, she said: “Very few Democrats spoke, because maybe you thought one way, which is that you want people out there speaking for us. We thought as — force the Republicans out there, make them look like they’re trying to enshrine discrimination in the Constitution. We don’t even want to dignify it.”

She later slammed the Bush administration’s abuses of power: “I think they put Nixon to shame.”

Absorbing Gay Pain & Praise, Clinton Says She’s Evolved [gay city news]

New York Legislators Pressed for Positions on Gay Marriage [tr]


  1. jimmyboyo says

    Good for Hillary

    Maybe now she can show us all that she is NOT bush in a dress by FINALLY denouncing the Iraq war. (Hill has still not recanted her vote for the fiasco)

    That said, she might be a weak willed finger in the wind DLC might as well be a repub……………but she is OUR weak willed finger in the wind DLC might as well be a repub and I dare….double dare any repub to talk bad about her. The moment they do I will defend her and the big dog Bill with tooth and claw.

    Get a spine Hill, I will of course vote for her if she wins the 08 nom, but gods that be I hope she doesn’t win the primary

  2. michael says

    She’s spineless. “If somebody else says yes, I’m not necessarily going to say no.” Nice.

  3. rudy says

    Spineless, lying, cheating, opportunistic, disloyal, vengeful and generally mean spirited. Any other questions?

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Yesterday 219 US Iraq soldiers called on congress to bring our troops home

    2 US generals who were life long republicans told NY Times they are voting dem this election

    Republican senators on reps are starting to say Iraq was and is a fiasco


    Still no appology, no regret, no recanting of her vote to go to Iraq…..and no calling bush out on a failed, foolish, and WRONG (Iraq never attacked america, and not 1 iraqi was a hijacker on 9/11) war

    Come on Hill, you are going to end up being the only person in america who still supports the Iraq war.

    That said, you still have my grudgingly given vote if you win the 08 primary

  5. says

    she did NOT say she would support “gay marriage” legislation – she said she wouldn’t oppose it – very very very fcukin different – i am surprised you would use the phrase “she would support it” —– not at all accurate!

  6. NOT FOR YOU says

    The reason the Republicans hate her so much is because she is the democratic candidate that is most like them.

    She would have the best chance of winning if she can gather as much moderate republican support by being weak on gay rights and supporting the war initially. You can’t beat the republicans at their own game…look at Kerry!

    If Hillary gets elected there will be no major gay agenda passed until the 2nd half of her 2nd term. Beleive it or not folks that’s the best chance we’ve got. Anyone else in the Democratic party is unelectable. We’re just going to have to continue to take our punches until then. Did everyone else sleep through civil rights history?

  7. Damon says

    “The reason the Republicans hate her so much is because she is the democratic candidate that is most like them.”

    Amen, all this

    “Spineless, lying, cheating, opportunistic, disloyal, vengeful and generally mean spirited….”

    Seems to apply to the Republicans as well.

    Its truly a match made in hell.

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Not for you

    I totaly disagree

    Gore can beat hillary both in the primary and the general election.

    Polls do show Gore under hillary by a a large margin, but that is due to his not announcing he is running. The moment he announced he was running then he would either be tied to hillary or beat her.

    PS Gore also did technicaly win the presidency already in 2000. Add to that more people love gore even more now due to his freeing himself from handelers and speaking from the heart, + anti-Iraq war from day 1, + said Bush worse than Nixon years ago (way before finger in the wind Hillary) , + Gore has the entire world now talking seriously about global warming due to his documentary, + almost every single last bit of positive legislation from clinton was actualy something Gore pushed clinton to do….add in Gore was the senator from Tenesse for a long time which woos those southern voters and we have a serious contender if he would anounce he is running.

    I personaly think he will anounce after the Nov 7th elections. He doesn’t eish to distract from the important issue at hand……….checks and balances restored with a dem congress acting as oversight on bush/chenny

  9. scott says

    NOT FOR YOU: I disagree with you about Hillary being the only Dem who could win. I think Barack Obama would not only get the Democratic nomination but would win by a far larger margin than Hillary.

  10. jimmyboyo says


    Obama would make a great VP

    But he needs more experience before he can run for prez

    A Gore/ Obama ticket is a nice one though Obama has been going the hillary “finger in the wind” route of late instead of standing for something because it simply is the right thing to stand for.

    I think a better ticket would be

    Gore/ Clark

    General Wesley Clark that is. A great way to restore respect between our armed forces and the white house

  11. says

    Gore? Come on… I actually like his politics. Environmental issues rank as high as human rights for me. But he has zero chance of winning the presidency. People view him as a failure (regardless of whether he actually did or not) and Repubs think he’s a crybaby.

    I just read TIME magazine’s recent cover story about Barack Obama and was blown away. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of experience, he seems like our best shot in 2008. We need someone who is not polarizing like Hillary. It’s time for the blue state vs. red start ideology to end.

  12. RB says

    Hillary will not commit to gay marriage because she, like Bill, do NOT agree with our rights! Lip service, just like don’t ask/don’t tell. She is a true politician; tell them what they want to hear! God help us all if she becomes president. Which by the way will never happen. She is to polarizing. A few soundbites of her dropping the “F” bomb the way she does will send any moderates running for the hills.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    Chris B we will have to agree to disagree on Gore.

    Obama is great, but I would rather have him as VP first and then Prez.

    Obama even said Byrd told him to slow it down and get some experience. He also said that Byrd smiled at him and said the real power is in the senate anyway.

    At this moment I am anyone but Hillary for the dem nom. If she wins the nom I will circle the wagons and defend her and the big dog Bill tooth and claw……….but oh how I want someone else other than Hillary.

    Oh and no kerry this time either. Gore at least fought tooth and nail for checking the votes up to the supreme court. kerry conceded defeat within 24 hours though exit polls showed a huge discrepancy from the the votes (which everywhere else in the world always has signaled voting fraud)

  14. NOT FOR YOU says


    I don’t think Gore is going to run. Losing 2000 was Gore’s cheese for his whine. Gore will wind up being the champion of election reform and the environment in this country as an unelected statesman but that’s about it. And 2000 is so September 10th.

    Right now the only 2 candidates contending for the democratic nomination are Hillary and Obama. There are of course going to be other candidates but they are too obscure.

