News: Warhol Jeans, Barry Diller’s Big Bucks, Brazil

road.jpg Rainbow flag disappears from Minnesota campus following campaign on the Facebook website calling for its removal.

Warhol_jeans_2road.jpg Does Warhol have the fit that’s right? Andy: “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”

road.jpg Vancouver postal workers angry about delivering hate mail from fundamentalist Baptist group: “It says AIDS is ‘the plague of the 21st century, the consequences of the sin of homosexuality,’ which it also describes as ‘ungodly, unhealthy and unnatural.'”

road.jpg Barry Diller is the highest paid executive in America according to reports, with one-year salary estimates ranging from $85 to $295 million, most of it in stock options.

Madonna_oprah_2road.jpg Madonna takes adoption case to the Court of Public Opinion.

road.jpg Guitarist Andy Taylor splits from Duran Duran. The band had come back together in 2000, but unfortunately, few noticed.

road.jpg Patent application for full-screen video iPod revealed.

road.jpg Gay vote increasingly important in Brazil: “In Sunday’s presidential run-off, even the conservative candidate, former Sao Paulo state Gov. Geraldo Alckmin, supports a stalled bill in Congress that would legalize gay civil unions. That has won him points with gays who attended the parade, but most support President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.”


  1. material man says

    Madonna’s own legal people told her to adopt from a different African country because the Malawi’s lack of adoption laws would cause trouble. So she knew it would be problematic and thus get press. She never changes. And why didn’t she simply choose a child who had no living parents, and avoid what has happened with the baby’s father? There are plenty of real orphans to take.

  2. rudy says

    It doesn’t matter how much money he makes Diller is one ugly (physically and personaly) old queen. The fact that he is extremely well-hung only makes him more repugnant. What a waste of a perfectly good dick. Let this be our mantra: It don’t get that dark, I don’t get that lonely.

  3. rudy says

    I actually had some T-shirts made saying just that for my friends twenty years ago in New York. Oy, when did I get to be so old? Oh, well, they’re my wrinkles and grey hair but at least I earned them.

  4. Clay says

    How the hell did an article about corporate salaries inspire a discussion of an old man’s dick size? I’m just curious to see the logical progression, the syllogisms, the theoretical framework, etc.
    I admit I’m also curious to learn how one would know the dick size of an old man supposedly too ugly and unpleasant to sleep with. Satellite photos? Artist renditions? Sonar? ESP?

  5. rudy says

    Come on, let us keep up. Just because the Dowager Queen makes a great deal of money (the subject of a threadlet in this post) does not make her any more appealing. As for the girth of the old gal’s member, she has e’re displayed it, presumably as the only other possibly attractive feature. The Gay Mafia has confirmed the truth of the reputed dimension(s). That equipment attached to that body and that face is surely a cruel joke of the gods.

  6. Clay says

    Rudy, keep up is good advice for yourself. No one suggested herein that his salary made him more appealing. The question was how do you get from a salary story to discussing his dick size, with which you seem oddly preoccupied. And unless you’ve sucked it or someone who has, how do you know what size it is? It’s Barry Diller not Ken Ryker. To my knowledge his dick has never been on film. The “Gay Mafia” has confirmed it? Please, you can surely do better than “My second cousin’s best friend’s sister’s former roommate’s ex-boyfriend’s boss says.”
    And you hardly need to remind me of the threadlet’s subject, though you seem anxious to forget it and obsess over the genitals of someone you don’t desire. You hate the “Dowager Queen” yet go back to his dick over and over. Freud Freud Freud! LOL

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