    Obama is too much like Dean. If Obama would get the nod then the republicans would beat him to death. Every weapon in the republican toolbelt will work on him. Republican gay scare tactics work. The environment is not an election issue.

  15. JT says

    RB: I tend to agree with you. Sen. Clinton is a master (mistress?) of expediency. She will do whatever is necessary to win. If that means saying something (that may be what she believes) in support of gay rights while doing something else (the expedient thing) she’ll do it. She’s just like her husband. The problem for me is that I believed President Clinton. I don’t always believe her. Expediency is necessary and I can forgive it when the person clearly was forced to give into pressure (DADT, f’rinstance).

  16. jimmyboyo says

    Not for you

    Obama is too much like Dean???

    1) Obama is becoming the african american hillary “finger in the wind” standing for what is politicaly expedient vs what is right

    2) as if somethign was wrong with Dean. Uhm, DEAN= 50 state strategy. Put a challenger in every race. Run for every seat. Never give a seat away anywhere to a repub. Work hand in hand with the net roots. Pre Dean the dems weren’t even running in many of the now contested seats. thanks to dean we had candidates there for whatever happened= Iraq Fiasco, Foley scandal, etc etc etc and now we actualy have 76-80 seats possible wins for dems though we will probably only win 38 and even those wouldn’t have been if we didn’t have dean’s 50 state strategy candidates in those seats to begin with. dean has also raised more money with his net roots effort than the dem party ever has and is even trouncing Liddy Dole over at the rNC in fundraising. Howard Dean was and is great……500,000 average americans giving $20 can balance the repub millions in coprorate donations. prime example out west no less in Kentucky the repub candidate held a $20,000 a plate private dinner fund rraiser. the Dean Dem progressive candidate held a $20 open to any and all hot dog tent revivalesque fund raiser…..Guess what….more people average joes at dem fund raiser…..vene messy kids shaking hands with the politico and EQUAL money raised to the snob repub. Oh and the polls show them neck and neck. Dean is A+++++++++++ while old school elstablishment dem leaders like emanuel and schummer are c- at best

    Anyway; could you guess I am a Deaniac


  17. scott says

    I just don’t agree with the “needs more experience” argument for Obama. We just swore in a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who

    * had never tried a case before a jury
    * had never presided over a trial as a judge
    * had little criminal law experience or expertise
    * had almost no experience practicing before state courts
    * The sum total of his appellate experience is arguing 65 cases in 17 years.

    I think Obama would do just fine.

  18. jimmyboyo says


    That is not a great comparison.

    heck, even discounting many dems didn’t like nor vote for that supreme due to issues….many did mention lack of experience. The repubs ram rdded that one through due to wanting to stack the court with wingnuts

  19. JT says

    Jimmyboyo: I disagree with your characterization of Dean’s DNC being great shakes. We have two congressional races here in Michigan which have received ZERO financial, research or moral support from the DNC. One of the races (against the anti-christ Wahlberg) is “winable” because he is the arch-conservative who beat Rep. Schwartz in the primary. The other race (against a total whack…Rogers) is probably not up for grabs, but at least some token support would have been nice.

    No, I think Gov. Dr. Whatever-the-hell-else he-wants-to-call-himself Dean is a failure.

  20. jimmyboyo says


    Since I do not know that much about that particular race, let me do a bit of research forst before posting on it.

  21. jimmyboyo says


    with all of us debating the merits of gore, obama, or some dark horse not even on our radars yet

    It seems that everyone so far is in agreement that “ANYBODY BUT Hillary” is the majority choice.


  22. rudy says

    Scott, Perhaps you missed the fact that the Supremes are an appellate court. They are not a trier of fact but of law. Think what you want about his politics, Chief Justice Roberts was one of the most repected appellate lawyers in the country. Attorneys who argued successfully that homosexual conduct was not a criminal act went to Roberts for advice, counsel and criticism. He generously provided it pro bono. Disagree with his politics but at least get your facts right.

  23. says

    Re: Obama, isn’t it possible that lack of experience is a good thing? Lately, it seems like experience equals corruption.

    Let’s kick ’em all out and bring in fresh blood.

  24. Leland says

    JT: thank you for the nuance vis-a-vis Bill and Hill. RB’s charges of the Clinton’s homophobia are pure nonsense. Choosing greater political gain over specific gay rights issues, in a sense, makes them less like Bush than gay Repugs. Hillary saw first hand from Bill’s tar and feathering over gays in the military that the wrong move at the wrong time only makes matters worse. Nevertheless, I cringe at some of the things she [and others] says. Fuck “states rights” in matters of civil liberties!

    Obama probably supports limited rights for us, kinda like many Dems 25 years ago. He’s probably willing to throw the Lavenderies some crumbs. But, unlike Hillary, his opposition to gay marriage is visceral, based on sincere if FUCKED-because-it’s-hypocritically-selective religious belief.

    All other issues aside [and I reiterate that I DON’T put gay marriage above all of them] which of the two is more likely to change? The one waiting for “the votes” or the one waiting for God to speak to him?

  25. Dave says

    I sincerely hope that Hillary’s on the ’08 Democratic ticket: it’ll pretty much guarantee a Republican win.

    It really doesn’t matter to me if the next President is a woman – but God forbid it’s her. She’s a mean, spiteful person with the attitude that she knows what’s best for everyone; I say this from past experience having worked near to her during the 1992 and 1996 elections. Courtesy of her attitude and behavior (which I found to be endemic within the Democratic party), I’m now proud to be a registered Republican.

    Put some thought into who you’re voting for, folks… The ‘anyone but [insert vilified party or politician here]’ mentality will do more to ruin this country faster than you can imagine.

  26. jimmyboyo says

    Dave then you are a traitor to your own best interests as a gay man, a traitor to america since repubs let osama get away who killed thousands of americans and stuck us in Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11, a traitor to the earth that is your mother for bush has rescinded reagan passed enviro regulations…reagan who was no friend of the environment and bush rescinded those modest regulations on the amounts of poisonous arsenic, lead, and mercury allowable in our water, air, food and medicine, a traitor to the future all the latter+ bush dissing past non proliferation and disarmement treaties that reagan passed+supporting rampant uncontrolled birth rates etc

    You dave are a traitor to yourself, your gay brothers and sisters, to humanity, life itself, the earth, and the future

    It would be better if you curled up and passed away into dust so we others can try to fix the mess the bush neo-cons have created

  27. says

    No, Dave, I’m afraid it’s the Republican party that ruined the country. Or have you been living under a rock for the last 6 years?

    Your “anyone but…” comment reeks of hypocrisy given that you clearly adhere to an “anyone but Democrats” stance. Of course, you gay Republicans are the masters of hypocrisy.

  28. dan says

    she does not deserve our support. are we to be thankful that she will not stand in the way of spitzer? like she could! that does not equl support of gay marriage. she is a complete opportunist at our expense.

  29. RB says

    Dave, you are not a traitor to your best interest. Hillary is a traitor to the gay community. Her stance on gay marriage is grounded in quicksand. She is afterall a master politician. Have you really seen a more politcally correct answer in you life?! Clinton said that her position on LGBT issues “has certainly evolved”…give me a break! For God’s sake take a stand for or against, but take a stand. Something that Hillary is not capable of doing! Seriously, if you think she is the answer then go for it, but 50% of America hates her and she is not electable. And as for Obama, turn your back for ten minutes and his right wing religeous beliefs will bomb us back into the stone age! In this election I will be voting rep, again. Based upon the candidate choices I can not do any greater harm to myself as a gay man with either party. So if all things are equal, I will vote for lower taxes.

  30. jimmyboyo says

    actualy RB

    I guess you do like more arsenic, lead, and mercury in your food, water, air, and medicine

    Bush rescinded!!!!!!!! REAGAN regulations on such things. All of which have been shown to be deadly, linked to alzheimers and dementia, detremental to your immune system, etc.

    Take your lower taxes while poisoning yourself. real smart there

    lower taxes vs a strong millitary because all experts agree that under bush our millitary is now so sapped that it will take years of non deployment and a lot of money to bring it back up to snuff

    lower taxes for you wile our vets get squat thanks to repubs voting to limit vet benefits so our returning Iraq vets who are now missing arms, legs, eyes, etc are not only recieving treatment but also ending up homeless.

    right here outside of Quantico marine base where I live the local polic just busted up a homless person camp in the woods not even a mile from Quantico

    guess what moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? They were all VETS with vet papers from the Iraq war

  31. jimmyboyo says

    voting republican gets you
    lower taxes for you while our vets get squat thanks to repubs voting to limit vet benefits so our returning Iraq vets who are now missing arms, legs, eyes, etc are not recieving treatment but also ending up homeless.

    right here outside of Quantico marine base where I live the local police just busted up a homless person camp in the woods not even a mile from Quantico

    guess what moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? They were all VETS with vet papers from the Iraq war

    Vote repub if you want TRAITOR

    But damn you and damn anyone who votes repub

    Our vets deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fucking moron hypocrite imbecile

    Sorry all for my cussing but the Quantico base homless marine vet camp off in the woods right near quantico recently here where I live still pisses me off

  32. jimmyboyo says

    There are many Iraq vets running for office this election

    Guess what

    Each and everyone is running as a democrat!!!!!
    shove that up your pie holes you lower taxes moron

  33. RB says

    Jimmyboyd, when you can formulate a well thought out sentence without your “Sorry all for my cussing” I may listen to your point. At this juncture, you do not sound credible. Sorry, just my opinion. I really try to take the high road. Sometimes I fail, but I try.

  34. jimmyboyo says


    When you repubs get called out on your shit and your hypocricy (yellow ribons made in china but no money for our wounded Iraq vets)you all of a sudden want to take the High Road


    Years of repub slimy low road politics and when we finaly say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and call you on your bull shit you want to take the high road


    too late you traitorous hypocritical selfish moron

    America is fed up with the repub BS

    and thise proud lib who hates war but loves our vets is more than willing to crack skulls and get down and dirty

    F you….you traitorous repubs

    and doubly traitorous gay repubs

  35. says

    Had you actually read anything by Barack Obama, you’d know that he’s not a right-wing Christian nutjob. He happens to be an extremely progressive Christian. He strongly supports people of other faiths, including people with no faith. He’s pro-choice. He voted against the constitutional ban on gay marriage, and though he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, he supports civil unions for gay couples and domestic partners.

    The fact is that 95% of Americans profess to believe in some God. It’s comforting to know that some of them are sane, compassionate individuals like Obama who don’t let their personal beliefs dictate their politics.

  36. RB says

    I have an opinion and I stated it. That’s all. While I appreciate you passion I find you inability to have a rational conversation with a “gay repub” offensive. It makes me feel as welcome as Obama. There is NO reason for us to sling crap. We are both gay, or did you forget that. It takes liberals and conservatives in both parties to advance our cause.I understand that. Why can’t you?

  37. RB says

    Chrisb, I actually owe you an apology. I am aware that Obama is a rather moderate Christian and did not intend to paint him a right winger! For that I apologize, but I do think his deeply personal and religeous beliefs will bar him from progressing gay rights. I do respect him for his beliefs as I think that he lives what he preaches. Anyone that is can walk their talk gets some respect in and of itself. I cannot support him simply because he does not have ANY real experience. I simply think he is not qualified for the job. Maybe one day, but not now. I also need to hear more of his stance on issues that effect me, all of me!

  38. jimmyboyo says


    It takes only libs to advance our cause.

    name 1 bit of legislation or action taken by the conservative movement that advanced the gay cause. That gave us 1 right.

    You can’t

    That old bs about log cabin repubs working within the party to change it is BS because
    the repubs won’t let you change the party, you are only good for votes and or working a campaign long hourse because you don’t have kids at home. You might claim otherwise but your party is controled by the far right fundies who want to either elctro shock cure us, chemical cure us, or get rid of us all together. The more progressive republicans have all left the partry and become Libertarians.

    Anyway you were just expressing your opinion….well your selfish ‘give me lower taxes” opinion is killing people.

    poison in our air, food, water, and medicine…..REPUB controled FDA just this week refused to outlaw the use of Thimerosal as a preservative in medicince……Thimerosal has MERCURY in it
    a poison which if it doesn’t kill you will drive you insane. Why might they allow it medicine you ask???!!! because the industries that produce mercury as a by product of their operations want to make money off of their poisonous waste……

    Failed iraq policy is killing young boys and girls who only joined up to get money for an education

    Bush ignoring and moving backwards on REAGAN!!!!! created Disarmement and non-proliferation agreements. Why? because the nuke builders want to make money and bush and company have stocks in those companies.

    Our vets coming home and NOT being treated and ending up homeless because you would prefer lower taxes.

    Every single last semi succesful civilization and or empire in history KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you wish to survive then you have to….have to…..have to BUILD, repair, and maintain INFRASTRUCTURE like roads etc but you would rather not pay for suh. You then are willingly wishing the death of america because you want to selfishly have your tax cut

    F U

    Your opinion is crap

    Your opinion kills

    Your opinion will doom america

    You are a traitor to yourself, gays and lesbians, america, humanity, the earth, and the future.

    Republicunts especialy gay republicunts are less than dust/ worthless

  39. condihater says

    You know, with all this talk about Obama not being ready. All you have to do is think Dubya. What was he before being selected as president? A Texas Governor who only showed up to office every other year (that’s how the Governorship works in Texas), a failed businessman, a drunk, someone who said “Why do I have to worry about North Korea” when the Saudi ambassador was asked to help him with world events. And yet this jerk was made President. Sorta makes you think there’s hope for someone who can really speak, write, and think; and who also has experience on the national and world stage. I’m sure Dubya now thinks he has to bomb Illinois because that’s where Osama is.

  40. RB says

    I refuse to get into a mud slinging battle Jimmyboyd as much as you would like me to.

    “That old bs about log cabin repubs working within the party to change it is BS because
    the repubs won’t let you change the party, you are only good for votes and or working a campaign long hourse because you don’t have kids at home.” Your comment here hits particularly close to home as I do work within my party to effect change. I work on all local elections, I know who my school board members are, I vote EVERYTIME, and work long hours all the while parenting three kids. So as you can tell, I get involved in my community. I have posted many times that ALL POLITICS are local. What is you stand other than shouting obsceneties at, a person you do not even know! Your backbighting is far more divisive than my being a republican.

    And in regards to repubs and civil rights…her you go:

    The civil-rights bill of 1964 banned discrimination in voting, public accommodations, education, federal programs, and employment on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sex. In supporting the legislation, the bipartisan coalition invoked Judeo-Christian tradition, the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and particularly the concept of “equality of opportunity.” Southern Democrat opponents charged that the legislation would lead to racial preferences, but the bipartisan congressional leaders clearly stated that this was not the intent of the bill.
    Although the Democrats controlled both houses of the Congress at the time, a much-higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats supported the civil-rights bill. For example, in the House, Republicans voted for civil rights by a margin of 79 percent to 21 percent, 136-35. The Democrats’ margin was 153-91 or 63 percent to 37 percent.

    And in regards to you statement “name 1 bit of legislation or action taken by the conservative movement that advanced the gay cause. That gave us 1 right…” can you name one gay right we have at the federal level that was brought about by democratic leadership. Can you? WE have no rights. If I cannot get them then you cannot get them because whether you want to admit it or not, to “them” we are both the same; GAY!

    So again, IF you have facts or want a civil concersation I will listen to you point of view.

  41. Robert In WeHo says

    JIMMYBOYO I’ve got your back, RB is a traitor to himself and all other gays, along with all other so-called “gay” Republicans. They’re nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, boot-licking lackeys who’d sell out their best friend if they could make a buck doing it. With friends like RB the Gay community doesn’t need enemies…

  42. jimmyboyo says



    Those self same southern dems were what was called the Dixicrats and they flocked to the repub party when dems embraced equal rights.

    Equal rights supporting repubs joined the dems.




    RB you are grasping at straws

    Robert in weho

    With all this talk about a “gay purge” in the repub ranks, I think it is time for us gays to do a “gay repub” purge from our ranks.

  43. jimmyboyo says



    What is it with this “civil discourse” crap?

    The repubs have for years screamed and raged “libs= satan, libs = commies, dems will flood america with evil gays, blah blah blah”

    When a lib finaly says ENOUGH and calls Bull shit on your obvious bull shit, you all of a sudden want a “civil discourse”

    Hypocrites thy name is republicans
    doubly hypocrite thy name is gay repubs
    triply hypocrite thy name is RB since you have recieved a bit of truth via this site.

    Why is truth and reality so cruel to repubs?


  44. Leland says

    Perhaps you’ve mentioned the last two times I’ve mentioned it in the last, perhaps, three weeks, but ATTENTION: FACT your treasured bete noir Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order in 1995—expanding a 1975 Civil Service Commission policy change that had been forced by court cases initiated by the great Frank Kameny—giving job protection to gay Federal employees. These followed the 1953 Executive Order by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower that specifically banned “sexual perversion.” The last I heard the Bush Administration was still letting their appointee responsible for administering the Clinton-generated protections get away with ignoring them.

    “We will never know for sure, but partial statistics show that at least several thousand gay men and lesbians lost government jobs [as the result of the Eisenhower administration witch hunt]. The real number is probably much higher, because most government workers who endured brutal interrogations about their sex lives chose to voluntarily resign rather than face further publicity,. In addition, thousands of gay and lesbian private-sector employees whose jobs required them to have a federal security clearance also were fired or resigned. The federal government did not reveal the reason someone was denied a security clearance, so private companies generally fired such employees. As the nation’s largest employer, the federal government set the tone for employment practices in many industries, and its anti-gay policies were widely copied by the private sector.” – David K. Johnson, “The Lavender Scare.” http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/404811in.html

  45. RB says

    I am continually amazed that a minority group seeking legal rights can be so hostile and disallow a discenting opinion with their own ranks. I have said this over and over again…to “them” we are all gay. I am fighting for your rights just as hard as I am fighting for mine! Division amongst us does the gay movement far more harm than does my republican vote.

    On average, fewer than 2% of the gay population make it to the polls! That, my friends is the real travesty!!!

  46. Robert In WeHo says


    I think a recent quote by Michael J. Fox regarding Rush Limbaugh merits repeating to you…

    RB, you’re full of prunes….

  47. says

    Consider the issues…

    The majority of gay Americans believes that gay rights is the single most important issue we face. Sure, gays care about other issues, but those are significantly less important than equal rights and protection under the law.

    It is my understanding that gays who support the Republican party do so because, while they too support gay rights, they believe just as strongly about other issues including taxes, the economy, homeland security, immigration, etc.

    There is value in supporting multiple issues. However, without our basic human rights to life and liberty, no other issue matters. The economy can be booming, but if we lose our jobs because we’re gay then a strong economy does not benefit us. Terrorism could be defeated tomorrow, but if we risk being gay bashed in our own neighborhoods then the war on terror matters little to us.

    As long as we are recognized as second class citizens by our government, then discrimination and incidents of violence against gays will continue. We feel so strongly about this that we blame Republican lawmakers for the persecution of gay people. It is unfathomable to us that a gay man could support this. And that is the reason for such hostility.

    As far as we’re concerned, your support for the Republican party is vastly more hostile. Just ask Matthew Shephard. And Michael Sandy. And the thousands of other gay men who have been threatened, assaulted or murdered by men who live in a climate that treats gays as inferior.

  48. jimmyboyo says

    Robert in weho….LOL Hey, I have always liked prunes. I am crazy like that.


    When you show me the republican party actualy listening to you traitors and willing to honor our basic rights then you might have a point on your working for gay rights. BUT your party of choice is 100% against basic human rights for gays. facts are facts. Reality is what reality is. Your party screams that we are evil , we want to steal their children (we do, but away from their cult brainwashing and have them raised in sane educated homes), we are damned to hell, we serve the devil, we are un-natural, etc…and those are just some of the nicest things put out there by the republican party.

    Try as you might you can not cover over the reality of what your party stands for. Not only are they anti-gay but they are also anti-brown people as evidenced by the newest corker ad in TN against Ford which has classical music playing when corker is on the screen and Jungle drums when Ford is shown. Come on now man…your party is only concerned about white straight tope 1% economic protestant christians. Stop with the bs

    Seriously, the BS has got to stop. Everyone knows what you party stands for and your selfish desire for “tax cuts” doesn’t excuse your traitorous ways.

    Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your dissenting voice upholds a party that does not care for the american masses. That poisons us, that steals from us, that rapes OUR land, sends our boys and girls off to die in the WRONG war while osama runs around free, etc

    Your simple ‘dissenting voice’ is the voice of an ENABELER. The crimes of the republican party are YOUR crimes. The blood and slime that the republican party swims in is all over you and you stink. The Repubs stink, and america finaly appears to be saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    Your wonderful ‘tax cuts” party is going down and hopefuly it will go the way of the wigs who passed away into dust to be replaced by the Know nothings who passed away into dust to be replaced by you guys….well what party will you form from the ashes of your ruin??? You might as wel just be honest as name yourselves the SNIVELING rpaists of humanity, america, the earth, and the future.

    Enough already

  49. jimmyboyo says

    LOL sorry again for my typos and spelling errors.

    My new year’s resolution will be to edit my posts first before hitting the “post” button.

    Since it isn’t new year yet, suffer my fluency in typonese


  50. jimmyboyo says


    Chris B

    You are such a nice person. I concede the good cop role to you while I am the @%$@@@% bad cop.


    I seriosuly need to take a vacation before the elections. I am probably going to punch a repub in the face soon. Since I live in DC…beware gay repubs working up on the hill…the next 2 weeks when you flirt with me,instead of rolling my eyes when I find out your political party, I might have to break my beer bottle over your heads.

    You all don’t even know how frustrating it is to have a cutie hitting on you at a bar in DC only to find out after a few minutes that they are a gay republican staff member for some homophobic gay republican politician or lobby group. They are like rats here in DC, literaly everywhere.

  51. Zeke says

    I just came across this thread and I have to say I am stunned and disturbed by some of the things I’ve read.

    Gentlemen, especially my friend Jimmyboyo, I have to step in here and say something on behalf of my friend, and I mean FRIEND, RB. I can not sit silently by while he is being eviscerated with some of the most vicious attacks I have ever seen here at Towleroad. You guys are REALLY crossing the line here and frankly I am hot.

    RB is a man of impeccable character who I have come to love and respect as a brother. We had a VERY rocky start but I came to realize that he is a very proud gay man with a powerful life story that demonstrates his amazing courage and his sincere desire to make this country and this world a better place for himself, his family AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. He is not a self hating and his is not a traitor to himself or to the gay community.

    This man is not your average LCR closet case poser; he actually works tirelessly and courageously to rescue his Party from the right wing fundamentalist Christian wingnuts who have hijacked the party. He has doggedly continued the fight that I gave up on years ago.

    I just think it is shameful for anyone to attack anyone so viciously when they know so little about them, their values, their goals and their dreams. If anyone here took five minutes to get to know RB they would realize that they are MUCH more like him than different. You might also discover that he actually has very legitimate and viable strategies to affect positive changes for our, yes OUR community.

    I won’t claim that I agree with all of his political ideas but I can tell you one thing for CERTAIN. If you treat him with the respect that he DESERVES and you present an intelligent and reasonable argument he will consider it with an open mind and he will be MAN enough to tell you when he realizes that he got it wrong. BELIEVE ME I know this from first hand experience. He does rethink and reconsider his beliefs.

    RB is a registered Republican but he actually VOTES based on the CANDIDATE and the candidate’s PLATFORM and not the candidate’s PARTY. He would never admit it but I’ve even noticed that he was concerned that the NJ Supreme Court ruling might negatively impact the election and he wasn’t talking about hurting Republicans. (Sorry RB I blew your cover. I pay close attention to what people say) He is just as afraid of and against the right wingers and religious zealots as we are. He doesn’t support them, work for them or vote for them any more than we do.

    There are a couple of things that he said above that I disagree with and I have every intention of telling him what they are, why I disagree with him and why I feel he might want to reconsider his position. I will guarantee you that he will reconsider some of his statements, he may change his mind on some and he may not, but he will NEVER disrespect me when he disagrees with me and he will invariably offer me a new way of looking at those things upon which we have a difference of opinion.

    Jimmyboyo, I swear, I absolutely adore you my brother. You once told me to call you down when I thought it was appropriate. Well I’ve come a’callin my friend. I hate to come down so hard on you but when someone personally and viciously attacks my friend then they attack me. I would do the same for you if ANYONE ever disrespected or insulted you without provocation. I LOVE your passion but I really hate it when you allow your passion to turn to hysterical anger and slash and burn raging insults. RB is NOT our enemy, he is our brother. Our inability to win hearts and minds through civilized, polite and respectful discourse is a MUCH greater threat to our community than any gay SOCIALLY PROGRESSIVE republican ever could be.

    Please consider channeling your passion in a way that opens eyes, ears, hearts and minds rather than in a way that shuts down all the senses and inflames a debate into a trailer park brawl. You have such wonderful potential to influence and educate with your knowledge and articulation but that potential is completely lost when your anger overpowers your reason. If your purpose for argument is to see who can draw the most blood then what you’ve done here will serve you well. If your purpose is to educate and influence then I think your style here will not serve you well.

    I would never in a million years try to put a lid on your incredible voice my friend. However, I would, as a friend, encourage you to learn to use your knowledge and your words like a surgeon’s scalpel rather than like a battering ram. You will be amazed at how much more people will listen to your message and how much more people will be influenced by your words.

    By the way, I’m gonna spill the beans on my friend Jimmyboyo. Little know fact: HE, like I, used to be a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN and a BIBLE THUMPER! He’s gonna kill me for telling that but I bring it up simply to make a point. I’m pretty certain that his political ideologies didn’t change because someone screamed and yelled at him telling him he was the scum of the earth and a traitor to America and all things holy. I’m DAMNED well certain that this kind of rant would not have been an affective way to influence me to reconsider ANYTHING. Knowing how I used to be, it would have very likely gotten someone a belly full of teeth. What changed my political views were education, experience and kind, thoughtful, respectful debates with intelligent, polite and PATIENT liberals. I feel that I owe others the same opportunities for change that I was given. I think Jimmy knows from his own experience that this is true.

    Jimmyboyo, I sincerely hope you allow yourself to get to know RB like I have. You, and he, will be all the better for it. I can honestly say that I have learned things from him that have helped me understand my own political priorities better. I have also become better at explaining what it REALLY means to be a gay liberal in ways that even conservative Republicans can understand. I value his friendship and I value his point of view. Given our similar pasts, I’m certain you would to.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t send this message to you privately but I really think it needed to be said in the same forum as the rhetoric I’m addressing. Hopefully you will take this in the spirit in which it was intended my friend. I only did what you asked me to do.

  52. jimmyboyo says


    lalalalala fingers in ears lalalalala

    I don’t want to hear your wisdom, kindness ,and your so truely humbeling me and pointing out where I am wrong


    Darn it.

    As I mentioned before “a slap from a friend is better than a kiss from an enemy”

    Ouch your slap hurt, and rightly so.

    (deep breath and a long sighhhhhhhhhhh)

    RB , I can not and will not question your integrity since zeke vouches for you.

    I admit it, I get carried away quite easily. I myself once was one of those closeted gay repub fundies before I became a ranting, raving, cussing progressive atheist. :-) It was the quiet of the desert on a mountain top that changed me and not someone like myself now screaming vitriol at me.

    Zeke you are wise and a calming influence on me.

    RB peace be with you.

    Just chalk it up to me being one crazy pisces (I get carried away so easily)

  53. Daniel says

    Back to the Hillary thing: weren’t we just reading last week about Gary Studd’s husband not being able to receive his federal pension be/c of the Defense of Marriage Act? And wasn’t that signed by Pres. Clinton? Someone should call her on that. Holla!

  54. Zeke says

    And you are a true Southern gentleman my friend.

    It shows a lot of class that you would stand up and take care of your business this way Jimmyboyo. I’m just glad I didn’t have to get my belt out! 😉

    I would be equally as quick to defend you and vouch for your integrity bubba.

  55. jimmyboyo says


    A belt….hmmmmmm sounds like fun as long as I get to spank you back.


    I better stop, your husband would kill us both.


  56. RB says

    Thanks to Zeke as once again he has been the calming force here! Jimmyboyo, Thank you! I can understand how you feel. You stated that you too were “once was one of those closeted gay repub fundies” and I hope that as I continue to post you will not see me in that light. I have no intention of being “closeted” any longer! I spent far too many years in the closet and WILL NOT GO BACK! That doesn’t mean that I have made as dramatic of a swing as you have, but I still respect your opinion and hope that I can prove you wrong about my beliefs going forward. If you remember only one thing, I am NOT here to change your mind just open it to new ideas. That is all. I certainly could go to other blogs where I fit in better and my life would be easier. Apparently I am hard headed and have not done that. I am open minded. I have learned greatly from Zeke and appreciate his friendship. Neither his point of view or his friendship would have ever come to me if I were on a traditional blog where everyone thought like me! I embrace diversity and can take my knocks when they are deserved. Hopefully we can come to agree that I am fighting for OUR rights and would only hope that more of our community would make it to the polls and VOTE!

    There, my father is a preacher and I come by it honestly so I will step down from my soap box. Again, thanks to Zeke. It is nice to know that someone has your back, even when they do not agree with you!

    Take care…

  57. jimmyboyo says

    The world would be a truly boring place if everyone agreed with me.


    We are not all robots.

    Peace be with you RB

  58. JT says

    Leland: If you read this: your aol hates me. I’ve tried to reach out touch you but the ether spits my e-mails back.

  59. mark m says

    Zeke, RB, Jimmyboyo,

    I joined this party a bit late.

    Jimmy, I think you have adequately expressed your anger but inappropriately, and I think through Zeke’s rebuttle, you have owned up to that. I have to agree with Zeke that polarizing dialogue never advances anyone’s cause.

    RB, I don’t vilify or judge you. I cannot support your Party because of the radical, frightening fringe groups that currently hold it hostage. But you already know that.

    I do truly hope you have some success in rescuing the Party from its current hostage crisis. Unlike many gay people on this thread, I am not threatened by Moderate Republicans. The argument can be made that many Democrats are not truly our advocates (*cough*HILARY*cough*), but as I’ve said before it comes down to the lesser of two evils. And currently, your chosen Party is mired deeply in the greater Evil.

    Leland, Jimmy, I would much rather have you two fighting for me than against me anyday. You’re passionate and intelligent — a powerful combination. But many times your views are expressed in a way that blocks or clouds the valid points you try to make. When you put off those who essentially agree with your point of view then you need to re-evaluate the WAY in which you choose to say it. But that goes for all of us. I need to take my own advice more often.

    Zeke, I think it’s our shared Southern heritage that causes us to try and bridge the differences. Thank you for so eloquently saying what is in your heart. You build bridges (to use a cliche) and that is a noble part to play.

    Finally if I may interject some of my observations as a Gay Southern, Former Republican, Currently Moderate Democrat Christian who also believes in Evolution (how ’bout them labels?)….

    For many Southerners — and I’m not sayiing this about RB, just others whom I personally know — being Republican has racially biased undertones. There is still some racial unrest and hostility behind their affiliation with the Republicans (i.e. the Party for the Whites). Many of these conservative Gays say that Gay Marriage means little to them. They use the argument that they feel no desire to have Marriage Rights but many of these same Gays are not in long term relationships. I know there are those who are, who still feel the same way, but I have yet to meet any. And these same Gay Republicans are often business owners, thus they take the position that Republicans are better for their economic future.

    That may be true but I also hear the way they speak of Democrats and how they speak of them. And there’s often a racially biased element to how they vilify Democrats and other “Liberals”. Conservatives have managed to turn the word Liberal into a profanity. Down South, “Liberal” is often another way to say “N…Lover”

    Again, just an observation, and not meant to characterize all Gay Republicans.

    Finally, in defense of Southerners I will add that it is our history of racial strife that has caused so many of us (Zeke and myself) to strive to build bridges and find common ground with others who are different from us, culturally, spiritually and politically.

    THIS, to me is the legacy of the New South.

    PS forgive my typos.

  60. says

    I don’t understand party ties. I mean, I just got into politics after Bush got in ’00. But I’ve found every time I tried to divide people by party affiliation, I was wrong. How do you fit so many people into “blue” or “red,” anyways?

    My mother is a lifelong Republican. Yet, she hates Bush with the passion of a “bleeding heart” liberal. She hasn’t voted Republican in forever. I have a few gay friends who are Republican. They all voted for Bush on a single issue: three wanted lower taxes, one had a brother in Iraq and felt it was his “duty” to vote Bush back in, and one voted for Bush because his mother did. There is a Democrat at work who voted for Bush in ’04 he says because he wanted someone tough on terrorism. In general, I think people are hard pigeonhole. As for me, I can’t see merit in either party.

    One thing I did notice, however, was that most voters know very little about who they vote for outside of one or two single issues. Instead of fighting eachother, or getting rude, or insulting others we need to educate people. As irresponsible as the American media is, you’ve got to remember this is where most people get their information.

  61. jimmyboyo says

    I nominate zeke for the position of Secretary General of the Gay UN (think Kofi Annon but with style). He has shown himself to be an amazing peace negotiator.

    Do I hear a 2nd?

  62. RB says

    Derrick you make a very valid point. And since Zeke outed me politically, “RB is a registered Republican but he actually VOTES based on the CANDIDATE and the candidate’s PLATFORM and not the candidate’s PARTY. He would never admit it but I’ve even noticed that he was concerned that the NJ Supreme Court ruling might negatively impact the election and he wasn’t talking about hurting Republicans. (Sorry RB I blew your cover”, I feel compelled to admit that he is correct. Damn him…right again!

    Anyway, far too often when you hear gay republican you think automatic supporter of W. Well, wrong again. I have never actually cast a single vote for the man as I crossed party lines for both Gore and God forbid, Kerry out of protest.

    I still believe that all politics are local and that is where the real battle lies. I have been very involved in local politics in my small suburban town. I supported and campainged for the only candidate for mayor that was endorced by GA equality . I did not care nor did I ask for her party affiliation. She was the right candidate for the job!

    I spoke before the city council this past summer and called for the impeachment of a councilwoman for making “racist and homophobic” remarks. I received little suport in that effort, but she was wrong and it was my battle to fight! What really angered me was that I started an email campaign and spoke before council and no one wanted to react?! I received many “thank yous” for my efforts but little real support. This woman is STILL ON THE CITY COUNCIL and her comments were made in a neiborhood on-line vent/chat room! Where was the outrage? There is a large gay population in my town and yet it was nothing more than a ripple in the ocean! Many said “Oh that is just how she is”. That is a crock if I ever heard one!

    I am only saying that red or blue is too narrow a definition for one’s character. Stand up and be counted at the local level and fight for EVERY RIGHT YOU CAN GET! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE regardless of party. The world would be a different place if all of us made it to the polls instead of only 2% of us!

  63. Dave says

    Folks, I’m not looking to throw more fuel on the fire here, but I would like to address a couple of things that have come up in relation to my earlier post.

    1) I’m not gay. Never have been, never will be, and my attitude towards people who are gay falls somewhere around ‘this isn’t a huge deal to me’. In fact, until this article was linked to on freerepublic.com, I’d never even heard of this website – but as someone who made their first visit here I’m utterly appalled by the vitriol spewed both towards myself and other people for stating their opinions. Paraphrasing Zeke, he put it best when he mentioned that passion and dedication are great qualities to posess, but that crossing the line into name-calling and hatred doesn’t serve to open anyone’s mind to the other guy’s point of view. As partcularly relates to this community, I’d also say that that specific display of hatred is at best hypocritical – there are people out there who hate homosexuals, which is unacceptable, but it’s OK for homosexuals (and yes, I realise that I am very broadly generalizing here) to hate someone for voting Republican.

    2) Gay marriage. The reason why there is no Amendment banning gay marriage in the Constitution is because – and this may surprise some folks – there was very little support for it from rank-and-file Republicans. Quite honestly, when I heard about it my reaction was twofold: complete confusion as to where the idea had come from, and revulsion at the idea that the Constitution would be used as an instrument to explicitly limit the rights of a specific group. This is where the majority of Republicans stood on the issue: even many of those who wouldn’t support same-sex unions were appalled at the notion of using the Constitution for anything other than defining and expanding our rights.

    Anyway, like I said: not to add fuel to the fire, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

  64. Zeke says

    Dave, with all due respect, I have visited FreeRepublic many times and I don’t believe I have EVER seen more hatred and vitriol spewed on ANY site as I have seen there, especially on topics related to gay issues.

    I would be willing to bet my right arm that a liberal would suffer much more abuse and more vicious abuse at FreeRepublic than ANY conservative would be subjected to here at Towleroad. Andy would not tolerate that level of vitriol and personal attacks on his site.

    Another thing I noticed in my occasional forays into Freeperland was that there is NO Zeke equivalent there to defend the one or two liberals who bravely post comments there from time to time. They are called faggots, fudge packers, perverts, pedophiles, traitors, Godless, unpatriotic and every other vile name that one can imagine. I’ve NEVER heard anyone by the name of Dave coming to their defense and asking for civil discourse. In fact I’ve NEVER seen ANYONE at all come to their defense. I have no doubt that you know this is true.

    I appreciate your comment and I appreciate your recognition but I can’t help but feel that there is something terribly hypocritical about someone coming here from Freeperland to scold gay people for being offensive and rude to conservatives.

    I could be making a totally inappropriate assumption about you personally; if I am I apologize profusely. But unless you can direct me to an example of where you have chastised Freepers for their vicious and hateful homophobic comments then forgive me if I am suspicious of your credibility in coming here to chastise the unacceptable behavior of the commenters here.

    It is clear by the discussion above and the gracious apologies offered that we are most capable of having civil discourse across party lines and we are fully capable of policing ourselves. When I see an example that the same can be said at FreeRepublic, THEN I will be more welcoming of your intervention here.

    I stand by all of my previous comments. I truly believe in the importance of civil discourse with those with whom you disagree. I will NEVER excuse the bad behavior by my allies by pointing out the bad behavior by my adversaries. However, if anyone wants to get a real good look at just how nasty people can be with their political opponents just hop on over to:


    and check out the discussion boards relating to gay issues. For those conservatives who feel abused here, you might feel less so once you see how liberals AND GAYS are treated there.

    While you’re there, make a special point to look for comments by Dave where he chastises his fellow Freepers for being intolerant of those with differing opinions.

    RECOMMENDATION: Don’t hold your breath while looking.

    I’m all for being a bridge builder and a peace maker, but I’m also all for calling a spade a spade!

  65. Zeke says

    I am so honored to be a part of this Towleroad community. I am truly amazed at the depth of thought that is presented here and the civility that is most often evident in these discussions.

    I am also blown away by the level of character and class that is displayed when my friends own up to mistakes, step up to the plate and make things right with the ones they’ve wronged. In my opinion, that is the greatest measure of a man.

    Finally, I am totally humbled by all of the kind words from my friends here. I know some may think I am a kook for giving so much of a damn about how we treat each other, but I speak from my heart and out of genuine concern for OUR commUNITY.

    Thanks so much for giving me the benefit of the doubt when I get a bit self-righteous and over the top.

    I honestly feel a sense of brotherhood with many of you here.

    And Dave, though I came down on you, as far as I’m concerned you’ll always be welcome to come here and offer your opinion. Your sexuality and your political affiliations are not a problem with me, hopefully you feel the same.


  66. RB says

    Ok, as many of you know, I am a repub. However, here is my stand on Dave’s post. While I am considered a “conservative” on this site, I am vilified on freerepublic. As I have said before, to “them” we are ALL THE SAME: GAY! I try to take the high road and will not get into mud slinging. My sole purpose on towleroad is to open minds to an alternative thought, NOT to change minds. There are many posts on freerepublic that I find offensive…

    “There is a good reason they are called QUEER(S). Maybe they’re “normal” in the judges’ eyes….”

    “Gay marriage is not sustainable. it does not produce children. it promotes a lifestyle which is at odds with sustainable society, it promotes a lifestyle which is detrimental to society and erodes the value that society place upon marriage. Gay marriage is simply wrong. ewe hit it on the head!”

    “for 96% of them its a choice choice!
    I would blame it on poor parenting, kinda like pets, there are NO bad pets, just bad owners. What goes in is what comes out!”…

    I could go on, but much the same as Zeke, I did not find one post from Dave following any of thes attacks! I have been attacked on towleroad for simply being a republican, but the last time I checked I have never compared to a “pet” with poor parents while on towleroad!!!

  67. Zeke says

    Those are some of the kindest and most polite gay related comments I have ever seen from FreeRepublic. They are usually MUCH worse and MUCH more offensive; loaded with every gay and racial slur known to man.

    And trust me, liberals don’t get treated very kindly by the gay conservatives at GayPatriot.com.

    Once again, I don’t say this to excuse rudeness and disrespectfulness here. I’m just pointing out that gay liberals are not the only boogy men on the net.

  68. mark m says

    No matter how vicious liberals can be towards conservatives, liberals still have not managed to turn the word “conservative” into as negative a word as “liberal”.

    Here in Alabama, all of the negative campaign ads by Republicans use the word liberal often and with great effect.

    For many Southerners “LIberal” is code for godless, queer, jew & black loving Commies.

  69. says

    Sorry to bother you, but maybe I can kill more birds with this one stone. Please visit http://www.petitionsdirect.com/showpetition.php?id=justiceforjuveniles.org
    Eric Hainstock is a victim of homophobic bullying and deserves the support of the gay community, whether or not he is gay. He is 15 years old and faces life in adult prison without parole. There is 1 gym teacher who went to the media to say that his complaints on being called “fag” are a “load of bull”, but some close friends of his have come forward to say that he was just sticking up for himself and got into trouble for it. Eric had a right to concentrate on his education without having to worry about how he was going to avoid being beaten up by “Billy Bob” after school.
    I’m sorry to bother you, but his story really touched me. Please at least look over the petition. His story is heartbreaking, I’m willing to bet that you will agree with me.
    Sincerely, James C.

    PS-And please spread the word. This isn’t just about Eric Hainstock. This is about holding schools and society responsable for ignoring bullying and abuse in our schools. This kid came to school starving, covered with physical marks, and this tragedy could have been prevented. Thanks you for your time.

  70. says

    I realise that my above posting is unrelated to Hillary Clinton, but I have emailed the execs at Towleroad 4 times in the past month and pleaded them to run a story on Eric Hainstock, who really could use some media attention. Not only have my emails been ignored, but they seem to think that “Brad Pitt’s tired ass” concerns the gay community more than this case I present to you. I’m sorry to bash Towleroad.com it is in fact the first time I’ve been disappointed at their choice of headlines in the past 2 years. Besides this 1 poor choice I feel that they’ve made, I love everything about this blog. Please encourage them to run a story on Eric Hainstock and we can all write our comments in the appropriate place. And please, if you haven’t already done so, please read the new petition at http://www.petitionsdirect.com/showpetition.php?id=justiceforjuveniles.org
    Thank you for your time. We can make a difference in this boys life!

  71. Zeke says

    If any of my pets turn Republican they’re gettin the 20 dollar shot!

    I just barely tolerate Republican friends like RB; I’ll be damned if you’ll catch me feedin one and pickin up his poop!!